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This site aims to collect all of the village information together in one easy to find reference, as well as providing a place for the village news and events to be posted!

About Madeley

Madeley is a village just inside Staffordshire, between Crewe and Newcastle-under-Lyme, and is on the border between Staffordshire and Cheshire (and close to the Shropshire border too!)  It is closest to Newcastle-under-Lyme, and is within the Staffordshire council area and with Stoke-on-Trent area codes (01782), yet it has Crewe (CW3) postcodes!

Vicar’s Letter Easter 2021

This month we are celebrating Easter, the most  important Christian festival there is. At Easter we remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross on Good Friday. His dying for our failings – God’s son, hung up on a cross, alone and … Continue reading

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Stop the Stink

Here in Madeley we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by fields and countryside, so it’s reasonable to get the odd countryside smell now and again, but recently many people in Madeley Heath and throughout Madeley have been noticing a new unpleasant smell, which is coming from the landfill at Walley’s quarry in Silverdale.

This is becoming noticeable from miles away from the site in each direction, depending on the wind, with those in Silverdale, Knutton and Newcastle being subjected to intolerable levels of stench. Staff at the hospital at the other side of Newcastle have been complaining.

In order that this is properly reported and the magnitude of the problem is conveyed to the authorities, if you smell a pong (usually characterised as a rotten-eggs kind of smell) please report it to the Environment Agency, and Newcastle council, using the links here: https://stopthestink.uk/

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Vicar’s Letter March 2021

As March 2021 begins we are in the midst of the season of Lent. It’s the season when the church prepares to celebrate Easter. It represents something of a pilgrimage that leads through the days and weeks towards Good Friday … Continue reading

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Madeley Manor Development

There are proposals to develop the old Madeley Manor into a number of 3+4 storey apartment blocks, to provide 52 apartments.

While development of the existing buildings which used to be a care home is reasonable, there are a range of reasons why this development as it is proposed may be a problem.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council have an objection page for you to note down your comments.

Some objections and details have been provided in a document you can download and print here (ideal if you need to share with someone without internet access.)

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Vicar’s Letter February 2021

And we’re off! It feels like 2021 has only just begun and yet we have already gone through so much! After the positive and exciting news about Covid-19 vaccines at the end of 2020, January 2021 has seen us step … Continue reading

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Letter from our new Vicar

                   As we journey towards Christmas and the end of 2020 we may well be feeling many different things. Many of us will be glad to see the back of 2020. Many will be excited by the promise of 2021. … Continue reading

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Curate’s Christmas Letter

All I want for Christmas is… What is Christmas all about for you? The family gathering? The presents? The turkey? A walk on Christmas day when you feel like you can’t move, after eating so much? For me, family and … Continue reading

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Almshouse Vacancies

Sir John Offley’s Almshouses, Madeley We will have vacancies in the New Year for two one bedroom units at our Station Road site. The residency charge is expected to be £73 per week. Residents pay their own utility bills. Applications … Continue reading

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Rev Alan Bailey’s Letter November 2020

Dear friends, We have turned the clocks back and entered the season of ‘dark nights’! November is the month when we remember the sacrifice made by many thousands in the First World War and other conflicts since, and that sacrifice … Continue reading

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