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There are regular buses serving Madeley.

D & G route 85a Newcastle to Crewe and back which also travels through Keele University. select timetables, enter 85a into ‘Service Number:’ and select direction of travel and day of week and of course estimated outset time.

Speed Calming in Madeley

Do we need speed calming in Madeley? Does the 30 limit through the village sufficiently slow traffic, or is there a problem with the speed of vehicles?

If you think that the speed limits alone are insufficient, consider adding your signature to thispetition:

Petition for Speed Calming in Madeley 

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A525 Closed – Lorry turned over (Now resolved!)

MARCH 21st – Just a warning for today that the A525 is currently closed because of a lorry turned over, just by the old railway bridge (near Madeley Heath Motors); divert via Leycett Lane if you don’t want to be delayed!

Link to the Sentinel article

Road clear as of the evening!  Remember to take it easy around that blind corner, and it’s only a 40mph limit.

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