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Part-time Job in All Saints’ Church Vicarage Office

All Saints’ Madeley – Parish Secretary

Advert – Is God calling YOU?
– Are you good on the computer and with admin?
– Can you work well in a team? Then …

All Saints’ is looking to employ a new Secretary –
(6 hours/week, exact hours by agreement) working in the Vicarage Office, in Madeley Vicarage, to facilitate the smooth operation of our church.(working in conjunction with St Margaret’s Betley)

The purpose of the role is to enable the smooth ministry and mission of All Saints’ Church by providing efficient and thorough administrative support.

Your place of work will be at Madeley Vicarage

Rate of Pay – is paid according to the School Support Staff Scale Points scale 16-19 – currently in the region of £9-£10 per hour.

Please contact the Vicar, Peter Chantry (01782 750205) for further details.

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Vicar’s Letter May 2017

What a wonderful Easter Day we had at Church this year:  fabulous spring flowers beautifully decorating our lovely historic church; Joyful celebrations in the morning; and a very excited gathering on Easter Sunday evening for our service of Confirmation.

It was great to welcome Bishop Geoff as our Confirming Bishop, to have a packed church and, most especially of all, to see the vibrant faces of the sixteen young people and adults who were being Confirmed – a real highlight for all of us present and a launch pad for those taking a step of faith in Jesus Christ.

And what was also very special to witness was the resolve of those being Confirmed to continue in their faith – to live out their belief in the risen Lord Jesus – which is what Easter has always been about.  Yes, we have a very special day in church; but more than that – as Christians, we believe that Jesus journeys on with us throughout our life’s adventures – guiding, challenging and reassuring us through all that lies ahead.

Inevitably in life we have problems and difficulties – things that go well and things that go badly; things that we expect and things that come at us out of the blue.  And when life is hard, confusing or disorientating, the Easter story continues to be vital to our wellbeing and attitude.

Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope – not only for life after death but also for the shaking up of this world and the imperative of renewal; Jesus’ resurrection means that forgiveness is possible for all those times when we let others down; And Jesus’ resurrection crucially means that we are never alone but will always have the Spirit of Jesus Christ with us to inspire us on and to help us when we struggle.

So Happy Easter to one and all: Alleluia – Christ is risen – and He goes ahead of us to meet us on the way.

Peter Chantry

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Madeley Tidy Group minutes 13th. March 2017

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 13 th March 2017
Alan Woodhouse, Anne Shaw, Terry Edmunds, Phil Shaw, Chris Wright, Lynda Berrington.
Anne Nicholson, Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton
Minutes of the 13 th February meeting
Accepted as a true record;
Proposed by Chris Wright
Seconded by Phil Shaw
Matters Arising
No matters arising.
Future Plans
Replant the Long trough. Due to take place on the 10th April.
Tree planting in Heath Wood is scheduled for 20th March providing that the trees from the woodland
Trust arrive in time.
Spring bulbs to be planted in the Isaac Walton bed in the autumn.
It was decided to enter the “Its my Neighborhood” scheme.
Treasurer’s report;
There is a balance of £933.00
Outstanding cheque for £15.00 to the Auditor.
PR and Sponsorship report
Marley Eternit has kindly donated £100 which is gratefully received. Lynda will send a thank you letter.
Phil has begun composing an article for the Parish magazine.
Phil to look into the possibility of the Tidy Group having its own web site.
Phil is also going to take photographs of all the flower beds once a month so that a detailed record can be
Anne has ordered 175 geranium plugs from Groupon . She has also volunteered to pot these on and look
after them until planting out .
Please forward any gardening hours on to Anne.
The area around Holm Oak Drive and the New road bed has been tidied up . Thanks to all who took part.
Any Other Business.
Chris has emailed the Parish Council to highlight that the grass cutting was not up to last year’s high
There was a lot of damage caused when the hedge behind the Miners’ Wheel monument at Madeley
Heath was cut mechanically. This has always been cut by hand in the past. This damage included the total
destruction of a mature Acer tree that had been looked after for many years. The railway sleepers on the
flower bed were also disturbed but this has since been repaired. The grass verge now has deep tyre
grooves in it.
Litter Pick
Please send any litter picking hours to Anne.
Anne Shaw and Anne Nicholson have picked up 8 bags of rubbish from the area between the Old Swan
and Heighley Castle Way.
Meeting Dates
At the Madeley Centre (cafe area) 7.30
8th May
10th July
11th September
9th October
AGM 13th November
Gardening Dates
10th April 24th April
8thMay 22nd May
5th June 19th June
3rd July 17th July
7th August 21st August
4th September 18th September
2nd October 16th October

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Vicar’s Easter Letter April 2017

I’ve just been reading a wonderful book called: “The Garbage King” by Elizabeth Laird – it’s about street children in Ethiopia and their lives on the street.

The children have a terrible time without adults to help and support them, but somehow they survive and even thrive in their very tough circumstances.

The book shows how harsh life is for so many children in the world – and as I write, many are coping again with the terrible circumstances of an African famine in the midst of adult fighting.

The title: “The Garbage King” is given to a boy who is good at scavenging from a rubbish dump.  But the title also made me think of Jesus, as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter.

His mission was to seek and to save the lost.  Jesus was an expert at befriending the outcast and the sinner.  He had no airs and graces that meant he kept away from “undesirables” – like street children, beggars, and people of the street.

Jesus rubbed shoulders with the poor and destitute and made many his friends.  His behaviour got him into trouble with the powers that be – who couldn’t believe that someone who set himself up as a teacher could associate with the “garbage of society”.  Jesus not only delighted in associating with such people, he also championed their cause and forever challenged those whose policies kept them in their squalor.

The upshot was that Jesus: “The Garbage King” got himself banged up, falsely charged and sentenced to execution – and all for demonstrating the love of God.

Jesus died on what was probably the local rubbish tip also known as “the place of the skull”.  He hung on a cross – a place of public shame – but his death was not the end of “The Garbage King”.

Easter Day (16th April) stands as wonderful day of celebration – when “The Garbage King” came back to life – to live again and to challenge us all in our values and attitudes to God and our fellow human beings.  Jesus: the champion of all those whom others consider as “garbage” and Jesus the One who challenges us to make them our priority too.

Peter Chantry

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Notice of Election

Please follow the link below for the Notice of Election for County Councillor for May 2017

County Council Election Notice

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Madeley Tidy Group minutes 13th. Feb. 2017

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 13th
February 2017
Alan Woodhouse, Anne Shaw, Terry Edmunds, Phil Shaw, Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton ,Chris Wright,
Lynda Berrington.
None received.
Minutes of 10th
October 2016
Accepted as a true record;
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse
Seconded by Lynda Berrington
Matters Arising
A plant has disappeared from the Offley Arms bed.
Thanks to Helen for organizing the Christmas meal.
Alan and Anne met with Beverley Sutton and Simon Long from Newcastle under Lyme Borough
council. The meeting was to discus what help was available for local organizations .
There is a project on the 20th March to plant 50 trees in Heath wood .The Tidy group have volunteered to
help. Jan Simpson the Parish clerk is taking the lead .
The Tidy group reserve policy has been formally adopted.
Roy met with Simon Wight who expressed support for the Tidy group/
Future Plans
Replant the Long trough.
Chris to contact Simon Long about details of help available for building bug boxes.
Treasurer’s report;
There is a balance of £948.22
£82.50 has been paid for insurance.
£15.00 to the Auditor.
PR and Sponsorship report
Phil met with Anthea Bourne, the editor for the Parish magazine. She was happy for use to produce an
article about the history of the Tidy group and to supply some photographs. It was hoped this may attract
extra volunteers.
Lynda Berrington gave permission for the magazine to give a brief mention of John Berrington.
Anne has put together a diary to help with the planning . The gardening dates are just proposals but it was
agreed that the dates were ok. The gardening is to stay on a Monday as this seemed to work well last year.
The 10th April is a possible date for the re planting of the Long trough.
Phil has volunteered to bring photographs to the next meeting.
Alan has agreed to store the soil improver from the council until required by the group.
Chris has asked for help to tidy the New road bed. This is due to take place on the 27th and 28th February
weather permitting.
Thanks to Lynda who has volunteered to look after the Crewe arms bed.
Anne is looking to source geraniums in bulk. For us to plant later to save on cost”
Any Other Business.
There is some useful gardening information on the RHS website.
Tony Ingram has suffered a slight stroke but is recovering well.
Roy has worked on the Long trough using angle iron to secure the wood. Some tex screws will be
Communities day is the 9th June.
Litter Pick
Anne has apologized for missing the last litter pick. She also informed the group that she will be
unavailable for the next one.
Leaflets are now placed in local shops and on the web site.
Anne put forward a suggestion about trying to arrange a visit to the Newcastle recycling centre.
Meeting Dates
At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30
13th March,
th May
10th July
11th September
th October
AGM 13th November
Gardening Dates
TH March
10th April
24th April
22nd May
th June
19th June
rd July
17th July
th August
21st August
th September
18th September
nd October
16th October

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Vicar’s Letter March 2017

My family and I play a rather trivial game called: Fantasy Football – It’s a great way to take more interest in the Saturday and Sunday results – if you’re into football!

This week my son sent me an excited text – He’d gone top of our family league!  I took a look at his team to discover that he’d made an inspired signing: none other than Jesus!  Well Gabriel Fernando Jesus (new to Manchester City to be exact!)

I couldn’t resist the temptation of texting back that I was glad to see that he’d seen the light!

Jesus of Nazareth didn’t play football, but he was (and is) truly inspirational.  His words were dynamic; his miracles extraordinary; and his charisma drew people from hundreds of miles around and still reaches people today.

In 2000 years there has never been such an inspirational human being who showed us what God is like.

Lent is the ideal time to find out more.  I have magazine copies of Luke’s gospel that I’d love to give you a copy of.   And in that way, you too can discover for yourself what makes Jesus the most important signing of your life.

Peter Chantry

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Job Opportunities at The Madeley Centre

The Madeley Centre has vacancies for a part time Administration Assistant and part time Caretaker.

For further information, please follow the links below.

Admin Assistant Job Vacancy Application 2017 Caretaker Job Vacancy Application 2017

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Madeley Tidy Group AGM 14/11/16

Madeley Tidy Group Minutes A.G.M. held on Monday 14th November 2016

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Vicar’s Letter February 2017

I’d like to welcome to Madeley and Betley Lee Nixon, the new Academy Principal at Madeley High School.

Lee was kind enough to get in touch with me before he took office officially so that we could talk about MHS and our community.

“Our” High School alongside “our” Primary Schools are such a vital resource, not just to the young people of our village but to us all.  I believe that it is in all our interests that Madeley High is a thriving, energetic and creative place which encourages our young people to aim high and to get the best education that they can and, talking to Lee, I know this is his ambition.

And to this end, may I encourage you to pray for all the staff and young people of our local schools and their families. Education has never been the sole domain of “teachers” – we all have a role to play in encouraging and inspiring our youngsters through our interest and by sharing what experiences we have with them.

In a world which can be full of negativity and cynicism, it is so vital that our young people have a sense of hope and possibility for their future. How are they going to get that? By having people around them (ourselves included) who believe in them (as I believe God believes in them and cherishes them).

Jesus himself made children a priority. He pressed upon his followers how important it was to help youngsters to flourish and to grow to their full potential. May we be a part of that encouragement and work to support our local teachers in whatever way we can.  Welcome Mr Nixon, how can we help?

Peter Chantry

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