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Madeley Parish Council

Please click to view the Madeley Parish Council Approved Budget 2015_16  following the consultation with the Parish on Thursday 5th February 2015 at 7pm, Madeley Centre.

Accounts for year ending March 14 Please click Inspection notes and Notice  for the relevant information regarding inspecting the accounts for 13/14. Please click here to view the completed Annual Return 13/14  - audited and signed off by the External Auditor Grant Thornton.

Accounts for year ending March 13 Please see below for the Audited Annual Return for 12/13 Audited Annual return 12/13  and signed Section 3 of the Annual Return 12/13 completed by the External Auditor

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Click here to view the Meeting Minutes and Agendas.

Parish Council Grants Programme for 14-15 Click MPC Grant Application Form adopted Feb 13 updated jan 15 to access the application form.  Applications are now invited at any time of the year, but must be received at least 10 working days before the next Parish Council meeting.




Cllr. WC Welsh   28 Wharf Terrace, Madeley Heath, Crewe CW3 9LP    01782 751942


Cllr. G. White  The Old Hall Country House, Poolside, Madeley, Crewe,CW3 9DX    01782 752543 Councillors Cllr. D Whitmore  23 John Offley Road, Madeley, Crewe CW3 9NB      01782 751449 Cllr. Mrs AJ Bourne      17 Greenmeadows Road, Madeley, Crewe CW3 9EY     01782 750051 Cllr.BJ  Panter               1 Birchdale, Madeley, Crewe, CW3 9NS                   01782 751923 Cllr. Mrs. S.A. Roberts  Ash Cottage, Dilhorne, Staffordshire                          01538 422205 Cllr. JE Sutton              10 Roseberry Drive, Madeley, Crewe CW3 9HL      01782 751912 Cllr. S White   The Old Hall Country House, Poolside, Madeley, Crewe CW3 9DX    01782 752543 Cllr. Mrs. A.E. Newton     7 Birch Farm, Castle Lane, Madeley, Crewe CW3 9TE       01782 752404 Cllr A.R Jones,               28, Daltrey Way, Madeley, Crewe. CW3 9JB                         07964 943457 Cllr Mrs.MB Ruscoe         Cherry Orchard, The Springs, Madeley, CW3 9DU             01782 750757 Cllr D.P. Barnish,          73, Hillwood Road, Madeley Heath, Crewe CW3 9JZ            07967302762 Cllr A.J. Davenport         1, Garners Walk, Madeley, Crewe. CW3 9HG                      01782 750920

Clerk to the Council

Mrs. J, Simpson              10, Freebridge Close, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. ST3 5XQ    07563660298 Clerk’s e-mail address – parish.clerk@madeley.staffslc.gov.uk

Councillors’ Email :

Cllr. WC Welsh                   william_welsh1@hotmail.com Cllr. D Whitmore                 whitmore23_40@msn.com Cllr. Mrs AJ Bourne            antheabourne@hotmail.com Cllr. BJ Panter                    barrypanter@hotmail.co.uk Cllr M.B Ruscoe                 m.ruscoe208@btinternet.com Cllr DP Barnish                   dave.barnish@yahoo.co.uk Cllr. Mrs. S.A. Roberts       jsroberts@sky.com Cllr A.R Jones                    jones_allen1@sky.com Cllr. JE Sutton                    reggie.d@btinternet.com Cllr. G. White                      garywhite40@btinternet.com Cllr. S White                       garywhite40@btinternet.com Cllr. Mrs AE Newton          annette.newton@hotmail.co.uk Cllr A.J. Davenport            alanjohndav@aol.com

Vicar’s Easter Letter

The finest Cadbury’s can offer?

I’ve been looking at buying Easter Eggs but I must confess I find it difficult to spend £5 on an Easter Egg when you could get the same amount of chocolate for a quarter of the price!  … Mean? … Well perhaps … especially when we realise that Easter is about our generous God who is extravagant in His love and forgiveness.

The events of Holy Week (Jesus’ unfair arrest, jumped up trial and grotesque crucifixion) should give God every reason for being angry with the human race – but quite the opposite!

Easter Day isn’t about God’s anger but about God’s extravagant love.  Jesus’ death on the cross rather than further dividing us from God’s love is the means of our forgiveness. The disciples’ failure to stick by Jesus doesn’t bring the deserved response from God.

Jesus’ resurrection is the most amazing and wonderful and transforming event in all of history.  What follows the darkest of days (Good Friday) is not retaliation or divine vengeance – but the most glorious of days (Easter Day) with all its promise of forgiveness and new life.

The leader’s jealousy and self-interest had made them get rid of Jesus. And the disciples knew that they had deserted him. But rather than shout and scream at them Jesus speaks words of forgiveness and opens his friends’ minds to God’s miraculous plan: forgiveness of sins and a new start for all!  Death is no longer THE END. Life is no longer a lonely struggle. God is not dead and He promises to be with his friends FOREVER.

So despite my frugality (meanness), I reckon that’s enough of a reason to make me want to buy Cadbury’s finest and share it with anyone and everyone!  A happy Easter to all.

Peter Chantry


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Tidy Group Minutes March 2015:

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting on 16th March 2015
Present: Andy Capewell; Roy Dutton; Chris Machin; Terry Edmonds; Mary Edmonds; Anne Shaw; Chris Wright; John Berrington; Ricki Williamson; Maria Tomlinson.
Apologies: Sue Machin; Isobel Hughes.
Minutes of last meeting on 2nd February 2015 accepted as a true record; proposed by Roy Dutton; Seconded by Chris Wright.
Chris welcomed Maria Tomlinson to the group.
Matters Arising: None
Treasurers Report: Balance as at 27 Feb 2015 £765-54. Since then a grant of £400 has been received from the Community Chest. The evaluation report from the Borough Council requires plans for spending the grant.
PR & SPONSORSHIP REPORT: Chris Machin reported that he had opened a community group page on Facebook under Madeley Tidy Group. The community group aspect hopefully means that anyone can view it; it’s open to everyone on Facebook & not just people who have been invited. Chris would welcome any advice regarding Facebook and content. Members are welcome to contribute articles for publication, especially photographs as it is a very visual medium. Chris also puts any general articles about groups in Madeley on the site so that it is of interest to anyone who’s interested in Madeley – so please submit these as well. And spread the word!
The Conservation Group Newsletter has just been published, thank you to Chris Wright for his article about Madeley Tidy Group.
Andy Capewell is working on a recruiting leaflet for the group; he has produced a couple of examples and hopefully we can go to print in the near future. Andy will e-mail out the new draft copy to everyone for approval / feedback.
GARDENING REPORT: Gardening started in the village at the beginning of March.
Due to the mild winter the weeds have been growing very energetically!
The roses in The Greyhound Bed have been removed and we are looking at some autumn and winter colour to replace them; these will be paid for as part of the Community Chest grant of £400 we have received, along with payment for the geraniums and replacing the old rose bushes in The Vicarage Lane Bed.
John & Lynda Berrington have purchased a new sturdy plastic barrel for Poolside and replanted it up.
Working on one bed per week as a group seemed to be successful last year and, if everyone is in agreement with it, we will continue with the same arrangement this year?
Litter Picking: Streetscene have cleared the two areas at Keele & Madeley Heath that Sue & Chris reported to them: if you see any litter build up, please report it to them on 01782-742500 or Streetscene@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Future Plans: Build-up of litter in the weir area. Suggested that a litter bin could be moved from the One Stop car park and relocated at the far end of the long trough to try and stop litter being thrown into the weir.
ACTION: Chris & Sue to contact Borough Councillors to see if this is possible.
The Long Trough project to be left on the agenda but no new trough for the time being; just patch the existing trough up.
ACTION: Roy to try and repair it.
Bug Houses for the beds to be left on the agenda and possibly sited in the autumn.
Communities Day; Friday, June 5th; tackle the himalyan balsam again;
ACTION; Sue & Chris to contact NUL BC to advise them and try and arrange a pick up to transport it away; also contact local like-minded groups to see if they can help.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Maria is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and has chosen the Tidy Group as her volunteer project; this will last three months and she needs to undertake voluntary work for one hour per week. Anne Shaw has agreed to be her ‘mentor’ but if anyone has a project at the weekend or after 5.00pm on weekdays can they liaise with Anne to see if it would be suitable for Maria. The Tidy Group needs to help her as much as possible to reach her qualification.
Izaak Walton Bed needs to be worked on; discussed for this Thursday but no-one really available; more people free on Friday and so agreed to meet there at 2.00pm on Friday, March 20th. Apologies from Sue Machin.
Concern raised that the Pukka Pie sign belonging to the fish shop obscures the new barrel.
ACTION: John & Lynda Berrington will discuss with a Borough Councillor.
John Berrington reported a meeting with Councillor White and the Footpath Officer. If there are issues concerning footpaths and the maintenance of Rights of Way these can be reported to John.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 27th April 2015; 7.30 in the café area at The Madeley Centre.
Present; Apologies; Minutes of Previous Meeting; Matters Arising; Treasurers Report; PR & Sponsorship Report; ; Gardening Report; Litter Picks; Recycling; Future Plans; AOB; Date of Next Meeting.

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Stand as a Local Parish Councillor

If you are interested in making a difference to your local community why not consider standing as a Parish Councillor for Madeley Parish?

Follow the link below for further information.

SPCA – Parish Council Elections poster

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Vicar’s Letter: March Parish Magazine

Dear Friends,

 “My mum is amazing” is the title of a children’s book which celebrates all great things that the mum in the story does for her children.  And it is important to celebrate the way in which some mums – perhaps even most mums – show their love for their children – but not all mums can or are able to be amazing, or loving.

My own mum was amazing – I’m the middle of five sons and my dad worked long hours and was known, without any notice to bring 3 or 4 extras home for Sunday lunch!  My mum was amazing because she just got on with providing for us and stretching the housekeeping while working full time as a teacher.

My mum was amazing – in her spare time she read and wrote poetry, tried to keep fit and wrote letters to people all over the world to encourage them in their faith.

My mum was amazing and she is still alive today but sadly dementia and a fall have limited this lovely Christian lady.

Mothering Sunday has become in our society “mothers day” when mothers are celebrated. Yet for some it can be the most painful time: for those unable to have children, for those whose children have died; or for those who are estranged from their children for whatever reason.

And Mothering Sunday can also be very hard for those whose mothers were unable to express their love or show their care. Society assumes that maternal instincts are natural but surely that is not always the case.

As we come to Mothering Sunday this month and give thanks to God for all that we have received let’s also pray for those for whom this is a painful time.

Peter Chantry

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Music for Memories

By popular demand, Madeley Parish Council have brought back “Music for Memories”. These sessions are open to all, but are particularly beneficial to people with memory loss and dementia. Sessions re-start on 8th May at The Madeley Centre. Please follow the link below for further information.

MUSIC for Memories POSTER-1

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Madeley Centre Beer Festival: July 9th,10th,11th & 12th:

Make a note in your diary!

More details to follow;

Volunteers required.

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Madeley Parish Council Budget consultation 2015-16

Draft budget available here to view

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Madeley Walk Number Six:

Madeley: One Way or Another:
Walk Six: Broken Heart (Oh Lord I Never Felt So Low): Leycett & Bates Wood.

There are two walks: a red walk (3½ miles) & a purple walk (4 miles); do them separately for two half day walks or combine them to make a full day walk. All distances are approximate. Start at The Madeley Centre, New Road, Madeley CW3 9DN (Grid Ref: 773451). Tel: 01782-751808.www.madeleycentre.co.uk. The Madeley Centre has car parking, catering & toilet facilities. Please enjoy a walk in the country, but if you can, support our local businesses, Listed under The Adverts – but check opening times beforehand! Explorer Map 257: Crewe & Nantwich.


• Just Jane, catering, at The Madeley Centre: 01782-751808.
• One Stop, Grocery & Convenience Store Greyhound Corner: 01782-750373.
• Shepley Butchers, Greyhound Corner: 01782-751775.
• Tang Dynasty Chinese Takeaway, Greyhound Court: 01782-752288.
• Village Shop & Newsagent, Greyhound Court: 01782-750525.
• In 2 Wine, Off Licence, Greyhound Court: 01782-751708.
• Raj Indian Takeaway, Greyhound Corner: 01782-752000.
• Homers Cafe, Greyhound Corner: 01782-751800.
• Poolside Tandoori, Restaurant & Take Away. Greyhound Corner: 01782-750088.
• Poolside Fish Bar: 01782-752546
• The Offley Arms, Poolside. 01782-750242.
• Halmerend Fish Bar: 01782-723751.
• Gresley Arms, Alsagers Bank: 01782-722469.
• The Old Swan, Madeley Heath: 01782- 751199.
• Crewe Arms, Madeley Heath: 01782-750392.


CP = Car Park
FB = Foot Bridge
FP = Footpath
KG = Kissing Gate
L = Left
MC = Madeley Centre
R = Right
TP = Telegraph Pole

Stile Counsel:

Red Walk: 7 stiles.
Purple Walk: 4 stiles

Red Walk:

[1] Turn L out of MC & walk under arches at side of MC & down to the Police point. Walk across, slightly L, to go down alley between houses & into Greenmeadows Road, turn R, then L into New Road. Pass Holm Oak Drive on R; 100 yds past Woodside, turn R thru’ squeezer stile by lamp post & follow well-trod path thru’ woodland.

[2] Emerge thru’ laurel hedge on to a road, turn L, cross Heighley Castle Way with care & turn R uphill, passing College Close. 50 yds past Park Close, turn R into the drive way for Madeley Manor Care Home.
[3] After 50 yds take tarmac track to L, another 50 yds take path to L passing sign for Private Road; further 50 yds go R thru gateways & go down path with cottages & the Care Home on R. Just past fire escape on R, veer L thru bushes & down to a gate & into a field.

[4] Same direction, between remains of 2 small ponds, towards trees – path snakes L, then round to R & over stile into woods. Follow well-trod path down to Madeley Manor Pool. [The Boat House on the R is a listed building. The white building in the distance is Madeley Rectory.] Keep Pool on R & 50 yds after 2nd footbridge, L down to A531.

[5] Cross with care, turn R & 25 yds after Motorway Bridge, turn L into Walton’s Wood. Follow gravel path, parallel with motorway, for ¾ mile. Ignore stile on L & follow well-trod path for ½ mile as goes round to R (ie. motorway is now directly behind you) & eventually ascends quite steeply!

[6] At the top turn R & follow well-trod path for 200 yds & then waymarked L upbank (Care: waymarker is hard to see as hidden in trees), L again at top & on to an arched entrance in hedgerow. Immediate R to Leycett Lane & NOW IT’S MAKE YOUR MIND UP TIME! For longer walk, go to Point 11.

[7] Turn R & walk with care 200 yds to Leycett Cricket Club; look for stile in hedge on R, skirt round cricket pitch, then L into woodland (waymarked The Newcastle Way: follow these back to Madeley). Over a stile, into a ditch, L, over a stile into a field.

[8] Look L & cross stile to R of Dutch Barn, cross field slightly R to next stile, same direction to hedge, then to L of facing hedge & over stile into alley with houses on R & Heath Wood on L. Same direction over road, footpath to another road, same direction & down to A531 passing The Old Swan.

[9] Turn L & where Old Swan CP ends; look for FP opposite & cross road with care, follow alley down to A525 & turn R into Newcastle Road & under Motorway Bridge.

[10] 200 yds after bridge, reach white bungalow ‘East Lodge’ & turn R up a pot holed, sleeping policeman’d tarmac’d road for 400 yds; 100 yds after a path protected by 2 concrete bollards, turn L on to a raised pathway with maintained lawned areas. Walk thru’ residential housing to a T-junction; straight across, child’s play area on L & head across playing fields to R of electricity pylon opposite. Go up bank, keep houses & hedge to L & go thru gap in facing hedge & on to New Road. Turn L & walk back to MC.

Purple Walk:

[11] Take care on lane – turn L & just past entrance to Leycett Waste Tip, turn R, keeping the tip railings to the R & cross a stile. Cross small paddock & stile by TP’s.
[12] Turn half R & head up field keeping remains of a tree / hedge line to L, over stile & turn L into a farm lane for 400 yds to reach Leycett Lane, passing West View Cottages.
[13] Cross Lane with care & turn L for 100 yds & then R onto tarmac road, follow this road for 1 mile – thru’ a barrier, a double set of gates & another single gate. [This is the site of Leycett Colliery. In 1871, 1879 & 1880, explosions here at Fair Lady Pit killed 44, 41 & 62 men & boys respectively]
[14] When reach a footpath crossroads, with a map of Bateswood Nature Reserve on L & picnic bench on R, take the path to R. Aim for gap between 2 lots of woods, with a field rising up behind then, with a TP on the top – use the TP as a waymarker.
[15] When reach hedge, turn L into woodland, follow well-trod path as keeps field to R, up series of 7 steps, round to R, up 3 steps & carry on in same direction. Start to descend & keep to R [fields can soon be seen on R thru’ trees]; ignore a stile to R & steps up to R; pass Podmore Pool on L & reach T-junction.
[16] Turn R, thru wooden KG, then L down alleyway with Podmore Cottage on R & woodland on L. At end turn L into Bateswood CP (this can be used as a base for exploring Bateswood Nature Reserve). (Turn R for HALMEREND FISH BAR & GRESLEY ARMS).
[17] Go thru’ CP & turn R after 100 yds onto gravel FP & follow this for ⅓ mile to Bateswood Pool. Keep Pool to L & follow round [The memorials to the victims of the Minnie Pit Disaster are thru’ a gate on the R & then take the L pathway. 156 men & boys lost their lives from a firedamp explosion & inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide in April 1918].
[18] 100 yds past a Life Belt Position, ignore FB in front & turn R upbank & follow path which comes out at the map of Bateswood Nature Reserve in point 14.
[19] Turn R & follow path for 400 yds & go thru’ KG on R. Follow well-trod path round & up to L & into tree lined clearing. Continue down well-trod path, passing Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s Bateswood Nature Reserve sign on L & walking parallel with TP’s on L. Follow path, & TP’s, as clearing ends & enters woodland. Follow thru’ woods, over boardwalks, down 17 steps into a clearing – same direction, straight across.
[20] Down & over a stile, keep a field to L as go round & up to a TP called ‘Walton’s Wood ABI’. The track goes down into a small clearing in the woods, turn L over a small ditch & then R thru’ trees, uphill to reach fields at the top.
[21] Turn R (ie. keep field to L & trees to R), follow down & then L & after 20 yds R into woodland: follow well-trod path for 300 yds to reach point 6 again & follow back to MC.


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Library Van Mobile Service: Tuesday’s:

The library van visits The Madeley Centre every Tuesday from 9.30 – 19.30

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Sir John Offley CE School Nursery:

Monday – Friday
8.50am – 11.50am and 12.15pm – 3.15pm
age from 3 years
Contact the school office on 01782-750301

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