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Accounts for year ending March 13 Please see below for the Audited Annual Return for 12/13 Audited Annual return 12/13  and signed Section 3 of the Annual Return 12/13 completed by the External Auditor

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Click here to view the Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

Parish Council Grants Programme for 15-16 Click Grant Application Form 2015 to access the application form.  Applications are now invited at any time of the year, but must be received at least 10 working days before the next Parish Council meeting.

Community Chest Applications 15-16 Click here for Community Chest Fund Guidance Community Chest Guidance for Applicants 2015-16 FINAL and click here Community Chest Application Form 15-16 for an application form. Applications are now invited at any time of the year, but must be received at least 10 working days before the next Parish Council meeting.

Madeley Parish Council List of Councillors

Please follow the link below for a full list of Madeley Parish Councillors and Clerk contact details.

list of councillors May 2015



Vicar’s Letter May 2016

On May 15th I’m hoping to run in the Chester Half Marathon – a race I’ve enjoyed taking part in for many years.

This year I am hoping to collect sponsorship for the work of Christian Aid (a charity who last year celebrated 70 years of international aid work). Their experience over many years means that they are very good at making sure that funds raised are wisely used and carefully deployed. Christian Aid’s hallmark is to work alongside local partners in the places most affected by poverty and disaster.

May 15th is also the start of Christian Aid Week when churches up and down the country will roll up their sleeves and get involved in the biggest national house-to-house collection – it raises vital money for the poorest people in the world. In this parish we don’t have one of these which is why I’m inviting you to sponsor me.

Jesus gave us two great commandments: to love God AND to love our neighbours – even those who we don’t know.

People sometimes say: “charity begins at home” but when you take into account how much we have in this country in comparison with Syrian refugees or Nepali earthquake survivors then I believe there is a compulsion for those of us who have to give to those who don’t.

This year’s Christian Aid campaign focuses on flood victims in Bangladesh – a country which permanently lives with the prospect of flooding. In our village last year, one family got flooded out and had first hand experience of the traumas of that. I’m glad to say that that family are now safely back in their home. Imagine living in daily fear of rising waters and losing all your possessions. That is the experience of thousands of people living in Bangladesh. Christian Aid partners are helping families to adapt and to find new ways to live with this ever present threat of flooding. Any donation you are able to make will help families like this to find new hope.

Jesus said: “Whatever you do for the least of these my children – you do it for me” – may God encourage us all to be generous with what He has given to us.

Peter Chantry

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Annual Meeting of Madeley Parish


Under the Chairmanship of the Chairman of Madeley Parish Council




  1. To receive and approve Apologies for Absence


  1. To approve the Minutes of the last Parish Meeting


  1. To receive the Annual Report of the Parish Council


  1. To receive a Brief Financial Report of the Parish

              Council for the Year 2015/16


  1. To receive the Attendance Record of Parish Councillors

    for the Year 2015/16



                             The Public and Press are welcome to attend

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Tidy Group Minutes 14th March.

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 14th March 2016


Alan Woodhouse; Sue Machin, Chris Machin, Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton, Anne Shaw, Anne Nicholson, John Berrington, Lynda Berrington, Chris Wright, , Melanie Deacon

Also in attendance were councilors . Billy Welsh , Anthea Bourne, , Alan Rowley and Beryl Ruscoe


Andy Capewell, Phil Shaw

Minutes of 11th January 2016

Accepted as a true record;

Proposed by Anne Shaw
Seconded by Roy Dutton

Treasurer’s report;

Balance at the end of February £1128.31.

A big thank you to John Berrington ,who after 16 years of service to the Tidy group has decided to retire.
Two extra signatories will be required

Debbie Burns has volunteered to help out with Treasurer duties if required.

Thank you to Helen and Roy Dutton for volunteering to take this role on .
Proposed by Sue Machin
Seconded by Anne Shaw

Matters Arising

Anne Shaw thanked Sue and Chris for all their hard work over the past 16 years of the Tidy group.
Chris and Sue are moving out of the area so will be retiring from the Tidy group.
Everyone in the group agreed and everyone wished them well.
A big thank you to Anne Shaw who has volunteered to take on the Chairpersons role .
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse.
Seconded by Chris Wright.

PR and Sponsorship report

Thank you to Chris Machin , who has decided to retire after many years of hard work.
Phil Shaw has volunteered to take on the P.R. Duties.
Proposed by Sue Machin
Seconded by Alan Woodhouse.

Helen and Roy have volunteered to take on the Sponsorship role .
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse
Seconded by Anne Shaw

Debbie burns has also volunteered to help if required.

The daffodils have been exceptional this year especially around the pool at Holm Oak drive.
The gardening season is about to start.
This years daffodils have been planted mainly up at Madeley Heath.
The RHS its your neighbourhood application is open until 30.5.16. if required .
Ricky’s memorial tree is at Elmside Nursery awaiting planting . Permission required from the trustees .Anthia to be contacted.
Chris Wright suggested a regular gardening time each week, meeting at the Vicarage Lane bed. Starting on Monday the 11th April ay 10.30am. Then the 2nd Monday of the month.

Any Other Business.

A meal has been arranged at the Offley Arms on Friday 15th April.

Litter Pick

A litter bin is required by the New road bus stop.

The next litter pick is on April 30th

Dates for litter picks in 2016 are;
April 30 , May 28 , June 25 , July 30 , August 27 , September 24 , October 29 , November 26.

Future Plans

ACTION . Alan to paint the newly repaired Long Trough with wood preserver.
ACTION. Pete Wells from Apedale to be contacted about Workshop kits for Bug houses and Hedgehog hotels.
Chris Wright to arrange bird box and bird tables kits.
School Liaison –Anne to start at The Meadows school .Helen Proctor 750313
Planting theme for the flower beds. Aim for all year round colour and wildlife friendly ..
Obtain bag-o’s from Newcastle under lyme borough council.
Cut back the grass next to the foot path at the Vicarage Lane bed.
Soil improver required. Simon Long
Roy Dutton has obtained a water 1000ltr container


Leaflets are now placed in local shops and on the web site.
An improved household recycling scheme is about to start.

Meeting dates

At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30

Dates of the 2016 Committee Meetings are ;

May 9th , July 11th , September 12th , October , 10th November 14th (A.G.M.)

Agenda for next meeting

Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers Report
Matters Arising
PR Report and Sponsorship
Any other business
Litter Picks
Future Plans

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Vicar’s Letter Easter 2016

You never know what’s round the corner”,

not a quote from the bible just a statement which we know is true.

That was the experience of everyone living through the first Easter – from the Pharisees who hoped their troubles were over as Jesus’ body was buried – to the Roman soldiers guarding the tomb, never expecting they would still be talked about 2,000 years after their own deaths – to the disciples who moved from devastation to confusion then to delight in the space of a few days.
But Jesus’ resurrection was not the end of the disciples’ problems.  Not everything became straight forward and easy for them. Life remained as unpredictable and at times risky, perhaps even more dangerous than it had been before.

What changes at the resurrection for the disciples is their confidence in Jesus – not the miracle working parts – but the sense of realizing that they had been in the presence of someone so special.  And therefore that what he had been teaching was not just a good idea but THE way to live – the life of love and forgiveness, for them and for everyone.

And so they followed in Jesus’ footsteps – trusting when things were difficult – getting things wrong (read the Book of Acts to see how) and somehow coping when life was hellish.

I don’t know what lies around the corner for me, or you or for the world? But, I do know I would rather face whatever it is in the company of the risen Christ and follow in his footsteps which is, of course, Jesus’ invitation is to us all.

Yours Peter Chantry

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A525 Closed – Lorry turned over (Now resolved!)

MARCH 21st – Just a warning for today that the A525 is currently closed because of a lorry turned over, just by the old railway bridge (near Madeley Heath Motors); divert via Leycett Lane if you don’t want to be delayed!

Link to the Sentinel article

Road clear as of the evening!  Remember to take it easy around that blind corner, and it’s only a 40mph limit.

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New Recycling and Waste Collection Service

From 4th July 2016 there will be a new and improved recycling scheme delivered by Newcastle Borough Council.

Follow the link below for further information.

NULBC New Service 2016

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Next Tidy Group Meeting 9th May

At The Madeley Centre at 7.30pm.

Everyone welcome.

Please come along if you’re free.

Further info: Annie 750332

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Lost Hearing Aid!

A quick notice, a reader lost their hearing aid (small & light brown) recently; They were parked to the east of the railway bridge, walked up Red Lane and back from Madeley Old Manor. If you should happen to see it, please get in touch via the website!

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Madeley Village – Fibre Broadband Update!

Superfast Staffordshire

You might have spotted new BT green cabinets in various places around the village, often right next to existing cabinets.  These are the upgrade that’s going on to bring Fibre Broadband to everyone! Update information follows here!

If you had broadband before now it will have been “ADSL”. The internet connection came to the BT Exchange on Furnace lane, and your phone line may be several kilometres of wire to connect back to that.  The longer the wire, the lower the speed you get. At best you might get 24Mbps (megabits per second) but realistically you might get 5-10Mbps, which is enough to watch a youtube video or have a skype call, but not enough for everyone in a home to use at the same time.

The latest broadband is called “Fibre To The Cabinet” (FTTC) which means that an optic fibre brings the data connection right to the cabinet that is hopefully much nearer your home, and so the very last bit over wires might be only a few hundred metres, which means much higher data speeds. If you’re reasonably close to the cabinet, you could get speeds up to 80Mbps, though more likely 50Mbps, but that’s more than enough for everyone to be using the internet at the same time, and even better – the optic fibre is effectively unlimited in how much it can carry, so you’re not having to share the total with everyone else in the same area.

There are 8 cabinets serving Madeley, their statuses are :

Madeley Cabinet 1: (The Coach House, The Holborn) : Live!

Madeley Cabinet 2: (Moss Lane): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 3: (Monument View, Crewe Rd, Madeley Heath): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 4: (New Road / Greenmeadows Road) :  Coming soon (by April 2016)

Madeley Cabinet 5: ( Morningside ): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 6: ( Last Few Direct Connections! ): Coming later (2016/2017) 

Madeley Cabinet 7: ( Bevan Place ): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 8: (Beck Road/Salisbury Close): Live!

If your cabinet is showing as live (it’ll be the one you’re closest to), then you should already be able to order Fibre Broadband from BT or any of the other internet providers.

The details for this are all available at http://www.superfaststaffordshire.co.uk/ – along with lots of other news and updates.

They have very helpfully explained that the last “cabinet” for Madeley – Cabinet 6 – is not actually a cabinet but is the connections for the remaining local premises, and these are more complex ones with lots of extra engineering works required (that usually means having to make new ducts for cables, or running them overhead), but that it will be providing FTTP – Fibre To The Premises, so while it might take a bit longer it’s worth the wait as that’s the best possible type of connection to have.

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Job Opportunity for Madeley Centre Manager

There is an exciting opportunity to join a vibrant and busy community centre in Madeley.

Please follow the link below for further details of the post and application process.

Madeley Centre Manager Advertisement

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