Old Pictures of Bar Hill

A view from the railway bridge towards the church, just visible above the trees on the left. Moss Lane junction is where the white gate can be seen, with the garage and bicycle works just past the junction.What was the old vicarage can be seen on the right where once there was a council yard and now stands Heywood Place which was briefly called Smithy Court.
Looking towards Bar Hill from the junction of Manor Road. Red Hill junction is just visible to our left of where the young girl stands. The lower set of terraced houses are yet to be built.Over the right hand wall is the reservoir for the railway water troughs which were used for refilling the steam train tenders while on the move.
Terraced houses on Bar Hill.
Bar Hill Cottages, which were destroyed by fire in 1916. Note the the spelling Barr Hill.
Sandstone cutting at the very top of Bar Hill. Bar Hill Farm entrance on the left.(Please note that this picture suffers from photographic fogging which shows as the black mark.)
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