Vicar’s Letter Christmas 2015

Perhaps one of the most striking things this Christmas is how many people will be on the road, trying to find safe lodging and a future for themselves and their families. I am, of course, talking about the thousands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, the harsh regime in Eritrea, the persecution in Iraq and so on.

We are in this country so privileged. We live in safety. We have food in our cupboards. Our homes are warm and we have flushing toilets and medicines in our cabinets. Simple things and yet things upon which we depend. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to live in a refugee camp or to have to beg for food.

Looking for safe lodging and charity hand outs is something that God knows about from first hand experience. Think of the Christmas story; Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were themselves travellers on the road. They too had to up sticks and leave their home. They too lived in terrible times with evil leaders and violent soldiers. They too lived in fear of their lives and were at the mercy of an innkeeper in Bethlehem and the people they met in Egypt.

And this is the life that God chose to be born into. Why then and why in those circumstances? We don’t know, except that we sense it was fully intentional.

God, in His love, chose to be born into the desperation of human experience. He chose poverty and not splendour; He chose danger and not security; He chose to be born a long way from “home”. And all this in order to meet us – His people.

And God’s coming in Jesus was and is so obscure, so remote, so out of the way, that we easily miss Him. We easily forget that He has come, because we are so caught up with our own lives.

Jesus slipped into our world that Christmas and has done ever since. He comes to side with the poor, with the vulnerable, with those who live in fear and to demonstrate that God chooses to live in surprising places and especially with those whom others don’t want to think about.

The problems for many in the world today are so HUGE we can’t begin to imagine them, but the Christmas story challenges you and me to recognize that God’s love and God’s example calls us to respond to those who need our help this year.

Peter Chantry

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BMX Track – Views sought:

Here’s an appeal from our Borough Councillor on a possible BMX track & views / feedback are requested:

Dear friends and everyone in the community
Would you give me your thoughts or even put things in writing or an email or text on here Please!
Over the years we have been trying to locate a site for a BMX track for the youths of today to enjoy
Finally we have found a plot to use this piece of land, which is down Furness lane past the one stop shop. I would be grateful for your responses to the future of the project So that the parish council will go forward with the plans for the BMX park/track etc
If not then we will be looking for alternative ideas to help our youths of today
Would everyone share this post so I can report all your view and comments back to the parish?
Kind regards
There is a lot of people in our community that are not on face book or have emails and not have access to a computer
We must inform everyone in our village Know what is going on in our community
Would everyone seeing this post put your responses on here!
I will then put a notice in the next parish leaflet which is due out shortly To inform everyone in our rural community

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Madeley Parish Council-Consultation on 2016-17 budget

All Parishioners are invited to an open public consultation meeting on Tuesday 1st December at 6:30pm at The Madeley Centre, New Road.

Please come along and look at the draft proposals for the next financial year and let us have your views.

Everyone is welcome.

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Christmas Party Sunday 13th December 2015

By popular demand Madeley Parish Council are pleased to announce a Christmas party for older residents.

There will be live entertainment, a sing-a-long, food and Christmas cheer. The Christmas tree light lights will be turned on at 3:45pm and the party starts at 4:00pm at The Madeley Centre.

For further information and details of where to get your ticket please follow the link below.

Christmas Party poster

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Come and Talk to Us about Dementia

Staffordshire County Council and the North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group would like to talk to people who live in Newcastle District or Staffordshire Moorlands about current and future services for dementia care.

The drop in event will happen on Tuesday 24th November 2015 between 1pm and 4pm at The Madeley Centre.

For further information, please follow the link below.

Come and talk to us about Dementia – Madeley event flyer

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Madeley Walk Number Six (amended):

Madeley: One Way or Another:
Walk Six: Broken Heart (Oh Lord I Never Felt So Low): Leycett & Bates Wood.

There are two walks: a red walk (3½ miles) & a purple walk (4 miles); do them separately for two half day walks or combine them to make a full day walk. All distances are approximate. Start at The Madeley Centre, New Road, Madeley CW3 9DN (Grid Ref: 773451). Tel: The Madeley Centre has car parking, catering & toilet facilities. Please enjoy a walk in the country, but if you can, support our local businesses, Listed under The Adverts – but check opening times beforehand! Explorer Map 257: Crewe & Nantwich.


• Just Jane, catering, at The Madeley Centre: 01782-751808.
• One Stop, Grocery & Convenience Store Greyhound Corner: 01782-750373.
• Shepley Butchers, Greyhound Corner: 01782-751775.
• Tang Dynasty Chinese Takeaway, Greyhound Court: 01782-752288.
• Village Shop & Newsagent, Greyhound Court: 01782-750525.
• In 2 Wine, Off Licence, Greyhound Court: 01782-751708.
• Raj Indian Takeaway, Greyhound Corner: 01782-752000.
• Homers Cafe, Greyhound Corner: 01782-751800.
• Poolside Tandoori, Restaurant & Take Away. Greyhound Corner: 01782-750088.
• Poolside Fish Bar: 01782-752546
• The Offley Arms, Poolside. 01782-750242.
• Halmerend Fish Bar: 01782-723751.
• Gresley Arms, Alsagers Bank: 01782-722469.
• The Old Swan, Madeley Heath: 01782- 751199.
• Crewe Arms, Madeley Heath: 01782-750392.


CP = Car Park
FB = Foot Bridge
FP = Footpath
KG = Kissing Gate
L = Left
MC = Madeley Centre
R = Right
TP = Telegraph Pole

Stile Counsel:

Red Walk: 7 stiles.
Purple Walk: 4 stiles

Red Walk:

[1] Turn L out of MC & walk under arches at side of MC & down to the Police point. Walk across, slightly L, to go down alley between houses & into Greenmeadows Road, turn R, then L into New Road. Pass Holm Oak Drive on R; 100 yds past Woodside, turn R thru’ squeezer stile by lamp post & follow well-trod path thru’ woodland.

[2] Emerge thru’ laurel hedge on to a road, turn L, cross Heighley Castle Way with care & turn R uphill, passing College Close. 50 yds past Park Close, turn R into the drive way for Madeley Manor Care Home.
[3] After 50 yds take tarmac track to L, another 50 yds take path to L passing sign for Private Road; further 50 yds go R thru gateways & go down path with cottages & the Care Home on R. Just past fire escape on R, veer L thru bushes & down to a gate & into a field.

[4] Same direction, between remains of 2 small ponds, towards trees – path snakes L, then round to R & over stile into woods. Follow well-trod path down to Madeley Manor Pool. [The Boat House on the R is a listed building. The white building in the distance is Madeley Rectory.] Keep Pool on R & 50 yds after 2nd footbridge, L down to A531.

[5] Cross with care, and into The Gladings*; follow the well-trod path through. At end of wood go under the Motorway Bridge, then turn R up to Walton’s Wood. Cross the stile and turn L & follow trackway (ie. motorway is now directly behind you) & eventually ascends quite steeply!

[6] At the top turn R & follow well-trod path for 200 yds & then waymarked L upbank (Care: waymarker is hard to see as hidden in trees), L again at top & on to an arched entrance in hedgerow. Immediate R to Leycett Lane & NOW IT’S MAKE YOUR MIND UP TIME! For longer walk, go to Point 14.

[7] Turn R & walk with care 200 yds to Leycett Cricket Club; look for stile in hedge on R, skirt round cricket pitch, then L into woodland (waymarked The Newcastle Way: follow these back to Madeley). Over a stile, into a ditch, L, over a stile into a field.

[8] Look L & cross stile to R of Dutch Barn, cross field slightly R to next stile, same direction to hedge, then to L of facing hedge & over stile into alley with houses on R & Heath Wood on L. Same direction over road, footpath to another road, same direction & down to A531 passing The Old Swan.

[9] Turn L & where Old Swan CP ends; look for FP opposite & cross road with care, follow alley down to A525 & turn R into Newcastle Road & under Motorway Bridge.

[10] 200 yds after bridge, reach white bungalow ‘East Lodge’ & turn R up a pot holed, sleeping policeman’d tarmac’d road for 400 yds; 100 yds after a path protected by 2 concrete bollards, turn L on to a raised pathway with maintained lawned areas. Walk thru’ residential housing to a T-junction; straight across, child’s play area on L & head across playing fields to R of electricity pylon opposite. Go up bank, keep houses & hedge to L & go thru gap in facing hedge & on to New Road. Turn L & walk back to MC.

Purple Walk:

[11] Take care on lane – turn L & just past entrance to Leycett Waste Tip, turn R, keeping the tip railings to the R & cross a stile. Cross small paddock & stile by TP’s.
[12] Turn half R & head up field keeping remains of a tree / hedge line to L, over stile & turn L into a farm lane for 400 yds to reach Leycett Lane, passing West View Cottages.
[13] Cross Lane with care & turn L for 100 yds & then R onto tarmac road, follow this road for 1 mile – thru’ a barrier, a double set of gates & another single gate. [This is the site of Leycett Colliery. In 1871, 1879 & 1880, explosions here at Fair Lady Pit killed 44, 41 & 62 men & boys respectively]
[14] When reach a footpath crossroads, with a map of Bateswood Nature Reserve on L & picnic bench on R, take the path to R. Aim for gap between 2 lots of woods, with a field rising up behind then, with a TP on the top – use the TP as a waymarker.
[15] When reach hedge, turn L into woodland, follow well-trod path as keeps field to R, up series of 7 steps, round to R, up 3 steps & carry on in same direction. Start to descend & keep to R [fields can soon be seen on R thru’ trees]; ignore a stile to R & steps up to R; pass Podmore Pool on L & reach T-junction.
[16] Turn R, thru wooden KG, then L down alleyway with Podmore Cottage on R & woodland on L. At end turn L into Bateswood CP (this can be used as a base for exploring Bateswood Nature Reserve). (Turn R for HALMEREND FISH BAR & GRESLEY ARMS).
[17] Go thru’ CP & turn R after 100 yds onto gravel FP & follow this for ⅓ mile to Bateswood Pool. Keep Pool to L & follow round [The memorials to the victims of the Minnie Pit Disaster are thru’ a gate on the R & then take the L pathway. 156 men & boys lost their lives from a firedamp explosion & inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide in April 1918].
[18] 100 yds past a Life Belt Position, ignore FB in front & turn R upbank & follow path which comes out at the map of Bateswood Nature Reserve in point 14.
[19] Turn R & follow path for 400 yds & go thru’ KG on R. Follow well-trod path round & up to L & into tree lined clearing. Continue down well-trod path, passing Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Bateswood Nature Reserve sign on L & walking parallel with TP’s on L. Follow path, & TP’s, as clearing ends & enters woodland. Follow thru’ woods, over boardwalks, down 17 steps into a clearing – same direction, straight across.
[20] Down & over a stile, keep a field to L as go round & up to a TP called ‘Walton’s Wood ABI’. The track goes down into a small clearing in the woods, turn L over a small ditch & then R thru’ trees, uphill to reach fields at the top.
[21] Turn R (ie. keep field to L & trees to R), follow down & then L & after 20 yds R into woodland: follow well-trod path for 300 yds to reach point 6 again & follow back to MC.

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Vicar’s Letter November 2015 – “What a beautiful church!”

When visitors come to All Saints’ they almost always say: “What a beautiful church!” And of course, what they’re probably talking about is the building. But when I look at our church gathering together, I don’t see the building but I see the people who make up our church and I want to say: “What a beautiful church!”

Our role as Christians is to nurture and support each other in the faith and to offer practical care where possible to people of all ages. It is exciting to see the way that this happens for each age group at church and when we join together for worship on a Sunday.

And when we meet together we celebrate God’s goodness and God’s love, as well as supporting one another through the difficult times. I see this at Praise and Play with all the young mums; at Thursday morning communion with catch-up chats; in our Home Groups; and through the ministry of initiatives like the Food Bank, to mention just a few.

As a result of our concern to do this better, I would like to highlight some midweek opportunities for fellowship and encouragement. For example, a group of us get together to share Holy Communion on the first Monday of every month at 2pm at Lea Court (next to the Madeley Centre).   Every Thursday (and now moving to 10am) is our weekly gathering for Holy Communion soon to be followed by a cuppa. And, now meeting at the Methodists’ on the third Friday of each month,is the wonderful Madeley Christian Fellowship at 2.30pm – a short service and lots of chat. Please consider yourselves invited to any and all of these – they are open to all.

Getting together and supporting each other is what I believe makes us truly beautiful – how good and how pleasant it is that people should live together in unity, in solidarity and within the love of God. Let us not give up meeting together but let us encourage one another as we seek to know, love and serve our God.

Peter Chantry

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Tidy Group Minutes for October:

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting on 19th October 2015

Present Chris Machin, Sue Machin, Alan Woodhouse, Andy Capewell , John Berrington, Helen Dutton, Roy Dutton, Phil Shaw, Maria Tomlinson.
Apologies: Anne Nicholson, Anne Shaw, Terry and Mary Edmunds, Chris Wright.

Minutes of last meeting on 20th July 2015 accepted as a true record; proposed by Alan Woodhouse
Seconded by Chris Machin.

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Ricki Williams. She was a co-founder of the Madeley Tidy Group and did an enormous amount of work over the years to improve the village of Madeley. She will be sadly missed.
Sue has ordered the daffodils from Newcastle council. Half will be planted around the small pool by New Road and half will be planted by John Caulkin at Madeley Heath.
A big thank you to Helen and Maria, who attended the RHS Britain in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood awards.

The accounts are with the auditor.

We continue to put Tidy Group matters and events on Facebook to try and spread the word and encourage more volunteers.
The key for the old Parish Notice board has been obtained and we will put on a Tidy Group display there in the near future.

Gardening hours up to date total 146 hours.
Thanks to Alan for donating plants from his garden which have been replanted in various beds around Madeley
Both stone troughs have been filled up with recycled compost and then replanted and are looking very colourful; thanks to Annie for planting them up.
We achieved Level Four ‘thriving’ in the Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ 2015 assessment, which is very pleasing, and is a credit to everybody’s hard work.
We will look at areas for development after the AGM.
Over the next few weeks we will be clearing up the flower beds and planters and cutting back shrubs in preparation for winter.
Madeley Heath will monitor the situation and contact us if they require any help or assistance.

If you see any litter build up, please report it to Street scene on 01782-742500 or
Next litter pick will be on the 24th October 2015.
Sue has spoken to Alan at the One Stop shop about the amount of litter blowing from the storage compound into the car park. Allan has said he will try to improve the situation.
There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of litter around the benches overlooking the pool.
There has been a total of 72 hours litter picking recorded.

Tetra packs are still recycled at Leycett Lane.

Ricki’s family has been contacted about a memorial tree at the village hall. They were pleased with the idea. The trustees will need to be contacted. CHRIS M TO ACTION. The family also suggested a large rock with a memorial plaque, not a bench as Ricki didn’t really like memorial benches. SUE M to contact Billy W as he has said and The Parish Council would like to do something in Ricki’s memory.
Bug Houses for the beds to be left on the agenda.
It was decided to go ahead with a repair to the long trough. SUE & CHRIS M to contact Pete from Apedale to look at a suitable date; will also need to contact Allan at The One Stop.

The Christmas meal this year will be at the Old Swan, Madeley Heath on the 9th December. Please contact Phil Shaw for details or bookings ASAP.
The Tidy group insurance is due shortly and will show a small increase due to the increase in tax.

The Tidy group A.G.M. will be the next meeting on the 16th November. Could the reports be forwarded to Alan by the 9th November please?

Present; Apologies; Minutes of Previous Meeting; Matters Arising; Treasurers Report; PR & Sponsorship Report; ; Gardening Report; Litter Picks; Recycling; Future Plans; AOB; Date of Next Meeting.

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Map of Madeley from 1900

If you’re interested to see how Madeley used to look, here’s a zoomable map from the Ordnance Survey from 1900 – you can see lots of things that haven’t changed, and plenty that has! Can you find where you live on this map?

I think I can identify the raised tree in the middle of the college field from the 1900 map – a few other items of interest too! (The milestone on the main road towards Keele is still there!)

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Tidy Group’s Assessment Report:

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood
Assessment Form 2015
Entry Name: Madeley Tidy Group, Madeley, Newcastle under Lyme Assessor: Donna Loasby Date: 20th July 2015

50 words of introduction re entry:
Madeley village is very fortunate to have this small group of hard-working and dedicated community volunteers, led by Sue the group’s co-ordinator, to keep it looking very tidy. The tour showed off all the attractive troughs and planters that have been created with mainly sustainable plants. In Vicarage Lane there was a very attractive flower bed with a mixture of colourful perennials and bedding plants. The new ‘Madeley Tidy Group’ planters are a welcome addition under the village entrance signs.

Section A – Community Participation (40% or 40 points)

The group is working towards things such as: Being inclusive of local people Local ownership and direction Making a difference to local people Involving local people with planning, decision-making, communication & implementation Representative of the local community Getting support (e.g. from local council, grant aid, sponsorship, in-kind aid etc.) Planning for the future Working in partnership with other organisations (i.e. police, community support officers, environmental groups etc.)

Total points assessed for Section A 28 (out of 40)

Section B – Environmental Responsibility (30% or 30 points)
The group is engaged in environmental activities such as: Conservation (e.g. resources, heritage, wildlife, built environment) Composting Recycling Creating, maintaining or improving green space Sharing knowledge and skills The group is engaged in addressing environmental issues such as: Fly-tipping Fly-posting Litter Graffiti Dog fouling
Total points assessed for Section B 22 (out of 30)

Section C- Gardening Achievement (30% or 30 points)
The group is employing good gardening practices appropriate to the area, such as: good plant choice Good maintenance, presentation and management Creativity Innovation Overcoming site difficulties Enhancing the area through gardening
Total points assessed for Section C (out of 30) 23
LEVEL ACHIEVED Level 4 – Thriving
Areas of achievement:
All the daffodil bulbs , bluebells, crocuses and snowdrops that have been planted around the village;
The memorial trees;
The monthly litter picks;
The bird boxes sited around the village;
Your new young volunteer;
Your plans for the “build your own bug hotel” ;
Being awarded Newcastle in Bloom ‘Best Community Group Champions Award’ in 2014.

Level Description Points
Level 1 Establishing 0-35
Level 2 Improving 36-52
Level 3 Developing 53-68
Level 4 Thriving 69-85
Level 5 Outstanding 86-100

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