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Please Do Not Litter Our Village. Respect Others and Your Environment.

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Madeley Tidy Group

If you feel that you could spare a little time to improve our village, please meet us at Greyhound Court on the last Saturday of each month, at 10.00am, for a litter pick.

If you would like to help you can contact:

Sue Machin 751524

The group would like to say a ‘BIG’ thank you to all people who have worked hard in maintaining the flower beds throughout the village. Not forgetting, of course, all the generous donors of money, to purchase flowers and troughs.

If you feel that you could spare a little time to improve our village, please meet us at Greyhound Court on the last Saturday of each month, at 10.00am, for a litter pick.

Litter Pick: Saturday, August 29th at 10.00am:

The tidy group is meeting this Saturday, August 29th at The Greyhound for a clean-up round the centre of the village – please join us at 10.00am if you have an hour to spare and want to make our village a prettier place to live.
More info – phone Sue on 751524

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Tidy Group minutes: July

Madeley Tidy Group
Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20th July 2015
Present Chris Machin, Sue Machin, Anne Shaw, Alan Woodhouse, Andy Capewell ,Chris Wright ,Lynda Berrington
Apologies: Helen Dutton, Roy Dutton, John Berrington, Anne Nicholson.
Minutes of last meeting on 8th June 2015 accepted as a true record; proposed by Chris Machin; Seconded by Alan Woodhouse
The Madeley Fun day will be on the 12th September. New this year will be a stall where young people can make their own bird boxes.
Communities’ day was a success, organised by Simon & Gary from The Old Hall, with volunteers from Madeley Angling Club, the Tidy Group, teachers and pupils from The Meadows Primary School and the event was co-ordinated by wardens from NUL BC and Madeley Police.
The judging for” it’s your neighbourhood “scheme has taken place. The judge, Donna Loasby, was taken around by Sue M, Annie S, Phil S, Chris M & photographed by Andy C. Thanks to Chris and Sue and also thanks to all the people who worked hard to get all the beds ready in time.
The balance on the 30th June £696.93
There has been no contact from Lizzie Stuart; ACTION CHRIS M to contact her in the next few days and see if she’s still interested in helping us.
We now have the new leaflets. We need to consider how to distribute them. I have some quotes for leaflet holders which could go in local shops with our leaflets – agreed that we should go ahead and order some.
Over the last few weeks we have concentrated on preparing for the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ assessment.
Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the preparation.
We also undertook an extra litter pick last Saturday to make sure the village looked, as far as possible, at its best.
We have also prepared a photo board for the assessor, Donna Loasby, with photos of all the beds, troughs and planters throughout the village, because, as she only had one hour, we would not have had time to show her all that we do.
Hopefully, we have now covered all the areas for development from last year’s assessor’s report.

If you see any litter build up, please report it to Street scene on 01782-742500 or
Next litter pick will be on the 29th August.
After the summer break there will be an attempt to arrange a litter pick with children and parents.
Tetra packs are still recycled at Leycett Lane.
Bug Houses for the beds to be left on the agenda and possibly sited in the autumn.
Renewal of the Long trough. Possibility for the autumn?
Contact Simon Long of NUL BC for soil improver.
Sue had a meeting with Ann Spilsbury, a governor at The Meadows Primary School, re involvement of the children, and several projects were discussed, one of them being making bug houses.
ACTION discuss at next meeting a tidy group school liaison person.
Replanting of the stone troughs.
Anne Shaw will attend a Parish Council meeting on the 23rd July. She will put forward our case and the costs involved.
Vicarage lane bed needs rejuvenating. Alan will donate some of the plants required.
Mark Bradley has shown an interest in joining the Tidy Group.
7th September 2015; 7.30 in the café area at The Madeley Centre.
Present; Apologies; Minutes of Previous Meeting; Matters Arising; Treasurers Report; PR & Sponsorship Report; ; Gardening Report; Litter Picks; Recycling; Future Plans; AOB; Date of Next Meeting.

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Save The Offley Arms

Our local, historic public house is under threat of being neglected and in the future, could be built on. The Offley Arms has been the at the core of the village for over 300 years; from housing the former servicemen’s club after the First World War to protecting the villagers from air raids during the Second World War. The Offley Arms has seen Madeley go from strength to strength, and it would be a shame for this to end in such circumstances.

Please sign the petition to protect this valued, essential venue in our community and help to get the building listed (on Facebook – The Madeley Centre or Madeley Tidy Group page)

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Perennial Shrubs & Plants Required…

Madeley Tidy Group are looking for any donations of perennial shrubs or plants to help stock the flower beds, troughs and planters around the village.

If you have any surplus plants, please consider donating them to the group and help improve our village.

Sue on 751524

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Madeley Tidy Group

Committee Members:

Chairman: Sue Machin
Vice Chairman: Anne Shaw
Secretary: Alan Woodhouse
Treasurer: John Berrington
Publicity & Sponsorship: Chris Machin

We are a group of volunteers who look after the flower beds and troughs in Madeley & Madeley Heath.

We also litter pick as a group on the last Saturday of the month, meeting at Greyhound Court at 10.00; and as individuals on a regular basis.

Our meetings are open to all and are held in the cafe area of the Madeley Centre.

All meetings start at 7.30 pm & finish at approx. 9.00 pm.

If you are interested in joining our friendly group, please contact either Sue Machin on 751524.

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