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Madeley Neighbourhood Plan

Please follow the link below to find out how to become involved and see the latest update re Madeleys emerging Neighbourhood Plan.



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HS2 Additional Information Day

HS2 will be hosting an additional information day on Wednesday 23rd August 2017 from 2pm-8pm at The Madeley Centre, New Road, Madeley.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Madeley Post Office-temporary Closure

Please follow the link below to read the letter from the Post Office re temporary branch closure from Friday 8th September 2017.


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Vicar’s Letter August/September 2017

I’ve just started watching the BBC Drama called “Broken” – a friend thought I’d like it. It is about a Catholic priest trying to care for his flock – emphasis on “trying”! Life in Father Michael’s parish is very tough for many of his parishioners and he himself carries “ghosts” from the past and family challenges in the present.

The series is refreshing because it rings true. However much we might like happy families, happy endings and Disney storylines – life so often is just not like that – even in good old Madeley. Many of us know that we are “the lucky ones” – or to put it in religious language – we are blessed. But all around us, people are grappling with complicated, messy, stressful lives and mostly doing an amazing job of surviving.

In the first episode, a young mum’s life is going belly up. She is trying her best to bring up her family and doing everything she can but, every time she thinks she’s coping, something else happens. Father Michael does his best to be supportive and understanding but he too finds that life is loaded with complications and contradictions – especially in his own family.

In contrast to many TV clergy dramas and sitcoms – there is an honesty and an authenticity that makes this worth watching. Father Michael is not depicted as a Saint or a paragon of virtue but as someone who genuinely longs to help and to point people to Jesus’ love, compassion and understanding.

I have been struck recently about the importance of “noticing” people and situations and hopefully not passing by on the other side of the street. Our family members and neighbours need our understanding, a slowness to judge and a readiness to help. All of which isn’t easy and won’t always be welcome but compassion is fundamental in God’s work of supporting broken lives.

Peter Chantry

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HS2 Meeting, Monday 24th July, 7:00pm

Madeley Parish Council will be meeting with representatives from HS2 on Monday 24th July 2017, 7:00pm at The Madeley Centre, New Road. There will be an update from HS2 following the deposit of the bill in Parliament earlier this week. HS2 will be explaining  the way forward and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Everyone is welcome to come along.

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Sir John Offley school to lose use of the old school building

Sir John Offley pupils are set to lose use of the old school buildings, as the charitable trust that owns them has failed to reach an agreement with Staffordshire County Council regarding starting to charge rent for them.
Madeley pupils forced to move out of their old building due to rent issue – Read more at The Sentinel. 
Hopefully a good resolution to this can be found – as it currently stands the Year 5 and 6 pupils will have to be relocated, meaning that the Pre-School on the site will have to move out.

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Speed Calming in Madeley

Do we need speed calming in Madeley? Does the 30 limit through the village sufficiently slow traffic, or is there a problem with the speed of vehicles?

If you think that the speed limits alone are insufficient, consider adding your signature to thispetition:

Petition for Speed Calming in Madeley 

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Spirit of Madeley Festival 2017

Sunday 9th July

Sunday 9th July

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Vicar’s Letter July 2017

We live in a world that loves to point the finger, vilify and find someone to blame. Our media seems to like nothing better than to tell horror stories about this person or that (politician, benefits cheats or fallen heroes) – and of course, sometimes it is justifiable or understandable.

But for every rotten apple, there are so often so many delicious ones! And in every struggling organisation, there are many hard working, faithful people trying their best – the NHS being a prime example.

It is all too easy to be cynical and sceptical but I’m not sure that that helps anyone in the long run. The world doesn’t need any more grumpy old men and grumpy old women – it needs people who will see the good in others and the potential in struggling organisations and difficult issues.

The media can (sometimes without us realising it) impact on the way we view each other and thus pollute our attitudes in a way that turns relationships toxic.

In contrast to this, St Paul writes to his Christian friends: “whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is noble, whatever is trustworthy, think about these things … And the God of peace will be with you.”  

There is so much in the world to admire about individuals and organisations. Life is complicated, people do make mistakes but there is so much good that we should be noticing and celebrating all the time.

And what’s more, when we do, it changes US into the bargain and helps us to see that we too have a vital part to play in God’s world.

Peter Chantry

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Madeley Tidy Group minutes 8th. May 2017

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 8th May 2017
Alan Woodhouse, Anne Shaw, Terry Edmunds, Phil Shaw, Roy Dutton, Lynda Berrington, Anne Nicholson
Helen Dutton
Minutes of 13th March 2017
Accepted as a true record;
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse
Seconded by Anne Shaw
 Matters Arising
It was decided not to take part in the “It’s your neighbourhood scheme” this year.
If anyone wanted to attend the Communities day as a representative from the Tidy Group the date is the 9th June. Several members were unavailable that day .
Anne Nicholson volunteered to keep the schools informed.
There was a very nice article in the Church magazine highlighting the great work done by the children from the Meadows school.
Anne Shaw and Phil Shaw have volunteered to attend the Parish council meeting on Wednesday at 19.00. Phil is taking some photographs along that show the Tidy group’s work.
Lynda has taken a letter of thanks to Eternit for their generous donation.  
 Future Plans
The flowerbed opposite the church (next to the school) was in need of a total refurbishment. It was decided to create a working party to tackle this . The date decided was Monday 19th June from 14.00 hrs . This is a replacement in the gardening diary for the New Road bed.
During the next Tidy group meeting we are to decide which bulbs to plant in the Autumn.
The next Tidy group meeting is to be held on Monday 17th July instead of the 10th July.
Treasurer’s report;
The available funds are £886.30

PR and Sponsorship report
An article has gone to Anthea Bourne for inclusion in the Parish magazine along with some photographs.
The new Madeley Tidy Group web site is up and running and has been well received. The cost is £10.78 for 2 years.

The tree planting on the 18th March was a success. The trees were quite small though.
The Long trough has been re planted. Thanks to everyone involved.
Anne Shaw has 175 Geranium plug plants that have been repotted ready for planting at a later date. They are to be planted in the Vicarage Lane bed and various troughs. A possible date is the 5th June.
Next gardening get together is at the Isaak Walton bed on the 22nd May.14.30
 Litter Pick

There was an excellent turn out on the 29th April for the latest litter pick.
It was also noted that there never seemed to be any litter outside the chip shop. It seemed right to thank them for their effort in keeping the area clean.
Special thanks to several residents who were spotted litter picking.
It appears that the contractors who are now cutting the grass cut up the litter rather than picking it up. This makes collecting the litter that much harder.
Anybody who has extra hours litter picking can they forward the details on to Anne asap . Thank you.
 Other Business.  
None recorded.

 Meeting Dates
 At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30
17th July. Please note change of date
11th September
9th October
AGM 13th November
 Gardening  Dates
5th June
19th June
3rd July
17th July
7th August
21st August
4th September
18th September
2nd October
16th October

 Meeting closed at 8.30 pm 

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