Pastimes and Activities


Unreal Paintball

If you’re up for a challenge, try paintballing, just off Manor Road, not far from Madeley!

Visit the website at Unreal Paintball for more information!



If you have a handheld GPS device, or even a phone that has inbuilt GPS, then perhaps you’d like to try Geocaching!  This is an activity where you go out hunting for special caches, typically small boxes, which have been carefully hidden, and their GPS coordinates logged.  You have to work from the coordinates (with lots of aid from your GPS device!) to find the cache, and when you do, sign the log to say you’ve been there, maybe exchange trinkets or goodies that have been left, and replace the cache for the next player to find.

Since the caches are carefully placed and hidden by locals, this is a hobby that will have you exploring places you would never have thought of otherwise!  And with literally millions of caches worldwide (including a small share in Madeley!) you’ll always have a few more to look for.

This hobby is perfect for people who like a bit of a walk, enjoy exploring, and like to use their brains (as well as their gadgets!), and is brilliant for families. It’s free to take part in, too!

Check out for more information!