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Please Do Not Litter Our Village. Respect Others and Your Environment.

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Madeley Tidy Group

If you feel that you could spare a little time to improve our village, please meet us at Greyhound Court on the last Saturday of each month, at 10.00am, for a litter pick.

If you would like to help you can contact:

Sue Machin 751524

The group would like to say a ‘BIG’ thank you to all people who have worked hard in maintaining the flower beds throughout the village. Not forgetting, of course, all the generous donors of money, to purchase flowers and troughs.

If you feel that you could spare a little time to improve our village, please meet us at Greyhound Court on the last Saturday of each month, at 10.00am, for a litter pick.

Madeley Tidy Group minutes 9th. May 2016

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 9th May 2016


Alan Woodhouse , Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton, Anne Shaw, Anne Nicholson, John Berrington ,Chris Wright,


Phil Shaw

Minutes of 14th March 2016

Accepted as a true record;

Proposed by Anne Shaw
Seconded by Roy Dutton

Matters Arising

There will be a tree planting ceremony to commemorate the memory of Ricki. This will take place at the Madeley centre 21st May at 14.00.

Future Plans

Anne Nicholson has spoken to Pete Wells from Apedale. Who informs us that he is no longer funded so will not be able to help with any projects. Anne has also spoken to Tim Coggins from Bar Hill who has experience with school projects who could help. It was decided that half a day at the Meadows and half a day at the Sir John Offley would be the best way forward.
The Madeley fun day will be on the 10th September .Chris Wright will head a project building bird boxes.
Anne Shaw emailed Simon White to ask about the Communities day.
Anne will also buy some bag o ‘s off the internet.

Treasurer’s report;

Balance at the end of April £1062.00
Minus two cheques with the value of £76.00.

It was decided to set up a fighting fund so that the long trough could eventually be replaced.
Billy Welsh has kindly offered to fund the geraniums in the vicarage lane bed.

PR and Sponsorship report

Phil Shaw has kindly placed labels on all the leaflets with a new telephone number.
An idea of a A board to advertise the Tidy Group was put forward. This could be placed out when any gardening was been carried out. This was thought to be a good idea.


There was a very good turnout for the gardening session at the Vicarage Lane bed.
Only Roy Dutton and Anne Shaw could make it to the Issac Walton bed.
It was decided that a gardening event should take place every two weeks whenever possible.
Chris Wright has weeded the New road bed.
All the gardening hours need to be recorded and sent to Anne Shaw when possible.
Thanks to Don Brandreth who has planted up the corner of Cygnet Road at Madeley heath as well as donating the plants.
It was decided not to enter the RHS its your Neighborhood scheme this year. It will be considered next year.
Alan has treated the Long trough with a wood preserver.

Any Other Business.

Proposed meal at the Evening Spice.
Chris and Sue Machin send their thanks for the card and gift.
John Berrington also thanked the Tidy Group for the vouchers.
Thanks to Helen who organized the meal at the Offley Arms.

Litter Pick

A litter bin is required by the New road bus stop.

The next litter pick is on May 28th

Dates for litter picks in 2016 are;
May 28 , June 25 , July 30 , August 27 , September 24 , October 29 , November 26.


Leaflets are now placed in local shops and on the web site.
An improved household recycling scheme is about to start.
Tetra packs are recycled at Leycet Lane
Try to recycle the litter pick bottles and cans.

Meeting Dates

At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30

Dates of the 2016 Committee Meetings are ;

July 11th , September 12th , October , 10th November 14th (A.G.M.)

Gardening Dates

Monday 23rd May Greyhound Bed and Long Trough (if possible)

Monday 6th June Offley Arms bed, planters alongside the pool and at the Springs and Evening Spice

Monday 20th June Vicarage Lane bed and planter at entrance to the village (geraniums should be in by now)

Monday 4th July New Road bed, possibly some new drought resistant planting ( I know- height of summer!)

Monday 18th July Isaak Walton/ John Offley or whatever it’s called

Monday 1st August Greyhound Bed

Monday 15 August Long Trough, Evening Spice , poolside planters and Offley Arms

Monday 29th August Bank Holiday I know but perhaps Vicarage Lane bed? (Or sometime that week)

Monday 12th Sept. New Road and/or Holm Oak Pool

Monday 26th Sept Isaak Walton

Monday 10th October Greyhound bed/ Vicarage Lane – cut back herbaceous perennials

Monday 24th October Offley Arms / Isaak Walton/ New Road – cut back summer/autumn growth

Agenda for next meeting

Minutes of previous meeting
Matters Arising
Future Plans
Treasurers Report
PR Report and Sponsorship
Any other business
Litter Picks

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Tidy Group Minutes 14th March.

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 14th March 2016


Alan Woodhouse; Sue Machin, Chris Machin, Roy Dutton, Helen Dutton, Anne Shaw, Anne Nicholson, John Berrington, Lynda Berrington, Chris Wright, , Melanie Deacon

Also in attendance were councilors . Billy Welsh , Anthea Bourne, , Alan Rowley and Beryl Ruscoe


Andy Capewell, Phil Shaw

Minutes of 11th January 2016

Accepted as a true record;

Proposed by Anne Shaw
Seconded by Roy Dutton

Treasurer’s report;

Balance at the end of February £1128.31.

A big thank you to John Berrington ,who after 16 years of service to the Tidy group has decided to retire.
Two extra signatories will be required

Debbie Burns has volunteered to help out with Treasurer duties if required.

Thank you to Helen and Roy Dutton for volunteering to take this role on .
Proposed by Sue Machin
Seconded by Anne Shaw

Matters Arising

Anne Shaw thanked Sue and Chris for all their hard work over the past 16 years of the Tidy group.
Chris and Sue are moving out of the area so will be retiring from the Tidy group.
Everyone in the group agreed and everyone wished them well.
A big thank you to Anne Shaw who has volunteered to take on the Chairpersons role .
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse.
Seconded by Chris Wright.

PR and Sponsorship report

Thank you to Chris Machin , who has decided to retire after many years of hard work.
Phil Shaw has volunteered to take on the P.R. Duties.
Proposed by Sue Machin
Seconded by Alan Woodhouse.

Helen and Roy have volunteered to take on the Sponsorship role .
Proposed by Alan Woodhouse
Seconded by Anne Shaw

Debbie burns has also volunteered to help if required.

The daffodils have been exceptional this year especially around the pool at Holm Oak drive.
The gardening season is about to start.
This years daffodils have been planted mainly up at Madeley Heath.
The RHS its your neighbourhood application is open until 30.5.16. if required .
Ricky’s memorial tree is at Elmside Nursery awaiting planting . Permission required from the trustees .Anthia to be contacted.
Chris Wright suggested a regular gardening time each week, meeting at the Vicarage Lane bed. Starting on Monday the 11th April ay 10.30am. Then the 2nd Monday of the month.

Any Other Business.

A meal has been arranged at the Offley Arms on Friday 15th April.

Litter Pick

A litter bin is required by the New road bus stop.

The next litter pick is on April 30th

Dates for litter picks in 2016 are;
April 30 , May 28 , June 25 , July 30 , August 27 , September 24 , October 29 , November 26.

Future Plans

ACTION . Alan to paint the newly repaired Long Trough with wood preserver.
ACTION. Pete Wells from Apedale to be contacted about Workshop kits for Bug houses and Hedgehog hotels.
Chris Wright to arrange bird box and bird tables kits.
School Liaison –Anne to start at The Meadows school .Helen Proctor 750313
Planting theme for the flower beds. Aim for all year round colour and wildlife friendly ..
Obtain bag-o’s from Newcastle under lyme borough council.
Cut back the grass next to the foot path at the Vicarage Lane bed.
Soil improver required. Simon Long
Roy Dutton has obtained a water 1000ltr container


Leaflets are now placed in local shops and on the web site.
An improved household recycling scheme is about to start.

Meeting dates

At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30

Dates of the 2016 Committee Meetings are ;

May 9th , July 11th , September 12th , October , 10th November 14th (A.G.M.)

Agenda for next meeting

Minutes of previous meeting
Treasurers Report
Matters Arising
PR Report and Sponsorship
Any other business
Litter Picks
Future Plans

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Next Tidy Group Meeting 9th May

At The Madeley Centre at 7.30pm.

Everyone welcome.

Please come along if you’re free.

Further info: Annie 750332

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Tidy Group 2015 AGM:


Annie Shaw; Andy Capewell; Phil Shaw; John Berrington; Lynda Berrington; Chris Machin; Chris Wright; Roy Dutton; Helen Dutton.

Alan Woodhouse; Anne Nicholson; Sue Machin; Maria Tomlinson; Terry Edmond; Mary Edmond.

Minutes of 2013/2014 AGM
Accepted as a true record.
Proposed by John Berrington; Seconded by Lynda Berrington.

Matters Arising
No matters arising.

Chairman’s Report:
The Tidy Group continues with our gardening and litter picking activities with a very small group of volunteers. Despite ongoing recruitment campaigns, we have only one new member, Anne Nicholson, this year. Even so, the flower beds, planters and troughs have all been very colourful.
We were awarded Level Four ‘thriving’ in the Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood awards. We were also nominated for a community group award for the third year running, although this time we were unsuccessful.
Part of our ‘Areas for Development’ are to liaise and engage with local schools and schoolchildren and this will be a priority for next year. Anne has agreed to be the School Liaison Officer.
Maria joined us in March as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and has been involved in litter picks and has attended several of our committee meetings. We have completed her Duke of Edinburgh report for her bronze level certificate.
So far this year we have undertaken 138 hours litter picking as a group and on Communities Day in June, seven members from the Tidy Group joined a group of children and their teachers from The Meadows School, members of the Angling Club and Community Wardens from Newcastle under Lyme Council in a ‘Big Litter Pick’ and then all enjoyed refreshments at The Old Hall Country House and thanks to Simon for organising all this.
Renewal of The Long Trough has been on the agenda for some considerable time. In order to keep costs down, we agreed that repair was a better option as a substantial portion of the trough was in reasonable condition. We have engaged the services of Pete Wells and his volunteers from the Newcastle Countryside Project based at Apedale, following a recommendation from Ann Spilsbury. Members of the Tidy Group will also be involved on Saturday, November 14th.
Early next year we will be planting a tree in memory of Ricki, a very much respected and hardworking member of The Tidy Group, who sadly passed way in October. We will liaise with her family, The Parish Council and The Madeley Centre.
Once again can I thank all the committee members and volunteers for their hard work and commitment during the year and The Parish and Borough Councils for their support.
Sue Machin

Treasurer’s Report:
In keeping with our policy of ‘’investment planting’’ throughout the village there has been an emphasis on planting Perennials. To give a general idea of costings :- the planting of the Crewe Arms bed and Miners bed, Leycett Lane cost the group £65.94.
Expenditure at the Greyhound Court (Long Trough), Izaac Walton (2 beds) and Vicarage Lane involved plants to the value of £403.20. Additional plants were purchased to use in a variety of locations totalling £49.48. Thus total plant expenditure has been £518.62.
There are a number of miscellaneous purchases to a total of £335.42. Major items involved expenditure on the groups insurance (£79.50) (This is liable to increase during October 2015/September 2016 year because of additional PRT tax).
The rotten, wooden barrel opposite the Methodist Chapel has been replaced with a plastic barrel to the cost of £51.99 (Including bags of compost used here and elsewhere).
Tidy group leaflet promotion including printing and leaflet dispensers involved an expenditure of £141.80. Other lesser expenditure included a) postcrete for memorial plaques, b) Cuprinol treatment for the long trough, c) Osmacote balls and slug pellets together with, d) tool hire for strimmer.
The major planned expenditure for the year is replacement of the long trough.
Free bulbs, grass seed and recycled compost were gratefully received from Simon Long, NULBC. Many of these were used in the Plantation, Madeley Heath between the A525 and Heath Row.
We have also received free gifts of some plants provided by villagers.
Please see a copy of our balance sheet (Oct 14 – Sept 15) on a separate sheet.
It is with grateful thanks that we acknowledge the continuing financial support from Madeley Parish Council, Councillor W Welsh, various award schemes administered by Newcastle Borough Council and Marley Eternit.
John Berrington
Treasurer Madeley Tidy Group.

PR & Sponsorship Report:

There has been much work in highlighting the Tidy Group activities to try and attract more volunteers which again have been by and largely unsuccessful:
• New and impressive leaflets were designed by Andy Capewell and leaflet holders to display them purchased. Sue, Phil Shaw and I then distributed them to various shops and outlets around the village. Unfortunately, the one in The Madeley Centre has already disappeared.
• The Tidy Group started a Facebook page and has attracted some attention but unfortunately not enough to garner any volunteers so far.
• We have obtained the keys to the old Parish Council noticeboard and will display the activities of the Tidy Group and like-minded groups in it.
• Chris Wright provided a Tidy Group article in The Conservation Group newsletter in March with details of our work.
• Some of the Tidy Group signs in the flower beds have been removed and so replacements were ordered and resited.
The aim of increasing our green footprint in the flower beds, with for example, bug houses, so as to engage with other sections of the community, has not been achieved, but hopefully that will be a priority for next year.

Chris Machin

Gardening Report:
The group have undertaken 191 (recorded) hours of gardening this year incorporating both maintenance and new planting. We are trying to move towards implementing a policy of sustainable planting which is also eco- friendly and encouraging to wildlife. Financial assistance from both the Parish and Borough Councils has enabled us to replace plants that have gone past their best and also to purchase additional plants that will reduce both the need for and expense of bedding plants. Bedding plants are expensive to produce with a high “carbon footprint” and are labour intensive to plant, dead-head and ultimately remove/replace.
In addition to routine maintenance the following areas have had particular improvements made to them:

Isaak Walton – clearance of invasive perennials and groundcover. New planting
Vicarage Lane – new planting
Greyhound – new planting especially for winter interest
Springs and Moss Side troughs – completely replanted giving all year interest (Hopefully!)
Holm Oak Pool – major clearance of undergrowth and new planting of bulbs
Long trough – repairs to be made in November which will allow re- planting in the Spring
Particular thanks are due to those members who look after the Miners’ Memorial and Crewe Arms beds.
Schedule of planned activity;
Repair of the Long Trough.
Review the planting of the Isaak Walton bed.
Review the planting in the New Road bed. Requires low maintenance plants that are drought tolerant as the soil is fairly poor.
Use bedding plants (geraniums) only in the Vicarage Lane bed.
The Chair has already reported on our success in the “It’s Your Neighbourhood” awards and I would like to add my thanks to everyone who contributes to our efforts to improve the appearance of our village.

Annie Shaw
Vice- Chair, Madeley Tidy Group


Election of Officers:
Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer; PR & Sponsorship.
The existing officers were proposed by Andy Capewell and seconded by Phil Shaw to serve for 2015/2016.
Dates of Group Litter Picks:
[Meet at The Greyhound at 10.00 unless otherwise agreed]
January 30
February 27
March 26
April 30
May 28
June 25
July 30
August 27
September 24
October 29
November 26
Future Plans:
From the It’s Your Neighbourhood areas for development:
• Liaise with local schools; consider bug house and hedgehog hotel workshops/kits.
• A planting theme for the beds. Aim to achiever all year colour and wildlife friendly habitat.
The memorial tree for Ricki.
The New Road / Holm Oak Pool Strip Bed. The soil is dry; Plant plants that will thrive in this environment.
Notice Board. We have the keys to the old Parish Council Noticeboard on The Greyhound. A Tidy Group display is required there.
There is a lack of grants and donations from local businesses. Consider a mailshot to local businesses and request a donation. Include our leaflet which shows the work we do. A draft letter is required. Consider hand delivery to achieve face to face contact.
Any Other Business:
The Christmas Meal at The Old Swan Madeley Heath was confirmed on 9/12/15.
Some Tidy Group litter pickers do not have bag-o’s; agreed to try to obtain some from NUL BC and, if not, to buy some.
The free bulbs from NUL BC Planting Assistance Scheme are due in the next week or so. Half for Madeley and half for Madeley Heath.
It is 25 years since the start of Newcastle in Bloom. Madeley is one of the 25 areas that has been chosen to plant a celebration Silver Birch tree. NUL BC would like it in the Pool area and we thought The Springs area, by the Pool, may be suitable.
Re the balance at the bank, need to bear in mind, there are three cheques outstanding totalling £286.22 and we are waiting for an invoice from Pete Wells and his Newcastle Countryside Project volunteers for the work on the long trough repair.
Dates of 2015 Committee meetings:
January 11
March 14
May 9
July 11
September 12
October 10
November 14 (This will be our AGM)

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Tidy Group’s Assessment Report:

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood
Assessment Form 2015
Entry Name: Madeley Tidy Group, Madeley, Newcastle under Lyme Assessor: Donna Loasby Date: 20th July 2015

50 words of introduction re entry:
Madeley village is very fortunate to have this small group of hard-working and dedicated community volunteers, led by Sue the group’s co-ordinator, to keep it looking very tidy. The tour showed off all the attractive troughs and planters that have been created with mainly sustainable plants. In Vicarage Lane there was a very attractive flower bed with a mixture of colourful perennials and bedding plants. The new ‘Madeley Tidy Group’ planters are a welcome addition under the village entrance signs.

Section A – Community Participation (40% or 40 points)

The group is working towards things such as: Being inclusive of local people Local ownership and direction Making a difference to local people Involving local people with planning, decision-making, communication & implementation Representative of the local community Getting support (e.g. from local council, grant aid, sponsorship, in-kind aid etc.) Planning for the future Working in partnership with other organisations (i.e. police, community support officers, environmental groups etc.)

Total points assessed for Section A 28 (out of 40)

Section B – Environmental Responsibility (30% or 30 points)
The group is engaged in environmental activities such as: Conservation (e.g. resources, heritage, wildlife, built environment) Composting Recycling Creating, maintaining or improving green space Sharing knowledge and skills The group is engaged in addressing environmental issues such as: Fly-tipping Fly-posting Litter Graffiti Dog fouling
Total points assessed for Section B 22 (out of 30)

Section C- Gardening Achievement (30% or 30 points)
The group is employing good gardening practices appropriate to the area, such as: good plant choice Good maintenance, presentation and management Creativity Innovation Overcoming site difficulties Enhancing the area through gardening
Total points assessed for Section C (out of 30) 23
LEVEL ACHIEVED Level 4 – Thriving
Areas of achievement:
All the daffodil bulbs , bluebells, crocuses and snowdrops that have been planted around the village;
The memorial trees;
The monthly litter picks;
The bird boxes sited around the village;
Your new young volunteer;
Your plans for the “build your own bug hotel” ;
Being awarded Newcastle in Bloom ‘Best Community Group Champions Award’ in 2014.

Level Description Points
Level 1 Establishing 0-35
Level 2 Improving 36-52
Level 3 Developing 53-68
Level 4 Thriving 69-85
Level 5 Outstanding 86-100

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Save The Offley Arms

Our local, historic public house is under threat of being neglected and in the future, could be built on. The Offley Arms has been the at the core of the village for over 300 years; from housing the former servicemen’s club after the First World War to protecting the villagers from air raids during the Second World War. The Offley Arms has seen Madeley go from strength to strength, and it would be a shame for this to end in such circumstances.

Please sign the petition to protect this valued, essential venue in our community and help to get the building listed (on Facebook – The Madeley Centre or Madeley Tidy Group page)

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Perennial Shrubs & Plants Required…

Madeley Tidy Group are looking for any donations of perennial shrubs or plants to help stock the flower beds, troughs and planters around the village.

If you have any surplus plants, please consider donating them to the group and help improve our village.

Sue on 751524

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Madeley Tidy Group

Committee Members:

Chairman: Sue Machin
Vice Chairman: Anne Shaw
Secretary: Alan Woodhouse
Treasurer: John Berrington
Publicity & Sponsorship: Chris Machin

We are a group of volunteers who look after the flower beds and troughs in Madeley & Madeley Heath.

We also litter pick as a group on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at Greyhound Court at 10.00; and as individuals on a regular basis.

Our meetings are open to all and are held in the cafe area of the Madeley Centre.

All meetings start at 7.30 pm & finish at approx. 9.00 pm.

If you are interested in joining our friendly group, please contact either Sue Machin on 751524.

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