Madeley Tidy Group minutes 11th. Sept. 2017

    Alan Woodhouse, Anne Shaw, Phil Shaw, Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton, Anne Nicholson , Terry Edmond, Mary Edmond.

    Chris Wright , Liz Walker , Lynda Berrington.

    Minutes of 17th July 2017
    Accepted as a true record;
    Proposed by Phil Shaw
    Seconded by Roy Dutton
    Matters Arising
    Anne Shaw had arranged for a visit to the recycling facility but unfortunately the person that this was arranged with no longer works there. Anne will try to re arrange.
    Bins for dog waste cost £350 plus the cost for emptying.
    There are proposals for new laws to come into force later this year. Owners when walking a dog must carry cleaning up equipment or risk an on the spot fine . When walking a dog near recreational areas such as playing fields , football pitches and children’s playing areas they must be on a lead.
    Anne Nicholson to contact Street Scene about the litter on Bowsey Wood road and Bar Hill as well as gutter cleaning .
    Anyone who wishes to report litter can do so with Street Scene. The telephone number is 01782 742500 or email them at

    Treasurer’s report;
    The available funds are £875.52
    There will be a cost of approximately £100 for 10 Hi vis jackets.
    PR and Sponsorship report
    The leaflets in the local shops have been topped up .
    Photographs have been taken.
    The web site has been updated.
    The minutes of the Tidy group meetings are on the web site.
    Our offer to contribute an article and photographs for issue 10 of the Parish magazine was not accepted.
    There are 125 hours of gardening logged so far . Thanks to everyone. Please let Anne know the hours you are spending on gardening so that an accurate log can be kept.
    Chris Wright will order bulbs from Newcastle under Lyme Council.
    Anne Shaw has ordered 245 spring bulbs from a mail order company.
    It was decided to plant some plants in the Offley Arms bed. Alan and Anne have spare plants. Roy has a spare conifer .
    It was decided that the gardening diary was a success, So the idea will be kept for next year.
    The next gardening session will be the school bed And Greyhound on Monday 18th September at an earlier time of 10.30

    Litter Pick
    There have been 85 hours of litter picking logged.
    Nicola from Furness Lane has volunteered to litter pick at Furness Lane and the One Stop carpark .This is a large area so help will be required.
    Consider putting up “Keep your village tidy” signs on flower beds.
    Pat Forster to join the Tidy Group litter picks.
    Next litter pick is Saturday 30th September.

    Other Business.  
    The Tidy group has not responded to the Madeley Parish future plans survey but individuals have. It wasn’t known how the results would be distributed to villagers.
    Terry and Mary Edmond are due to leave the village in the next few weeks. Individuals from the Tidy group presented them with flowers and a present. This was to show appreciation for the enormous amount of work that they had undertaken around the village over the years.
    Anne has spoken to Councillor Whitmore about the geese fouling . She has been assured that action will be taken by the Parish Council.
    Thanks to Helen Dutton who volunteered to arrange the Christmas meal once again. Possible dates are 8th, 12th , 13th December.

    Meeting Dates
    At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.00
    October 9th.
    AGM 13th November

    Gardening Dates
    18th September …New time 10.30
    2nd October
    16th October

    Meeting closed at 8.30 pm 

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Control of Canadian Geese on Madeley Pool



 Madeley Parish Council are considering the above proposal and would like to hear your views on the subject.

 Please come along and take part in the  Public Open Meeting on Monday 16th October, 7:00pm-8:00pm, The Madeley Centre, New Road, Madeley.

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Vicar’s Letter October 2017

On Sunday 1st October, we will be celebrating Harvest Festival with familiar hymns and songs in thanks to God for all His goodness, and we will be making a collection of non-perishable goods to be donated to the ever important work of our local Food Bank.  You are very warmly invited to join us, and indeed for the Harvest Supper and Dance in Betley Village Hall the night before.  But what are we celebrating at Harvest?

There is something very fundamental about a Harvest Celebration – recognizing our dependency on God’s goodness and our interconnectedness with all those involved in providing for our daily needs.

The incredible variety and quality of the food in our supermarkets today is truly amazing – products from around the world and now with home deliveries – even brought direct to our doorsteps: a-ma-zing!

But of course it doesn’t just happen – think of a good tuna mayo sandwich –  something so simple and yet think of all those involved in its production: the farmer growing the wheat, milking the cows, harvesting the eggs; the fisherman catching the fish; the driver collecting the crop; the miller grinding the flour; the baker making the bread; the canner sealing the fish; the factory making the mayonnaise; the supermarket marketing and selling the bread, the tuna and the mayonnaise – and then you and I doing the final part on the board at home – what a lot of people involved in the production of a simple sandwich.

I believe Harvest remains a vital festival for us all.  Too easily do we forget how blessed we all are in this country with our food security.  Too easily do we take for granted the work of others from whose labours we benefit.  And too easily do we lose sight of the wonders of creation and ingenuity of growers, engineers, processors, shop keepers and most especially God from whom all these things come.  Anyone for a sandwich?

Peter Chantry

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Madeley Rural Community Charity AGM 11th October 2017-CANCELLED

Please note this has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Details of the rescheduled meeting will be posted in due course.

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Reminiscence Session-Goose Grease and Brown Paper

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Offley Arms Public House-Asset of Community Value-Notice of disposal

Newcastle Borough Council have received a notice of disposal re the above asset of community value. If any community interest group/s are interested in placing an expression of interest to bid for the asset they must put this expression in writing to Simon Sowerby at Newcastle Borough Council no later than 25th September 2017.

Please follow the link below for further information.

AOCV – Notification of Disposal (Final)

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Madeley Neighbourhood Plan

Please follow the link below to find out how to become involved and see the latest update re Madeleys emerging Neighbourhood Plan.


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HS2 Additional Information Day

HS2 will be hosting an additional information day on Wednesday 23rd August 2017 from 2pm-8pm at The Madeley Centre, New Road, Madeley.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Madeley Post Office-temporary Closure

Please follow the link below to read the letter from the Post Office re temporary branch closure from Friday 8th September 2017.


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Vicar’s Letter August/September 2017

I’ve just started watching the BBC Drama called “Broken” – a friend thought I’d like it. It is about a Catholic priest trying to care for his flock – emphasis on “trying”! Life in Father Michael’s parish is very tough for many of his parishioners and he himself carries “ghosts” from the past and family challenges in the present.

The series is refreshing because it rings true. However much we might like happy families, happy endings and Disney storylines – life so often is just not like that – even in good old Madeley. Many of us know that we are “the lucky ones” – or to put it in religious language – we are blessed. But all around us, people are grappling with complicated, messy, stressful lives and mostly doing an amazing job of surviving.

In the first episode, a young mum’s life is going belly up. She is trying her best to bring up her family and doing everything she can but, every time she thinks she’s coping, something else happens. Father Michael does his best to be supportive and understanding but he too finds that life is loaded with complications and contradictions – especially in his own family.

In contrast to many TV clergy dramas and sitcoms – there is an honesty and an authenticity that makes this worth watching. Father Michael is not depicted as a Saint or a paragon of virtue but as someone who genuinely longs to help and to point people to Jesus’ love, compassion and understanding.

I have been struck recently about the importance of “noticing” people and situations and hopefully not passing by on the other side of the street. Our family members and neighbours need our understanding, a slowness to judge and a readiness to help. All of which isn’t easy and won’t always be welcome but compassion is fundamental in God’s work of supporting broken lives.

Peter Chantry

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