50 Years Ago – Hollywood

On May 23rd/24th 1970, the “Hollywood Music Festival” took place at Finney Green, near Madeley.

Were you there? Do you have any memories or pictures you can share? Please get in touch and I’ll collate everything into this page! – howard@madeleyvillage.co.uk

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Curate’s Letter September 2020

Honolulu – It’s got everything. Sand for the children, sun for the wife, sharks for the wife’s mother.

Ken Dodd, comedian

Firstly, I love my mother in law – unlike, obviously, Ken Dodd.

But secondly, I wonder if you have had – like me – to cancel or to reorganise your holidays.

You may be feeling OK about it, or you may be really annoyed, especially if you just missed the Eurostar or the ferry from France before the quarantine was imposed.

Having had a couple of staycations, I certainly miss the more normal holidays.

But I am left thinking, why on earth do we miss our holidays so much?!

Is it because normal life is unbearable? Hardly! (I think! Feel free to disagree!!)

Is it because we’ve got used to our luxuries? Possibly – but that doesn’t really feel like enough of an explanation.

Then, I remembered – forgive me, this is how this curate’s brain works – that on the story of creation, God – yes, God! – “rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done” (Genesis 2.2)

Please keep reading, even if you’re a bit lukewarm (or positively chilly) about religion!

Isn’t that an extraordinary statement? The all powerful, the almighty, the creator of everything – resting?!

Was he tired? Had it been too long a shift? Or just too long a week?

What is going on?!

Well, even if you’re not very keen on believing in God, this story is clearly saying that rest (and a change) is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. What stronger way is there to say it (to religious people) than to say that God himself had a rest?

It’s building it into the structure of the universe, into the patterns of life.

We need time to stop our usual routines. We need to pause and reflect on what we have done – sometimes to critique it, yes; but dare I say, we don’t often stop to appreciate what we have done, because we are too worried about the next thing that needs doing.

I find it comforting that God would want to stop, even if he doesn’t need to (unlike me). And that when he does so, he is pleased: it’s all very good! (Genesis 1.31)

So I really hope that you have had – or are soon having – a chance to stop and get a change of scene.

And if you can’t go away – because of health, or work, or family commitments, that you nevertheless get some moments of pause. It may be ‘just’ a couple of hours in a place you love, that you haven’t been to for a while – or even ‘just’ a good long catch up on the phone with someone you love, but haven’t been able to see for a long while.

And when you stop, imagine – just imagine – that there is a God somewhere out there, who cares so much for you, that he cares for your rest?

Isn’t that a radical and amazing idea?!


Rev John Beswick Pallister

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Vicar Vacancy Advertised

The advert is now on the Diocesan web site here, with a closing date of 1st October. This is about a month earlier than we’d thought was the best we could hope for – if all goes well there could be a new Vicar appointed by Christmas and in place by the start of February.

Madeley PCC.

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Notice Under Local Government Act 1972 (Section 87(2))



that a casual vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor for the Madeley Parish Council following the resignation on 31st July 2020 of Nigel Paul Orme.

Rule 5(2) of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006 now applies.

The rule allows TEN ELECTORS for the Parish in which the casual vacancy has arisen to request the Returning Officer to hold an election to fill the vacancy[1].   That request must be made within FOURTEEN DAYS, calculated in accordance with the rules[2], of the date of this notice.  The fourteen day period ends on Tuesday 25th August 2020

Regulation 6 of The Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 currently defers an election (if called) until Thursday, 6th May 2021. It should be noted however, that the Government has indicated that the situation will be kept under review and, if safe to do so, further legislation will be laid that will permit an election sooner than this date.

What if a request to hold an election is not received during the permitted time?

Rule 5(5) of the above Rules will apply.  The Parish Council must, as soon as practicable after the expiry of the fourteen day period, co-opt a person to fill the vacancy.

The Returning Officer’s address is:

Electoral Services, Castle House,

Barracks Road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 1BL

The telephone number for further guidance is 01782 717717

This notice is dated 5th August 2020

Janet Simpson.

Clerk, Madeley Parish Council,

10, Freebridge Close,




[1] There is no form of words for this request, which might simply be a letter headed with such words as “We the undersigned being electors for the (Ward of)….Parish, call for an election to fill the vacancy arising from the (death)(resignation) of….”.  It is helpful if the ten signatures are accompanied by printed names and addresses.

[2] In calculating the notice period, day one is the day following the date of this notice; a Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a Bank Holiday or day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning shall be disregarded, and the period closes at midnight on the fourteenth day after the date of this notice.  Rule 5(2) of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006 now applies.

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Nominate your Favourite Building

You may be aware that the Borough Council has a Register of Locally 
Important Buildings and Structures and reviews the list every 2 years. 
The Council would like to now invite nominations for consideration of this  year’s review.  Please visit 
www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/localregister<http://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/localregister> for more information on the list, how to nominate and the buildings and structures that are already on the list and the criteria.   The deadline for nominations this year will be 7th September 

You will need to apply for a building to be considered online and the 
form can be found on the local register page – see above link.   If 
you have one, please give as much information as possible so your 
nomination can be properly considered against the criteria.  Buildings 
should be historic,  authentic, have some architectural merit and have 
value to the local community.

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Vicar’s Letter & Church Magazine, July & August 2020

This is the last letter I will write as Vicar of All Saints’ and St Margaret’s.  After nearly 7 years, Helen and I are up sticking and moving to Nottinghamshire to be nearer to our grown-up children. 

It is with much gratitude that we journey on with very many happy memories of this season of our lives.  It has been an enormous privilege to be your Vicar and thank you to you all for your friendship, good humour and fellowship in the life and work of God’s kingdom in these parishes.

This morning I gave a “thought for the day” on Facebook – something I never dreamed I’d be doing 6 months ago.  But these are exceptional times and I for one have really enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills in these Lockdown days.

The focus of my “thought” was Abraham – sometimes called “Father Abraham” because he was the founding Father of our faith.    God called Abraham to be his friend.  He wanted to bless Abraham and his wife Sarah and to make them into a great nation – quite an idea at the age of 75!

God asked Abraham and Sarah to up sticks and to move to Caanan – a land that was “flowing with milk and honey”.  He wanted to bless them and their descendants in order that they would be … a blessing to the other nations of the world.

There remains today much sadness and isolation and all the more in our post Lock down world.  The world needs people of hope and faith and love.  Abraham and Sarah were such people BECAUSE they felt secure within the love of God.

I hope and pray that you too know God’s love for you and your family and that that will enable you to have the confidence to be generous to those in need around you.

God has always and only ever wanted one thing: that we should know Him as our Friend and Saviour – the One whose love is unconditional – the One whose love for us enables us to reach out in love to one another – the One whose love for us drives out any fear.

May God bless you and keep you; May the Lord His face to shine upon: May the Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and give you peace now and forever more.  Amen.

Peter Chantry

The Parish Magazine for July and August is available online here

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Church Open for Private Prayer

Services Suspended during Coronavirus Precautions – but CHURCH NOW (22nd JUNE) OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER. This ends at the end of July, as we have Thursday services in church from 6th August, and a streamed Sunday service from church:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10.30 – 12.30 each morning. (Wednesdays Food Bank open, Sundays online services)

There will be All Saints’ Church members present to help and assist (and if necessary control numbers entering). We are so glad to be partly back – in addition to all our online services. Sanitiser and washing facilities are available, but if you wish to wear a face mask please bring your own.

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Vicar’s Letter June 2020 & Church Magazine for June

Vicar Letter – June 2020

Joy in the morning!

You have probably heard by now that Helen and I are on the move.  After nearly 7 years as Vicar of All Saints’ and St Margaret’s we have made the difficult decision that it is time to move nearer to our grown-up children.  I will therefore be moving at the end of July over to Nottinghamshire where Helen has recently been appointed as the next Vicar of St Mary’s and St John’s Hucknall.

It is, of course with sadness AND with gratitude that we will be moving.  It has been an immense pleasure and privilege to be your Vicar for these years.  I have greatly enjoyed your fellowship and partnership in the life of our communities, and I am confident that God’s blessings will continue to be poured out upon Betley and Madeley – however tough these current times are.

In preparation for moving, Helen and I have hired a skip!  We have been sorting through all our “stuff” and it is amazing how much you accumulate over the years.  Before we put all our unwanted items into the skip, we decided to have an impromptu stall outside our house inviting people to: Help yourself.  What we had not expected was the delight that this gave to various people to reuse, repair and recycle.

Girls from along the road were delighted to take some board games; 12 paving stones that we’d taken up a couple of years ago were snapped up; and a very weathered Iron bench was taken away with great joy at the prospect of a restoration project!

Out of the tiredness and unwanted debris of life, can come new possibilities.  One lady was so thrilled at taking away a “telephone table” that she insisted that I take £10 for Christian Aid – even though I didn’t ask for it!

Life is tough at the moment with the Corona Virus and of course, very tough for some.  But even in the toughest of times there are moments of light and colour and joy and solidarity – as revealed by our impromptu stall.

We can (and do) feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of our current circumstances.  But I believe that God is right in the middle of hard times.  He is no stranger to heartache, uncertainty and pain.  The Christian story remains one of hope and joy in the morning and our faith in Jesus, calls us to look out for Him, even and especially in the midst of our human struggles.

May God bless you and your family.

Peter Chantry

The Church Magazine for June can be read online here

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Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Madeley Parish Council has a vacancy for a Parish Councillor.

If you would like to make a difference to your local community by applying, please contact the Clerk for further details and an application form via e-mail on parish.clerk@madeley.staffslc.gov.uk

Telephone 07563660298

The closing date for applications is 5:00pm Friday 22nd May, Please note that due to the current Covid-19 crisis, interviews will take place virtually on Thursday 4th June via zoom

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Vicar’s Letter & Church Magazine for May 2020

What can we learn so far from the Lock down?

What surreal (and for some tragic and anxious) times we are living through. Mercifully, in Madeley and Betley we have been spared some of the worst aspects of the virus but of course our thought and prayers are with the bereaved, the traumatised and the front-line staff.

For many of us we have had to adopt new behaviours and observe important protocols and perhaps we are getting used to life in Lock down? There has never been a time like this in living memory and we may well feel overwhelmed.

However, and believing in the resurrection, there is new life ahead of us and we must look for the positives and think about lessons we can all learn.

So, amidst the all the difficulties and uncertainties, what has been good?

A greater sense of community – people volunteering to help with the NHS and local helplines, increased neighbourliness and a heightened awareness of the vulnerable down our streets. It has been impressive to see many younger people step up and put themselves out for others – at the Food bank, collecting prescriptions and running errands. Thank you and well done.

New ways of being church and good organisations – the church buildings are closed but God’s people are finding new ways to worship together and to keep in touch with those on their own. Zoom Services, on-line prayer meetings, pastoral visits via video link and a resurgence of the good old rag and bone (phone).  It’s not the same and we greatly look forward to being together again but we have learnt some new skills and been challenged to find new ways of keeping in touch.

The importance of exercise and greeting friends whilst on the move and at a “safe” distance. Thank God that we live in beautiful villages with green spaces to walk and take our dogs out. The weather has been really kind and stunningly beautiful – perhaps something we’ve noticed more under these circumstances – I love the Cherry Tree blossom , the buds on the trees, the freshly ploughed fields.

Not to take people for granted – Our NHS staff have rightly been heralded for their courage and commitment. But there are other frontline staff who don’t always get the recognition they deserve. The staff of Care Homes, our Refuge Collectors, those who serve us in retail, both in our shops and in supplying our bodily needs all deserve our respect and our appreciation of their service. It is very easy to take each other for granted but we shouldn’t. Noticing the commitment and service of others when we are the beneficiaries should be part of our everyday mini celebrations.

… Now, none of this is to ignore the deep-seated anxieties that are very real for many of us as we face the consequences for our economy and personal prospects. The future will bring further challenges, struggles and needs. Pulling together and practising consistent generosity of attitude and behaviour will be vital as we adapt and change again. We may well have to adjust our sights and lower our expectations – not forgetting that we still have so much to be grateful for.

I believe profoundly that God remains in the midst of us, wanting to sustain, inspire, resource and equip us for the future that lies ahead. The Bible tells us that He does not leave us abandoned but equips us with His Spirit to rise to the challenge that lie around the corner.

May you know God’s wisdom, peace and strength as you journey on. And may God bless and keep you in His good care.

Peter Chantry

For Online Parish Magazine for May click here

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