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Maintained by Stephen Clifford

Vicar: The Reverend Tim Watson, Tel: 01782-750205


Parish Secretary: Gina Joyce, Tel:  01782-431455


We are continuing streaming our weekly Sunday service online at 11am (, and you will be able to access the recording afterwards if you can’t join on the Facebook live stream  ( – no account needed.

We ask everyone please, in consideration for others, to continue to wear face masks in church.

For arrangements for online & recorded services you can join our email mailing list at, or see: Facebook

Particularly at this time, please do feel free to ring anyone in our ministry team for a chat.

Online Church Magazine here

Normal Service Pattern – currently suspended only where shown

Sundays 8.30 am Holy Communion – suspended other than on 1st Sunday of month

11.00 am Family Eucharist – with ‘Kids’ Church’ (live stream)

(first Sunday of each month from 5th June 2022 normally non-Eucharistic First Sunday – Family Worship Service)

Mondays 9.30 am (in term-time) Praise and Play
(first Monday of each month 2.00 pm, Service of Holy Communion in the Residents’ Lounge, Lea Court)

Wednesdays 9.15 am Parish Prayerson Zoom (

Thursdays 10.00 am Holy Communion

All Saints’ is a Dementia Friendly Church

See also our details on the A Church Near You website, and our Church website and Facebook Page

For Monthly Vicar’s Letter, see Posts.

The united parishes of All Saints’, Madeley and St. Margaret’s, Betley work together with a single Vicar. Joint services and other initiatives, rather than naming both churches and both villages, are identified by the use of the name LIVING STREAMS. For more information on services under this heading see below.

All Saints’ Church and the Old School House Viewed from Moss Lane. The clock in the tower strikes 7 on the evening of July 26th 2000, disturbing a crow from its lofty roost.
(Photo. © Andrew T. Finney)

Enquiries about Weddings, Christenings/Baptisms and Funerals

Baptism/Christening – Congratulations on your new arrival – we hope all is going well for you as a family. We would be delighted to welcome you and your family for a service of baptism. If All Saints’ is your parish church, then please get in touch on +44 (0)1782 750205. If you are “out of parish” then you are still very welcome but you do need first to approach your parish church. Which ever way, our very best wishes to you and your family

Weddings – congratulations to you and your fiancé(e) and very best wishes to you both. If you live in Madeley parish and want a church wedding, we would love to meet you. If you are outside the parish but have an existing link or an historical connection to Madeley, again please be in touch. If you don’t yet have a connection but are still interested in getting married at All Saints, it may still be possible – we’ll explain when you ring. Please phone +44(0)1782 750205.  With all best wishes for your future life together.

Funerals at All Saints – We would be honoured to serve your family at this sad time but please could you first contact a local Funeral Director and they will guide you through all the necessary organisation – our deepest sympathy to you and your family.

All Saints’ Parish Church from the North East – North Transept and Tower (Photo. © Andrew T. Finney)      allsts01

Who’s Who at All Saints’

The Rev. Tim Watson The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Madeley, Crewe, CW3 9PQ Email:
Tel: +44 (0)1782 750205
Ruth Fish Email: Tel: +44 (0)7912  150558)
Jean Ainsworth Resident in Betley Tel: +44 (0)1270 820532
Ann Deavall Resident in Betley Tel: +44 (0)1270 877821
Nick Deavall Resident in Betley Tel: +44 (0)1270 877821
Melanie Deacon Park House, Newcastle Road, Madeley  Tel: +44 (0)1782 751781
Gina Joyce 8 Charles Cotton Drive, Madeley Tel: +44 (0)7717 040017
Stephen Clifford Two Robins, Cherry Tree Lane, Woore Tel: +44 (0)1630 647765
Lynn Knight   Tel: + 44 (0)1782 750621
Vacancy Please contact the Vicarage Tel: +44 (0)1782 750205
Josie Martin Email: Tel: +44 (0)7855 459180
Sue Clifford Email: Tel: +44 (0)7876 535517
PARISH NEWS (Copy by 12th of the month please)
Editorial Board Email: Tel: +44 (0)1782 751559
Sue Eaton (Advertising) Email: Tel: +44 (0)1782 751503

Leycett Mining Deaths Memorial

In April 2011 we unveiled, near the South Door, a memorial to the 31 Madeley men and boys killed in an explosion on the morning shift at the fair Lady Pit, Leycett, on 21st January 1880 – see elsewhere on this web site – who were buried in the churchyard on the morning of 25th January 1880. (Another 31 were buried in other parishes.) None of those buried at All Saints’ has an individual marked grave; (one was commemorated on his parents’ gravestone, 15 years later.) No doubt temporary wooden crosses, all most could afford then, have long since rotted away. The Church Council felt it wrong that none of these men and boys should be named on their own memorial, and the new stone near the South door lists all, with an engraving of the pit head wheel. The stone also commemorates all the other dead of the mining industry in Madeley. A list of those buried at All Saints’ follows,  with ages and places of residence. The appeal received financial support from the Parish Council and North Staffs Miners Welfare, as well as many individual donations.

Name Age Abode
Henry Darlington 21yrs Leycett.
Thomas Darlington 55yrs Leycett.
John Davies 21yrs. Little Madeley.
John Espley. 20yrs. Leycett.
John Evans 26yrs. Leycett.
Henry Grocott 26yrs. Little Madeley.
John Hall 21yrs. Madeley Heath.
Joseph Haywood 27yrs. Leycett.
Patrick Hutchinson 36yrs. Leycett
William Huxley 21yrs Leycett.
John James 18yrs Madeley Heath
Richard Jenkinson 46yrs. Madeley Heath.
Frederick Jervis 22yrs. Scot Hay.
John Kinastyn 16yrs Leycett.
Samuel Lamsdale 17yrs. Leycett.
John Lawton 21yrs. Leycett.
Richard Lear 23yrs. Middle Madeley.
William Lear 25yrs. Middle Madeley.
George Nixon 58yrs. Little Madeley.
William Pickin 24yrs. Little Madeley.
John Salisbury 24yrs. Leycett.
George Salmon 34yrs. Madeley Heath.
Jesse Salmon 36yrs. Madeley Heath.
James Scott 36yrs. Leycett.
Thomas Turner 17yrs. Little Madeley.
Edwin Viggars 33yrs. Madeley Heath.
Frederic Viggars 31yrs Madeley Heath.
Joseph Viggars 35yrs. Madeley Heath.
Herbert Walker 20yrs. Little Madeley.
James Webb 35yrs. Madeley Heath.
Michael Whalen 23yrs. Leycett.


Parishes of Betley and Madeley

Living Streams is a new and developing ministry, rooted in the life of the Anglican parishes of All Saints’, Madeley and St Margaret’s, Betley. Its aim is to encourage and nurture Christian Discipleship through a variety of services, workshops and teaching events, and to promote and facilitate Christian healing. Everyone is welcome to attend.  

Living Streams derives its name from Ezekiel 47:1-12, where the prophet describes an ever-widening stream which flows out of the temple, and from John 7:38, where Jesus promises that “out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.”

In alternate months, at Betley or at Madeley, on the first Sunday of the month, there are united Services of Praise, intended to be opportunities to share in informal worship and to grow through focussed teaching, and Services of Healing and Wholeness, which provide an atmosphere of peace, support and encouragement, in a caring and non-threatening environment.

The Healing Services are at St. Margaret’s Church, Betley, and allow prayer and quiet as well as music and singing. The Praise Services are at All Saints’ Church, Madeley.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid and Standing Order forms are available from the back of All Saints’ Church. If you presently use the envelope scheme, or if you have a one-off donation to make and you pay tax (income tax or tax on savings) can we urge you to fill one in. The form allows the church to reclaim the tax on these gifts, so that we receive an extra £2.50 for each £10 donated. This scheme replaced the old covenant system and is much more flexible and easy to use.

If you have any questions about the operation of this scheme, please contact Lynn Knight (above).

Methodist Church, Poolside

Minister, The Reverend Christine Legge Tel:+44 (0)1782 629804

Sundays 10.30am Morning service and Junior church. Monthly Communion Service

Thursdays 7.30pm Puppet Ministry, adults and teenagers.

Fridays, monthly Christian Fellowship (as All Saints’.)

Church Web site:

Roman Catholic

No service in Madeley but Sunday Mass 10.30 a.m. at Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart in Mill Street, Silverdale, served from Holy Trinity, Newcastle.

Deacon-in-Residence: The Rev. Mr. Neil Adlington, Tel:+44 (0)1782 624325

The Reverend Mr. Neil Adlington

Neil was ordained Deacon by the Archbishop of Birmingham in June 1992, to serve in the parish of St John the Baptist, Alton. He later became a full-time parish deacon in the parish team for Cheadle, Alton and Cotton, before moving to the Church of the Sacred Heart in Silverdale late in 2000, where he has responsibility for the Roman Catholic parish of Silverdale and Madeley.

As a parish deacon, Neil can prepare people for the sacraments of the Church, perform baptisms, marriages and funeral services, and minister to the sick and housebound. He and his wife Jackie are based in the Presbytery of the Sacred Heart in Silverdale, where he works alongside the team at Holy Trinity, Newcastle – Mgr Ryall, Fr Jan and Fr Eric, and the Sisters of Mercy.

Apart from his duties as deacon, Neil is an enthusiast for sport, especially football, and lists “listening to music” as a major interest.


Vicar’s Additional Letter August 2022

Online only, no August Magazine

As I write, the prime minister has stepped down. The process for the Conservative party to choose a new leader has begun. The candidates are making their speeches. Articulating why they should be the next leader and therefore, Prime Minister. Some candidates are seeking to build up their connection with the current Prime Minister. Some are distancing themselves. There is speculation. Pacts are being made. Alliances are being formed. Is it all Shakespearian, or perhaps Machiavellian, or perhaps heading towards Sun Tzu and the Art of War?By the time you read this there may well be a clear successor.

Back a few millennia ago in a land occupied by a hostile invading Roman force, Jesus enigmatically declared, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”. Some powerful people had tried to trick Jesus, they’d tried to set him up for treason, get him to rally against the emperor. But Jesus took a coin bearing the face of the emperor and asked, “whose face and inscription is on this?” “Caesar” they replied sheepishly. Which is when Jesus responded with that killer line, “Give to Caesar….”

His unspoken point would have been all too clear: give to the world what is owed to the world. Give to the human authorities what is owed to the human authorities. But don’t get mixed up. Give to God what is God’s. Everything is God’s so…. Human authorities come and go, live and die, but God goes on and on and on….. Know on which side your bread is buttered.

Amid all the political speculation it’s comforting to know that God is God, always was God, and always will be God. Amen.

Rev Tim

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Vicar’s Letter, July & August 2022

Three reasons to be happy: 1. The sun is shining. 2. At the time of writing Covid-19 numbers are going down. 3. School holidays are soon to begin. It’s all looking good!

Three reasons to be apprehensive: 1. There are record temperatures being recorded across the world. 2. Covid-19 is still around and people are still suffering with it. 3. The cost-of-living crisis means that many families will be looking at the summer holidays with trepidation – how to feed the kids and keep them entertained.

The same three things. Different ways of interpreting what is happening.

As we approached the Platinum Jubilee there were times when I was asked something along the lines of, “Can you have a word with the big guy so that it doesn’t rain?” To which my response was inevitably something like, “well, God’s in a tough spot here, because while you’re praying for it to not rain, the farmers and gardeners might be praying that it will rain!”

But isn’t that often the way? Things are getting better for some, but others might be facing new struggles… Life carries with it complexities, and we find ourselves wandering through the thick of it. Throughout it all, the good and the bad, one thing we can take comfort in, is that God journeys with us through it all. That’s not to say that we should just stop moaning and get on with things, but that as we do go about our lives we can know that we’re not alone. And while that doesn’t mean the hardships will always pass, there is solace to be found in knowing that we don’t walk the road alone.

Rev Tim

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Vicar’s Letter June 2022

This month we’re celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Sunday of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend also happens to be one of the most important festivals of the church – Pentecost, when we remember the Holy Spirit descending on God’s people and we celebrate the birthing of God’s church.

Now at first look, celebrating 70 years of our monarch’s reign and a 2000 year old festival might not appear to go well together, leaving churches with a question as to what to do on that Sunday. But I think it all fits together really well.

Pentecost celebrates the birth of the worldwide church. And the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee marks an opportunity to give thanks for the Queen’s 70 years faithful stewardship of the Church of England as it’s ‘Supreme Governor’ – God’s appointed steward.

At Pentecost the flame of the Spirit burned brightly among the disciples and the Queen has carried that flame for 70 years. In June in both Betley and Madeley, the churches will host a number of baptisms, which is again fitting as in the baptism of children we give a lit candle to the parent’s as a symbol of the light of Jesus and the flame of the Spirit.

This is all liturgically perfect in my opinion. Pentecost sees the flame of God’s church burst forth, at the Platinum Jubilee we give thanks for 70 years faithful stewardship of the light, and in baptism we send out the next generation, baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and carrying the fire of the Spirit into the future. We have so much to give thanks for. Amen.

Rev Tim

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Vicar’s Letter May 2022

This year from May to July, All Saints’ Madeley and St. Margaret’s Betley are planning on running an Alpha course on Tuesday evenings. Beginning on the 3rd of May, Alpha makes space for people who are exploring faith to ask the difficult and challenging questions. We’ll be meeting on Tuesday evenings and hoping to tackle some of the key questions in relation to Christianity and faith in Jesus. We’ll be talking about questions like, “why did Jesus die?” “How can I make the most of the rest of my life?” and “How does God guide us?”

The course is particularly focused on those who do not have a faith and are looking for a place to explore that faith.

If this is something you’re are interested in finding out more about, please do get in touch! The course starts on the 3rd of May with a taster session that will seek to address the question, “is there more to life than this?” – without wanting to give too many spoilers, as the vicar I’d want to chip in and say that the answer may well be, “yes, there is more to life than this!”

Rev Tim

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Vicar’s Letter Easter 2022

In the build up to Lent I watched the television in disbelief to see images of Russian forces invading Ukraine. And in the weeks that have since passed, the images from the news have just got worse and worse. Shelling near nuclear powerplants, the Chernobyl site being attacked. News of millions of refugees. Protests in Russia. Sanctions across the world. And at the heart of it, people, people whose lives have been torn apart. Teachers making Molotov cocktails, lawyers holding machine guns. families being split up. Families grieving the brutal deaths of much-loved family members. Some countries opening their doors to refugees. Some doing less.

It all feels like a relic of the 20th century is actively taking place in the 21st century. And it is utterly tragic. Who knows what the state of things will be by the time you read these words in April…..

Lent is the season of the Church’s liturgical year when we are encouraged to reflect on our mistakes, on the way we live our lives and to begin to look towards Easter, when the death and resurrection of Jesus brings about a hopeful new future for humanity.

This year the need for hope feels more and more important than for a long time. And the hope we have in Jesus is once again, a timeless hope, a hope we can hold onto when all the world feels like sinking sand.


Rev Tim

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Children, Youth & Families Minister Advert

Vision 20×22 moves forward – the advert for the job is now live, and open for applications. As we have the 22 pledges we asked for, for the full £20 per month, if anyone would like to assist at a lower level, we’d be delighted now too to accept payments of £2, £5 or whatever amount per month you can afford for our Children, Youth & Families Minister! Full details at
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Vicar’s Letter March 2022

Just two days into our sojourn through March we’ll find ourselves in that great penitential season – Lent. A time to pause, a time to reflect, a time to lay things down, a time to consider the way we live, a time to prepare for the long road to Easter and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This year across the churches in Betley and Madeley we’ll be exploring some contemplative practices at some “Be Still events” – flyers available from both churches! Our churches will also be partaking in some Guerrilla Examen on Sundays in Lent, do come along one Sunday to find out more! And also in Lent we’re encouraging people to read the late Desmond Tutu’s book, “In God’s Hands” and at some point in early April I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to get together with the book and a glass of wine and have a conversation about it.

As well as the long pilgrimage going on through our worship in church this Lent I’m so very conscious that for many in our communities the long walk from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday might actually be the long walk of worry and anticipation ahead of huge price hikes for energy bills. We can expect that many more families in our communities might find themselves thrown mercilessly into fuel poverty – with that in mind, please do continue to bring donations for the Foodbank throughout Lent. Be mindful of each other in this season, some people will be carrying crosses that no one else can see.

Blessings, Rev Tim

Children, Youth and Families Minister – Update

Since the report last month we are delighted to report that we have now reached the 22 pledges we were seeking, with 21 of these already paid into the fund for the first time. It is wonderful too that Betley now wishes also to fund additional hours for the post. We are looking to advertise by Easter, as soon as the details of what Betley is looking for have been added to the job description.

Reaching our target does not mean that we would not still very much welcome  further contributions, but these could be for any amount you feel able to pledge, and would no longer need to be for the full £20 – £5, or any other figure, would be most helpful.

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Children, Youth and Families Minister for Madeley

Over the last five months or so you may well have heard about our plans to recruit a part-time Children, Youth and Families Minister to work in Madeley. We are planning on making use of the Beryl Ikin bequest to part fund the post. We are delighted that Betley now wishes also to fund additional hours for the post.

Alongside this very generous bequest we have launched our 20×22 Vision campaign. Encouraging 22 givers to pledge to donating £20 per month to fund the other part of the salary for the post. At the time of writing, we have just reached 22 pledges, with 21 of these already paid into the fund for the first time. Thank you to all those who have come forward and offered to support this great work. If you’d like to find out more about the scheme please contact Rev Tim or our Treasurer Stephen Clifford.

Our work with children, youth and families is already really good and we would love to see this work grow and develop to its full potential. Our new Children, Youth and Families Minister will work with others to build up the work that already happens at All Saints’. They will also be involved in taking the church forward into new areas of ministry, new ways of engaging with children, young people and their families. There is so much to look forward to!

The Job Description has been written, the practicalities are being handled, like adding a Betley specific section, and we’re heading towards advertising the post. Your prayers are appreciated as we go forwards.

Rev Tim Watson

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Vicar’s Letter February 2022

With the onset of February it feels like we are well into 2022 and the new opportunities and challenges that a new year brings. In the benefices of Betley and Madeley our churches are having to come to terms with significantly less clergy time than at this point last year, with Rev Pamela and myself all that is left of a previously larger team. The fullness of the challenges this brings are still making themselves known. The wider impact of this on the work of our parishes presents us with significant difficulties as we seek to develop the work of the church in our villages. Thankfully we have teams of wonderful lay readers and other volunteers who help develop the work of our churches.

We also face the challenges of coming to terms with what our church communities look like nine months after we returned to ‘presential worship’ (thank you for that term Rev JBP!). St. Margaret’s and All Saints’ both look very different to what our 2019 statistics show.

Among the challenges there are points of excitement. The possibility of new creative and missional activities during Lent. The relaunching of Living Streams – our monthly evening service, with a strengthened vision and purpose. The possibility of a Spring Alpha course – the success of which will depend on people inviting friends and family to attend the course!

We have much to give thanks for, and much to continue to pray about!

Blessings, Rev Tim

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Vicar’s Letter Christmas 2021

And we are off! The non-stop, edge of your seat run towards Christmas and beyond. Have you started the Christmas cake? Made your list of gifts? Worked out who is coming for food and when (hoping for no restrictions)? Have you bought the booze (preferably red) and the presents for the baby (always buy a size up)? Is the Playstation 9 pre-ordered or will you be queuing on Deansgate at 4am on a bitterly cold Saturday morning? Are you confident that this year you won’t be trawling around supermarket garages at 11:50PM on Christmas Eve looking for that last thing you’ve forgotten “do you sell stuffing? And bacon? And a selection of cheeses?” Have you prepped your itinerary? Worked out whether this year you are visiting auntie Sharon or if auntie Sharon is visiting you? Have you decided if you are going to a service this year, to sing some carols or go to the one with the orange, the sticks and the candle (don’t forget the sweets)? Have you steeled yourself for the moment two days before Christmas when you see all the presents you’ve just bought advertised at half-price in the new, “Mega-Pre-Post Christmas Sale Sale”? Are you ready?

I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted just thinking about all that. The cost. The busyness. The expectations. It’s easy to forget the joy at the centre of it. Because there is joy at the centre. There’s a baby, wrapped in swaddling cloths and placed in a manger. A baby that grows up to be an adult who tells us we are loved. Who tells us to come to him when the burdens are too much. Who tells us there is a hope. Whatever Christmas throws at us this year, let’s keep our eyes open for the baby.

Rev Tim

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