About This Website


Aims of the website

  • To provide a web resource for residents of Madeley and surrounding areas
  • To raise awareness of the village and its facilities
  • To provide a location to store information about the history of the area



The Madeley Village website was originally registered and developed by Andrew T. Finney

The 2011 update to move the website over to WordPress was performed by Howard Tomlinson, who (from 2012) maintains the site.


General Website Development and Maintenance, General News : Howard Tomlinson

Tidy Group : Chris Machin

Parish Council : Michael Rowley


There are many contributors to the content of the site, whose help in offering photographs, documents, and updates to the site have enabled it to include a wide variety of informative information!

Text and Photograph Contributors include:

  • Andrew T. Finney
  • Chris Machin
  • Phil Shaw
  • Stephen Clifford
  • Stephen Bishop
  • John Anderson
  • Ray Haney
  • Jim Foley
  • Vicky Moss
  • Arthur Morris
  • Hector Simmonds
  • Arthur Thompson
  • Alan Thompson
  • Ron Kendrick
  • Andrew Meir
  • Dan Evans
  • Phil Jones
  • Kevin Clarke
  • Jim Foley
  • Andrew Meir
  • Paul Lawton
  • Paul O’Reilly
  • Howard Tomlinson

The photographs on the website are either from historical sources, or from local photographers. Please contact before using any of the photographs on the website, as all photographs on the site are copyrighted.

If you have news about Madeley, local events to publicise, local businesses to promote, information or photographs to share, then please get in touch and we will endeavour to include your information!

Swans and Cygnet on Madeley Pool
(Photo. © Chris and Sue Machin. – 29/5/00)

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