There are a range of groups and societies around Madeley;  here is a listing of those currently known about – if you have information on more, please get in touch!

The Country Footpath Society

Country Footpath Society walks are all local and are on the first Sunday of the month. They start at 10.00 am and cover around four or five miles. For more details, phone Chris Machin on 01782 751524. or email  Chris & Sue Machin

Madeley White Star FC

Manor Road, Madeley. Local children and youths football club, competing in various leagues, with sections for various age groups. For more info click here!

January Tidy Group Committee Meeting:

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of committee meeting held on 20th January 2014

Chris Machin, Sue Machin, Alan Woodhouse , Andy Capewell , Chris Wright , Helen Dutton, Roy Dutton.

John Berrington.
Minutes of 2013 AGM :
Accepted as a true record. Proposed by Alan Woodhouse, Seconded by Chris Machin.

Minutes of September meeting:
Accepted as a true record. Proposed by Chris Machin, Seconded by Andy Capewell.

Matters arising:
All the daffodil bulbs have been planted. Mainly around the Madeley Centre and New Road.
A salt box has been installed by the Vicarage Lane bed.
Treasurers report:
Balance as of 31st December is £1723.48
Paid £79.50 to Tennyson Insurance. (Parish Council may reimburse?)

PR & sponsorship report:
The recruitment board at the Madeley Centre doesn’t create a lot of interest – need to look at alternatives.
A new A4 size poster required for the Madeley centre required?
The minutes of the 2013 AGM are on the Madeley web site.
An email from the Madeley centre has been received asking if the Tidy group would like a stall at the Summer Fayre and Christmas Fayre? It was decided that an unmanned display would probably be better?
Gardening report.
Tidy Group members put in 177 hours gardening around the village. A spreadsheet showing the hours worked has been sent to Billy W, Simon W & Janet S at Madeley Parish Council.
Litter pick
The litter picks for 2014 will be Jan 25th ,Feb 22nd ,March 29th, April 26th, May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, Aug 30th, Sept 27th, Oct 25th, Nov 29th.
Tetrapaks can now be recycled at Leycett.

Future plans.
ACTION: Roy to make enquires about the costs of edging for the Vicarage Lane and Isaac Walton flower beds.
Ideas for a new poster for the Madeley Centre. ACTION: Andy C to look at possible designs.
A new poster for the Village display board at Greyhound corner.
ACTION: Andy C to investigate the possible replacement of the flowerbed signs.
A long term future plan is the replacement of the wooden long trough with a brick one. Possibly using a future grant?
ACTION: Chris to email Simon White about acquiring planting troughs to go under the new Madeley signs.
The trough by the curry house to be planted up?
Discuss the Eternit wall with Linda and John Berrington at the next meeting.
It was decided to buy 20 new tabards with the new Tidy group design. ACTION: Chris M to order & distribute the new tabards.
Ideas required as to where to plant poppy seeds for the WW1 commemorative display. It was decided that the bed opposite the Offley arms was not suitable. The area opposite the monument was suggested.
The Madeley Conservation Group and the Madeley Residence Association have agreed to send us their minutes from their meetings but none so far have been received. ACTION: Sue to contact Roger Goodwin and Dave Whitmore.
The 2014 Tidy group meetings will be in the bar area of the Madeley Centre on the following dates.
17th March, 12th May, 7th July 8th September. The AGM will be Nov 17th

Agenda for future meetings.
Minutes of previous meetin
Matters Arising
Chairman’s Report
Treasurers Report
PR & Sponsorship Report
Gardening Report
Election of Officers
Litter Picks
Future Plans
Date of next meeting

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Local Walking Group 2014 Walks Programme:

Please join us on one of our walks – Try one walk for free & then decide if you want to pay our annual subscription of £7.50 (which falls due annually after the AGM in November). Walks are on the first Sunday of each month – starting at 10.00 am & finishing around 12.00 / 12.30 – and covering four to five miles. For more details, please phone Chris or Sue on 01782-751524.

April 6th – Leaders: George & Irene. Meet at The Madeley Centre CP.

May 11th – (NOTE: SECOND SUNDAY OF MONTH TO AVOID BANK HOLIDAY) – Leader: Kathy (751616). Walk at Parrot’s Drumble SWT NR. Meet at Freeport Talke CP. Post Code: ST7 1XD.

June 1st – Leaders: Alan & Bernice (626282). Meet at The Madeley Centre CP.

 July 6th – Leaders: Chris & Sue (751524). Meet at Cheshire Street CP, Audlem. Post Code: CW3 0AH

August 3rd – Leader: Gwen (01270-611063). Meet at The Swan at Marbury: Wrenbury Road Whitchurch. SY13 4LS.

September 7th – Leaders: Lesley (751732) & Sheila (662373). Meet at The Swan Inn CP at Wybunbury. CW5 7NA (and meal afterwards!).

October 5th – Leaders: Jon & Hayley (613810). Meet at CP below The Westbury Tavern, Clayton; off the A519 Clayton Road (leave at the roundabout into Westbury Road). CP is by the shops. Post Code: ST5 4JW

November 2nd – Leaders: Charles (01630-647560) & Mike (01630-647844). . Meet at Market Drayton Swimming Pool CP: Newtown, Market Drayton TF9 1JT. Grid Ref: 675338.

December 7th – Leaders: Chris & Sue (751524). Walk followed by Christmas meal – details to follow!

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MTG AGM Minutes 2013:

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of the 2013 A.G.M.
Held at The Madeley Centre on 18th November 2013
Chris Machin; Sue Machin; Ricki Williams; John Berrington; Lynda Berrington; Alan Woodhouse; Andy Capewell; Isobel Hughes;
Mary Edmund; Terry Edmund; Chris Wright.
Minutes of 2012 A.G.M.
Accepted as a true record.
Proposed by Chris Machin
Seconded by Alan Woodhouse
Election of officers
All officers re elected
Proposed by Andy Capewell
Seconded by Isobel Hughes
Matters Arising
There has been a big improvement in the amount of litter outside the school.
A litter bin is required in between the Motorway Bridge and Madeley club.
Isobel is to speak to Debbie Burns about the volunteer register.
Himalayan Balsam is to be kept on the agenda. Speak to Simon Long (Newcastle BC.)
Make enquires about soil improver later in the year.
MTG Chairman’s Report 2013
Here we are again at the end of another Tidy Group year and although we have had three new members join us this year, Sally Blagg, Andy Capewell and Isobel Hughes, we remain a relatively small group. I think our motto should be: a lot achieved by very few!
In February, a number of us attended the Parish Council meeting where Ricki Williams presented a virtual tour of all the beds, planters and troughs that we plant and maintain in Madeley & Madeley Heath. This along with our gardening hours for the year resulted in a donation of £1000 from the Parish Council for which we are very grateful and we wish to thank Billy Welsh, Simon White and the rest of the Parish Council for their generosity.
In April, we were finally able to have a tree planting ceremony at The Madeley Centre where we planted three trees, one each in memory of Bill Sinnott, Fred Bailey and Glyn Williams, all of whom had connections with the Tidy Group. The ceremony was attended by family and friends. Thanks to Fred Bailey’s niece, Jean James, and neighbours, Eric and Ann Jones for their donations towards the trees, which were supplied by Elmside Plant Centre.
We have continued the monthly litter pick on the last Saturday of each month. In addition, we targeted littered areas around The Weir, Springs and play area, Heighley Castle Way, New Road and Bowsey Wood Road.
In July, six members of the Tidy Group attended Madeley Pride Day and, along with schoolchildren and other volunteers, collected 40 bags of rubbish from the Madeley area. Simon and Gary White from The Old Hall provided refreshments for the volunteers. The whole day was very successful and involved members of the Parish Council, Borough Council, The Police and a dog warden. Hopefully this can be repeated next year.
We have received monies from the Green Grant and Community Grant, for which we are always grateful, as this is one of our main sources of funding.
Can I once again thank all our members for all their support, with gardening, litter picking, attending meetings and responding to our gardening calls to arms.
Sue Machin
Chairman, Madeley Tidy Group
Treasurer’s report
October 2012 – September 2013
During the year a number of memorial plaques, together with planted trees were paid for via personal donations and Madeley Tidy group funds to acknowledge the past involvement of certain villagers within our community.
Notable, in terms of income, have been the awards from the Green Grant (NULBC) to fund planting of the long trough, outside the butchers, Offley Arms bed and Izaak Walton bed. Planting at the Vicarage lane bed was entirely covered by a Community Chest grant from the Parish Council.
In addition to these funds we have spent £252 on plants in other locations around the village. One additional unforeseen expenditure, until part way through the year, has been the necessary third party insurance cover for the group. Generously funded by the Parish Council.
Because of a need to publicise our activities a display board was purchased so that an unmanned visual exhibition can be presented.
Generally donations / sponsorships from local businesses are much reduced from previous years and for this reason we are exceedingly indebted to the Parish Council for their July grant of £1000.
Last year’s balance sheet is included herewith.
John Berrington.
MTG PR & Sponsorship Report 2013
It has been quite a busy year as we have tried to attract new volunteers and obtain sponsorship from local businesses.
In order to be included in the volunteers register at The Madeley Centre, we had to obtain public liability insurance. Thanks to Billy Welsh and the Parish Council for reimbursing our costs in respect of this. Unfortunately, the volunteer register did not attract any new volunteers to our group and the Madeley Centre was going to readvertise again in September. We wait with bated breath. As part of the insurance policy, we had to prepare a health and safety policy, which has been sent out to all existing members.
We now have an unmanned Tidy Group exhibition on display at The Madeley Centre to try and attract new volunteers.
Thanks to Chris Wright for his articles in the monthly Parish magazine and Conservation Group Newsletter and an article based on Ricki Williams’s virtual tour presentation was included in the Parish Council newsletter.
In May, the mailshot to seventeen local businesses, who did not sponsor us in 2012, was sent out and resulted in two very kind donations, one from Shepley’s Family Butchers and from Simon & Gary White from The Old Hall. They were presented with certificates of appreciation and photographs were taken of the occasion.
Madeley High School produced several excellent recruitment posters and Ricki Williams contacted several local shops and requested if they would display them.
We have been looking at a new logo for the Tidy Group and Andy Capewell has produced several quality examples which we will use for our letter headers, new high vis jackets and new posters / signs for the flower beds.
The weekly gardening projects and monthly litter picks are regularly posted on the Madeley website.
Chris Machin
PR & Sponsorship Officer
Gardening Report November 2013
2013 has proved a satisfying gardening year. The Himalayan Balsam which caused such a problem last year around The Pool area was cut down by Newcastle Borough Council in the spring and has not been a problem over the summer. Hopefully this will be an on-going annual event.
Simon Long from Newcastle Borough Council provided us with 25 bags of soil improver, which Alan Woodhouse and I spread at The Vicarage Lane Bed, Long Troughs and The Greyhound Bed.
The Green Grant and Community Grant have been used for investment planting with perennials and shrubs in several of our flower beds. We have worked closely with Elmside Plant Centre, many thanks to Alvery and Keith Stanley for their help and support.
During the summer, we have weeded and planted the flower beds and troughs and maintained trees in rotation. This has worked well, working in a group of two to six people. Thanks to our members Alan Woodhouse, Chris Wright and Terry Edmond who do a lot of work individually, and not forgetting the regulars who turn up as part of the weekly gardening projects, Phil Shaw, Andy Capewell and Chris Machin. Thanks also to Liz Forster and Isobel Hughes who have donated perennials for the beds and to Roy Dutton for repainting the Long Troughs.
Once again we have applied to Newcastle Borough Council for more daffodils and bulbs to enhance the wonderful spring display that has been created over the years.
John & Lynda Berrington, who garden at Madeley Heath, report that, at The Miners Wheel, there was a lovely spring display of bulbs including iris and tulips followed by begonias, cyclamen, azaleas and geraniums, and then autumn colour provided by red and gold acers.
The Crewe Arms Trough was fully planted in the early summer and is still providing plenty of colour.
John Caulkin has planted lots of bulbs donated by the Tidy Group in The Plantation.
Thanks to John & Lynda Berrington and John Caulkin for all their hard work.
Sue Machin

Litter Picks
Litter Picks will continue at 10.00 am on the last Saturday of the month – but there will not be one in December.
The dates are Jan 25th , Feb 22nd , Mar 29th , April 26th , May 24th , June 28th , July 26th , Aug 30th , Sept 27th , Oct 25th , Nov 29th
Future Plans
Christmas meal at the Old Swan (Madeley Heath) Wednesday 11th December.
Ideas for projects to be discussed at the next meeting.
New signs for the flower beds.
Simon Wright to be contacted about containers to go underneath the new Madeley signs for planting later in the year.
The long trough by the butches to be made of brick.
The Eternit Wall
Gardening hours to be forwarded to Chris asap.
Salt box by the Vicarage lane bed.
Daffodil bulbs.
The next A.G.M. will be on the 17th November 2014.

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Madeley Ladies FC

We are looking for new players
Beginners Welcome – Aged 16+
Training: Wednesday; Matches: Sunday

Fitness, Fun & Friendship!

Home matches played at Manor Road – CW3 9PS

Hazel – 07742 799219

Paul – 07958 149213

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At Doddlespool Hall, Betley.
Tuesdays at 6.30pm.
Everyone welcome!
Further details: 01270 820567 & 01782 750176

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Swimming Lessons for Children:

At Wrinehill:

Under 4′s Friday & Sunday morning.

Over 4′s Thursday & Friday after School & Saturday mornings.

Fully qualified instructors.

For further details contact Jane on 079033 71486

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Perennial Shrubs & Plants Required…

Madeley Tidy Group are looking for any donations of perennial shrubs or plants to help stock the flower beds, troughs and planters around the village.

If you have any surplus plants, please consider donating them to the group and help improve our village.

Sue on 751524
Ricki on 750570

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Local Rubbish Recycle Points:

Please note that these arrangements may change from time to time & the list is not comprehensive, but Madeley Tidy Group will try and keep it up to date as possible!

Takes: Paper; Cardboard; Glass, Bottles & Jars; Food & Drink Cans; Textiles; Batteries;
Non-Recyclable Household Waste.
(Winter: 9am to 4.30pm, closed Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day;
Summer: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Fri; 9am to 5pm Sat & Sun)
ALSAGER Civic Car Park:
Plastic; Glass; Paper; Cans; Books & Music; Shoes; Clothing & Household Textiles.
ALSAGER, Hassall Road:
Hardcore & Rubble; Chipboard; Household Waste; Garden Waste; Cardboard; Plastic Bottles; Paper; Glass Bottles; Fridges & Freezers; Car Batteries; TV’s & PC Monitors; Clothing.
AUDLEM, Cheshire Street Car Park:
Paper; Glass; Tin Cans; Shoes.

AUDLEY, Community Centre, Nantwich Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
CLAYTON, Clayton Road Shops:
Tetrapak Cartons
SILVERDALE, The Parade Shops, off High Street:
Tetrapak Cartons
CREWE, Leighton Hospital:
Paper; Glass; Tin Cans.
WOORE, The Swan Hotel Cap Park:
Paper; Glass; Mixed Textiles & Clothes.
Paper; Tin Cans; Glass Bottles; Shoes; Textiles
& Clothing; Books & Music; Tetrapak Drinks Cartons.
NEWCASTLE, Morrison’s
Cans, Paper, Glass (outside); Used Shopping Bags (inside)
NEWCASTLE, Ironmarket:
Glass; Newspapers & Magazines; Tin Cans.
NEWCASTLE, Sainsbury’s, Liverpool Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
LOGGERHEADS, Co-op, Eccleshall Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
STOKE, Campbell Road:
Garden Waste; Metal; Clothes; Wood; Tetrapaks; Rubble;
(Winter: 9am to 4.30pm, closed Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day; Summer: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Fri; 9am to 5pm Sat & Sun)
Contact at NUL Borough Council, on 01782-742500
or e-mail:,
For: parks & open spaces, street cleaning, Fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned cars, dangerous trees,
dangerous play equipment, empty litter & dog bins, fly posting.

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Madeley Tidy Group

Committee Members:

Chairman: Sue Machin
Vice Chairman: Terry Edmonds
Secretary: Alan Woodhouse
Treasurer: John Berrington
Publicity & Sponsorship: Chris Machin

We are a group of volunteers who look after the flower beds and troughs in Madeley & Madeley Heath.

We also litter pick as a group on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at Greyhound Court at 10.00; and as individuals on a regular basis.

Our meetings are open to all and are held in the bar area of the Madeley Centre.

All meetings start at 7.30 pm & finish at approx. 9.00 pm.

If you are interested in joining our friendly group, please contact either Sue Machin on 751524 or Ricki Williams on 750570,

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First and third Thursday’s.
7pm Betley Village Hall
£1.50 per session.
More info: 750176 & 01270 820277

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