Tidy Group: 2.00pm, Friday, Sept. 4th:


We’re meeting at The Greyhound to tidy up the bed – it will take about an hour; please join us and it may last even shorter!

If you need any more details, phone Sue on 751524

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Madeley Fun Day: 12th September:

This year’s Madeley Fun Day is on Saturday 12th Sept on College Field, New Road from 12.30-4.30. Admission is free and we have a whole load of stalls, games and entertainment to make it a really great afternoon for young and old.

New for this year we have a dog show, so bring yours along spruced up and ready to charm the judges, plus the old favourites including the Animal Man, Punch & Judy and Magic shows, inflatables, zorb balls, archery, tug-o-war, egg throwing, face painting, tombola, coconut shy, hook-a-duck, skittles, children’s craft and painting activities, toy, bric-a-brac and craft stalls, food and drink.

We hope you will come with your friends and family to this event, meet up with other villagers and have some really good fun.

If you would be willing to help out on the day by manning a games stall or assisting with organising the activities please contact Adrian Harden 01782-750551, 07887824891, Jenny Jennings 07879423941 or Chris Wright 01782-750870

Let’s hope the weather is as good as last year, when over 1200 people attended.

Sat. Sept 12th
College Field 12.30-4.30
Free admission.
New this year Fun Dog Show, And all the regular favourites Animal Man, Punch & Judy, magic show, inflatables, archery, paint ball, zorb balls, tug-o-war, egg throwing, coconut shy, hook-a-duck, skittles, face painting, tombola, toy & bric-a-brac stalls, children’s painting and craft activities, burgers & hotdogs, drinks and lots more.
Come along and have some fun.

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Vicar’s Letter for September 2015

People sometimes say to me: You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian!

And of course they’re partly right: anyone can talk to God anytime and in any place; anyone can believe in God and be a good person.

But, I think there’s more – if you don’t come to church … we miss YOU! And vitally I think you miss out from what God wants to give YOU!

Church certainly isn’t perfect and is full of colourful characters but it is also wonderfully a place for us all to recharge our batteries, share with like minded people and gather for a faith lift! God wants us to know that we are not alone – that He and others care deeply about our daily lives and that He wants to guide, inspire and encourage you through the issues you face each day.

We can,of course,read our Bibles at home; we can watch Songs of Praise on the TV; we can work hard for God in responsible living – but meeting together as a church family gives us friends to worship with, a spiritual family for supportand an opportunity to think and pray together about how we can make a difference for God in our world.

Over the autumn our church groups will be thinking about what difference believing in God makes to our lives through the week. In well-led small groups, we will be thinking about our relationship with God, our relationship with those we are closest to, our beautiful yet fragile world, our attitude to technology and the world wide web, our relationship with people of other faiths and much more. We would love to invite you to come and be part of this.

This autumn’s course is called: Living Faithfully and if you would like to be part of our church groups this year, please come to our Taster Session:

The Taster Session is at Betley Church on Tues 15th OR at Madeley Church on Wed 16th September at 7.30pm.   This session will give you a taste of what is to come. You don’t need to book; you can just turn up on the night and make some new friends. You will find a warm welcome.

Being a Christian was never meant to be a private thing. Jesus called twelve disciples to spend three years with him. St Paul set up churches wherever he could. We are not islands of isolation but part of God’s amazing plan to renew, revive and restore this world. That’s why Jesus came and that is His great commission to us. We hope to see you – you are always welcome.

Peter Chantry


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Litter Pick: Saturday, August 29th at 10.00am:

The tidy group is meeting this Saturday, August 29th at The Greyhound for a clean-up round the centre of the village – please join us at 10.00am if you have an hour to spare and want to make our village a prettier place to live.
More info – phone Sue on 751524

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Tidy Group minutes: July

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20th July 2015
Present Chris Machin, Sue Machin, Anne Shaw, Alan Woodhouse, Andy Capewell ,Chris Wright ,Lynda Berrington
Apologies: Helen Dutton, Roy Dutton, John Berrington, Anne Nicholson.
Minutes of last meeting on 8th June 2015 accepted as a true record; proposed by Chris Machin; Seconded by Alan Woodhouse
The Madeley Fun day will be on the 12th September. New this year will be a stall where young people can make their own bird boxes.
Communities’ day was a success, organised by Simon & Gary from The Old Hall, with volunteers from Madeley Angling Club, the Tidy Group, teachers and pupils from The Meadows Primary School and the event was co-ordinated by wardens from NUL BC and Madeley Police.
The judging for” it’s your neighbourhood “scheme has taken place. The judge, Donna Loasby, was taken around by Sue M, Annie S, Phil S, Chris M & photographed by Andy C. Thanks to Chris and Sue and also thanks to all the people who worked hard to get all the beds ready in time.
The balance on the 30th June £696.93
There has been no contact from Lizzie Stuart; ACTION CHRIS M to contact her in the next few days and see if she’s still interested in helping us.
We now have the new leaflets. We need to consider how to distribute them. I have some quotes for leaflet holders which could go in local shops with our leaflets – agreed that we should go ahead and order some.
Over the last few weeks we have concentrated on preparing for the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ assessment.
Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the preparation.
We also undertook an extra litter pick last Saturday to make sure the village looked, as far as possible, at its best.
We have also prepared a photo board for the assessor, Donna Loasby, with photos of all the beds, troughs and planters throughout the village, because, as she only had one hour, we would not have had time to show her all that we do.
Hopefully, we have now covered all the areas for development from last year’s assessor’s report.

If you see any litter build up, please report it to Street scene on 01782-742500 or Streetscene@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Next litter pick will be on the 29th August.
After the summer break there will be an attempt to arrange a litter pick with children and parents.
Tetra packs are still recycled at Leycett Lane.
Bug Houses for the beds to be left on the agenda and possibly sited in the autumn.
Renewal of the Long trough. Possibility for the autumn?
Contact Simon Long of NUL BC for soil improver.
Sue had a meeting with Ann Spilsbury, a governor at The Meadows Primary School, re involvement of the children, and several projects were discussed, one of them being making bug houses.
ACTION discuss at next meeting a tidy group school liaison person.
Replanting of the stone troughs.
Anne Shaw will attend a Parish Council meeting on the 23rd July. She will put forward our case and the costs involved.
Vicarage lane bed needs rejuvenating. Alan will donate some of the plants required.
Mark Bradley has shown an interest in joining the Tidy Group.
7th September 2015; 7.30 in the café area at The Madeley Centre.
Present; Apologies; Minutes of Previous Meeting; Matters Arising; Treasurers Report; PR & Sponsorship Report; ; Gardening Report; Litter Picks; Recycling; Future Plans; AOB; Date of Next Meeting.

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Request for help re local family history in Madeley:

I am researching my family tree and it appears that it originates in the Madeley /Onneley Anyone interested in family history in Madeley? The Madeley website has had two e-mails from Gerry Peake in Canada whose ancestors came from the Onnerley area – he’s asked for help and made suggestions about local family history – if you want me to put you in touch with his, please let me know?

I live in Canada so research has been slow, but productive at times. I have a few of my relatives including my Great x4 grandparents buried at All Saints Church.
It would be great if you could create a section for the posting of headstones for the church. I have a few Peakes stones that I would like to post with the hope of finding out how a few of them are related.
Maybe someone out there is doing the same thing and we could make contact etc. It would be great to have genealogical section/forum for the dead at the church. It would allow others to post info that they know of other families (i.e. Rowley, Bedson, Salmon etc.) from the area and maybe it would help others.
At the very least your site would be more informed about who lived and died in the area going back to the 1600’s etc..
I’m sure there are some interesting stories out there.
I know the Peakes in my family started out as farmers in the area. The Wood Farm in Onneley had a few Peakes who lived there at one time too. Census records would be another great section for your site.
Also the BMD records that are on microfiche going back to the 1600’s would be another great addition. I have a set and it contains loads of names and helps get an idea of who was there etc.
I have extracted all of the Peakes and created an inventory that I am slowly trying to piece together. It could be done for all of the families who lived in the area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Gerry Peake

I’ve just discovered your war memorial on the internet and I’m not seeing a section for that on your site (sorry if there is one and I’m too blind to see it…..I know you have it briefly mentioned in the Tour Section, but the pic needs to be replaced….it doesn’t come in properly). Any chance you could make a Memorial Section with everyone’s name on it? Again, I have no idea if this is easy to do or not. Another thought…..can you add the following link to a section? It would be a welcomed addition to your great site.


A few more links to add to a new Memorial section or to your archives……….





Question…….Do you know any Wagstaffs living in the village? My research has just revealed that Sgt. Thomas Wagstaff, who is mentioned on the memorial married Elsie Peake. I then discovered an All Saints headstone that mentions both of them AND William and Hannah Peake. It would be great to get in touch with a Wagstaff and ask them some questions regarding the Peakes in their family. Do you know anyone at the church who could take a pic of this headstone and tell me where this plot is located in the churchyard? I’m interested in knowing its proximity to the other PEAKE headstones that I do know about there. Do you know anyone with the surname FORD? I have another lead with a Peake connection with this surname.

Can you add this link to the Church sections and Genealogy section???


This is an EXCELLENT site for anyone looking into their Madeley/Onneley roots and should be part of your site for sure. It’s not a complete inventory, but it’s a great start.

I know your site is for Madeley Village, but I was wondering if you could add a section for Onneley…..I think they are part of the Parish of Madeley ( https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Madeley,_Staffordshire_Genealogy ) and probably too small to create their own site. I would love to see this addition!

I’m really enjoying your site – thanks again for creating it!



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Choose the Right Puppy for You

Are you thinking about getting a dog or puppy in the next few months? If so, RDF TV for BBC2 are looking for people to film during this process. For further information please follow the link below.

Puppies Flyer

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Save The Offley Arms

Our local, historic public house is under threat of being neglected and in the future, could be built on. The Offley Arms has been the at the core of the village for over 300 years; from housing the former servicemen’s club after the First World War to protecting the villagers from air raids during the Second World War. The Offley Arms has seen Madeley go from strength to strength, and it would be a shame for this to end in such circumstances.

Please sign the petition to protect this valued, essential venue in our community and help to get the building listed (on Facebook – The Madeley Centre or Madeley Tidy Group page)

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Vicar’s Letter for July and August

I want to say: Three cheers for the unseen people who enrich our lives.

Like the car mechanics who keep our vehicles running smoothly; like the tyre manufacturers who make sure we’ve got enough grip; like the traffic police who attend accidents and help to get things moving.

And three cheers for those who work hard in the food chain: farmers (all over the world) who sow, tend and harvest the crops; transporters who bring those goods to market; shopkeepers (big and small) who package, promote and sell the goods – all doing an amazing job of supplying our needs.

And three cheers for those who serve our homes: bin men and women who collect our waste or our recycling; delivery and Post Office staff who bring stuff to our door; and utility suppliers who make sure we’ve got clean water, safe electricity and access to the internet.

Now I know that all of these get paid for their labours but I believe we do well to recognize their service and to be able to celebrate their enrichment of our lives. It tends to be the case that until we’ve done a job ourselves, we don’t realise what’s involved in … sorting recycling … caring for our elderly or … carrying out biopsy tests.   Such people may be “invisible” to most of us but they are people with families and stresses and strains who are worthy of our thanks and our respect.

My point is that we are interconnected with one another, within communities and even as a global community. We are the beneficiaries of the skill and expertise and commitment of others, many of whom take great pride in their work. I know what a difference it makes to me when someone says “Thank you” for something I’ve done and I am sure that it is the same for others who serve us – a busy receptionist, the person at the other end of the phone or the road sweeper who keeps our streets clean. A smile or a “Thank you” goes a long way.

Our modern world encourages us to “mind our own business” but we are not islands of independence; we are connected to one another and those who serve us are worthy of our thanks and praise. The way we treat one another does matter.

St Paul encouraged his Christian friends: “From now on, we regard no-one from a worldly point of view. ” Instead, let us see behind their “utility” to us and view them as made in the image of God and worthy of our appreciation and our respect.

Peter Chantry


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Summer Holiday Activities

Madeley Parish Council presents a full programme of Summer Holiday activities for children aged 7-13 years at Leycett Cricket Club.

For further information, and to book your place follow the link below.

Summer Holiday Activities 2015

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