There are a range of groups and societies around Madeley;  here is a listing of those currently known about – if you have information on more, please get in touch!

The Country Footpath Society

Country Footpath Society walks are all local and are on the first Sunday of the month. They start at 10.00 am and cover around four or five miles. For more details, phone Chris Machin on 01782 751524. or email  Chris & Sue Machin

Madeley White Star FC

Manor Road, Madeley. Local children and youths football club, competing in various leagues, with sections for various age groups. For more info click here!

Minutes of last Tidy Group Meeting:

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting on 8th September 2014
Alan Woodhouse, Chris Machin; Sue Machin; John Berrington, Andy Capewell, Anne Shaw
Chris Wright , Roy and Helen Dutton, Isobel Hughes, Ricki Williams
Minutes o f 7th July 2014 Meeting:
Accepted as a true record. Proposed –Chris Machin. Seconded John Berrington
Matters Arising;
Alan to apply to Newcastle council for 500 daffodils (now done)
Photographes of the new planters required for John.
Replace the barrel by the chip shop using the green grant . Costs required before the next meeting if possible.
Enquire to the parish council about a financial grant .A possible £350 is available.
John is to enquire about planters that are made using recycled plastic bags.
A new auditor is required due to illness. John to contact Roy.
Treasurers Report:
Balance at 26/08/14 £757.28
New costings for the signs were obtained from Andy C and smaller ones are now located in the flower beds. The large one from The Vicarage Lane Bed went missing and has not been located and has been replaced by one of the smaller ones.
Roger Tait suggested advertising for volunteers to try a taster – they can either come on a litter pick or gardening and no strings attached to see if they like it and want to come again.
ACTION CHRIS : Will try this on the website.
Sue & I updated the display board with photos. Sue & I also completed a photo history of the tidy group from its inception in 2001 to date in an album from Summer at the Centre on Aug 16th & 17th. Altho’ there was some interest, no new volunteers came forward as yet!
The Responders have a nice new leaflet – can we do something similar?
Andy Capewell has kindly volunteered to work on the leaflet.
Business cards left over from Summer at the Centre to be left at the Madeley Centre.
So far this year the group has done 118 hours not counting any hours recorded individually.
Chris, Anne, Phil & I met with Roger Tait from RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood on July 21st and took him on a tour of all the beds and troughs, including Madeley Heath. He was very impressed that so much was done by so few. There is a presentation on Wednesday, 17th September at Henley-in-Arden Golf and Country Club, to which we are invited. If no-one is able to attend, we will send apologies.
Alan, Phil, Chris & I sited the new planters under the ‘Welcome to Madeley’ signs and filled them with hard-core, top soil and soil improver.
New plants have been purchased using grant money and the planter at Smithy Corner is now fully planted.
As Terry had put some bedding plants ion the Bevan Place one, plants will be purchased when these die down.
Thanks once again to Liz Forster for her generous donation of perennials which have been planted in various locations.
The planter by the Madeley Tandoori is looking very colourful; thanks to Roy & Helen for maintaining it.
John & Lynda very kindly noticed that the Poolside Barrel was looking very forlorn and so purchased and planted some fuchsias; which look very attractive. Thanks also to John & Linda. There were a few perennials left over from The Smithy Corner planter and so they were added and the large heather from the barrel was removed and planted in the Izaak Walton Bed.
Rikki has been in touch with Fred Bailey’s niece, Jean, re replacement of his memorial tree and she has suggested a MALUS GOLDEN HORNET.
ACTION SUE: I will liaise with Elmside when I return from holiday.
Thanks to all who have been gardening this summer, both in the group and individually.
Litter Picks:
The next litter pick is Saturday May 31st
Nothing to report.
Reports for the AGM to Alan before the 3rd November .
No one is available to attend the presentation at Henley. So an apology will have to be sent.
Future Plans:
The wooden long trough to be replaced with brick .
Bug houses for the flower beds. Sue and Chris to contact Mark and Jo Community Wardens about bug houses.
Liase with local schools.
Think about any future projects for future grants.
Next Meeting:
17th November , 7.30pm in the café area of The Madeley Centre. This will be the AGM
Apologises from Roy and Helen Dutton
Agenda for Next Meetings:
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Matters Arising
Treasurer’s Report
PR & Sponsorship Report
Gardening Report
Litter Picks
Future Plans
Date of Next Meeting

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Madeley Parish Bible Study Group; Nov 17; Dec 1 & 15:

This group meets twice each month, on the first and third Monday evenings, starting at 7.30pm and aiming to finish at 8.45pm with a cup of tea or coffee.
It is an open group, and everyone is warmly invited.
The aim is to study and discuss the message of the Bible and to discover what it has to teach and inspire us in our generation.
Meetings take place at Whitebeam, College Close, Brynwood – Anne and John Lloyd’s home.

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Madeley Christian Fellowship: Nov 21; Dec 5:

The Fellowship meets at 2.30pm in the Poolside Methodist Church every 1st and 3rd Friday, for a short worship service followed by refreshment and chat.
You are most welcome to attend.
Please feel free to invite friends to come with you to these meetings.

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Local Walking Group 2014 Walks Programme:

Please join us on one of our walks – Try one walk for free & then decide if you want to pay our annual subscription of £7.50 (which falls due annually after the AGM in November). Walks are on the first Sunday of each month – starting at 10.00 am & finishing around 12.00 / 12.30 – and covering four to five miles. For more details, please phone Chris or Sue on 01782-751524.

November 2nd – Leaders: Charles (01630-647560) & Mike (01630-647844). . Meet at Market Drayton Swimming Pool CP: Newtown, Market Drayton TF9 1JT. Grid Ref: 675338.

December 7th – Leaders: Chris & Sue (751524). Walk followed by Christmas meal – details to follow!

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Madeley Ladies FC

We are looking for new players
Beginners Welcome – Aged 16+
Training: Wednesday; Matches: Sunday

Fitness, Fun & Friendship!

Home matches played at Manor Road – CW3 9PS

Hazel – 07742 799219

Paul – 07958 149213

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Perennial Shrubs & Plants Required…

Madeley Tidy Group are looking for any donations of perennial shrubs or plants to help stock the flower beds, troughs and planters around the village.

If you have any surplus plants, please consider donating them to the group and help improve our village.

Sue on 751524
Ricki on 750570

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Local Rubbish Recycle Points:

Please note that these arrangements may change from time to time & the list is not comprehensive, but Madeley Tidy Group will try and keep it up to date as possible!

Takes: Paper; Cardboard; Glass, Bottles & Jars; Food & Drink Cans; Textiles; Batteries;
Non-Recyclable Household Waste.
(Winter: 9am to 4.30pm, closed Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day;
Summer: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Fri; 9am to 5pm Sat & Sun)
ALSAGER Civic Car Park:
Plastic; Glass; Paper; Cans; Books & Music; Shoes; Clothing & Household Textiles.
ALSAGER, Hassall Road:
Hardcore & Rubble; Chipboard; Household Waste; Garden Waste; Cardboard; Plastic Bottles; Paper; Glass Bottles; Fridges & Freezers; Car Batteries; TV’s & PC Monitors; Clothing.
AUDLEM, Cheshire Street Car Park:
Paper; Glass; Tin Cans; Shoes.

AUDLEY, Community Centre, Nantwich Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
CLAYTON, Clayton Road Shops:
Tetrapak Cartons
SILVERDALE, The Parade Shops, off High Street:
Tetrapak Cartons
CREWE, Leighton Hospital:
Paper; Glass; Tin Cans.
WOORE, The Swan Hotel Cap Park:
Paper; Glass; Mixed Textiles & Clothes.
Paper; Tin Cans; Glass Bottles; Shoes; Textiles
& Clothing; Books & Music; Tetrapak Drinks Cartons.
NEWCASTLE, Morrison’s
Cans, Paper, Glass (outside); Used Shopping Bags (inside)
NEWCASTLE, Ironmarket:
Glass; Newspapers & Magazines; Tin Cans.
NEWCASTLE, Sainsbury’s, Liverpool Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
LOGGERHEADS, Co-op, Eccleshall Road:
Tetrapak Cartons
STOKE, Campbell Road:
Garden Waste; Metal; Clothes; Wood; Tetrapaks; Rubble;
(Winter: 9am to 4.30pm, closed Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day; Summer: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Fri; 9am to 5pm Sat & Sun)
Contact at NUL Borough Council, on 01782-742500
or e-mail:,
For: parks & open spaces, street cleaning, Fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned cars, dangerous trees,
dangerous play equipment, empty litter & dog bins, fly posting.

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Madeley Tidy Group

Committee Members:

Chairman: Sue Machin
Vice Chairman: Ricki Williams
Secretary: Alan Woodhouse
Treasurer: John Berrington
Publicity & Sponsorship: Chris Machin

We are a group of volunteers who look after the flower beds and troughs in Madeley & Madeley Heath.

We also litter pick as a group on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at Greyhound Court at 10.00; and as individuals on a regular basis.

Our meetings are open to all and are held in the cafe area of the Madeley Centre.

All meetings start at 7.30 pm & finish at approx. 9.00 pm.

If you are interested in joining our friendly group, please contact either Sue Machin on 751524 or Ricki Williams on 750570,

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Madeley Practice Patients’ Fund

We are a small group of local volunteersdedicated to fund raising to help provide items of equipment and services that are not normally provided by the NHS.
The patients and doctors at both Madeley & Baldwins Gate surgeries benefit from our fund raising.
We are always looking for new members – why not come along to a meeting to see if you feel it is something you could get involved with?
For further information, please phone Audrey on 751298
meetings are on the first Wednesday of every OTHER month – 6.30pm in the Surgery

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Guide Association

For more details, please phone Mrs Sue Twigg on 750213

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