Madeley 1870 Lease

Historical Madeley Documents Bought for Madeley

The ten page lease dated 1870 containing with two pages of hand coloured plans of Madeley village and roads, All Saint’s church and Madeley Manor and plans of the colliery grounds discovered in California, has now been purchased for the village. Peter Waelkens a historical collector from Belgium has managed to purchase the documents and has sold them on to the Parish of Madeley. They currently reside safely at Borough Museum in Newcastle and are being transcribed by one of Keele University students. It is intended to set up an Historical Documents Committee in Madeley to oversee this and other important pieces of our village history. Anyone wishing to have have an input on this matter should contact the website.

A Summary

Indenture or agreement between Hungerford Lord Crewe and a group of squires and engineers- known as the Lessees- for them to lease the land mines and watercourses for a term of 21 years. The land in Madeley had been given to Lord Hungerford Crewe for life in his father’s will. It excludes the land 250 yards around the manor of Madeley and land that is already being used for mining, turnpiked roads or railways or has cottages on it (extensive details are given relating to the plans). Most of these belonged to a deceased Thomas Limstone. The Lessees would keep all the various stones they mined during this time. They had the liberty to use to existing colliery railway and the wharf and weighing machines and they had the right to build more ‘sidings and other conveniences at their on expense. The rest of the document describes the land and rights being let in detail and the reasons for which the lessess might loose their right to the land.

Presents- means this document

A complete transcription

Transcribed by Elise Butler

This Indenture made the sixteenth day of February in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy Between the Right Honourable Hungerford Lord Crewe Baron Crewe of Crewe in the County Palatine of Chester on the one hand and
Thomas Harrison of Lingelton Park Kendal in the county Westmorrland
Esquire James Sampson Young of abbot hall Newton in Calmet in the county of Lancaster
Esquire Oliver Ormelod Walker of Gorsey Brow Bury in the same county esquire and
Thomas Woodluine of Thursford Nille Newston in Calmet aforesaid Esquire
Daniel Harrison of Kendal aforesaid esquire Samuel Bauett of Altringham in the said county of Chester Esquire
John Cufs formerly of Bury in the county of Lancaster but now residing at Madley in the County of Stafford Civil Engineer and
Stephen James Green of 35 Gresham Street in the city of London Gentleman having after called the Lessess of the other part

WITHERSEF that in consideration of the rents having after reserved and of the covenants by the Lessess having after contained and of the accession of a Counterpart of these presents and which counterpart has been excluded by the Lessess immediately before the execution of these presents by the said Hungerford Lord Crewe He the said Hungerford Lord Crewe in exercise of a power given to him by the Will in dated the fifth day of January one thousand and eight hundred and seventy four of the right honourable John Lord Crewe deceased doth hereby appoint grant and demise unto the Lessess their executors administrators and assignors. ALL AND SINGULAR the Collieries and Colliery mines and Mine Coal Pits and pit seams and seam of coal as well open as not open watercourses and watercourse water levels and level gutters and gutter soughs and sough drains and on drain with the several veins dells and beds of coal ironstone limestone and other that at any times or times during the term? of twenty one years hereby granted or intended so to be shall can or may be had dug wrought obtained or gotten within under from or out of all and every or any of the lands in the parish of Madeley in the county of Stafford of which the said Hungerford Lord Crewe is tenant for life under or by value of the limitations contained in the said Will of the said John Lord Crewe deceased except such as are within two hundred and fifty yards of the Manor House of Madeley aforesaid and by the way of appointment and demise control not of exception also the surface of all such said lands in the said parish of Madeley of which the said Hungerford Lord Crewe is tenant for life under the said will as have been hereforce used and occupied by the late Thomas Limstone esquire for colliery purposes with the cottages and other buildings sheds railway spoil banks and heap grounds now standing and being therein the site of which said last mentioned lands and of the said Railway spoil banks and heap grounds heretofore used and occupied as aforesaid (except the site of the colliery Railway hereinafter mentioned south of the turnpike Road from Betley to Newcastle are respectively delineated in the plan marked No 1. drawn on the ninth skin of these presents and are and therein distinguished by a pink hint? And the same are also more particularly described as to the names state and quantities thereof in the schedule hereunder written and are therein referred to by the numbers in red ink on the same plan marked No. 1 and also the site of the said Colliery Railway South of the said Turnpike road as the same is in delineated on the plan on the tenth skin of these presents marked No. 2 and therein distinguished by a pink hint and is more particularly described in the said Schedule and therein and on the said plan marked No. 2 referred to by the No. 5q in red ink Together with liberty for the Lessees their executers administrators and assigners to use the said colliery railway and the wharf and weighing machine erected or to be erected in connection therewith with sidings and other conveniences thereto on the parts coloured blue on the said plan No. 2 and at their own expense to erect or complete the erection thereof accordingly and together with liberty for the Lessees their executers administrators and assigners if and when they shall be deprived of the use of land belonging to the representatives of the said Thomas Lumstone as shown on the same plan as shall be unable to claim in on reasonable terms? for the purposes of the said Railway to divert the same as shown by the line dotted blue on the same plan the said Lessees their executers administrators and assigners forthwith resolving the now existing site of the said railway to the level of the adjoining land fit for tillage or other agricultural? purposes and securing the same to the said Hungerford Lord Crewe or his assigners or other the person or persons entitled as aforesaid and together with liberty for the Lessees their executers, administrators and assigners and their or any of their servants attendants agents or workmen to enter upon any of the lands roadways grounds and premises (except such as within sight of the manor House of Madeley) aforesaid and as such as are south of the Betley and Newcastle turnpike road, the mines under which are hereby appointed and demised or intended so to be and there to engines and therein and thereon to dig, sink, win work or make any Collieries mines pits shafts trenches or grooves and to drive? Any drifts water or gates or watercourses for the winning, working or getting any coals ironstone limestone and other stone in or upon or out of the said lands and premises or any part or parts thereof (except as aforesaid ) and for the avoiding and conveying? Away of water or slyth? Therefrom and also to make use of such ground room? Heap room and pit room (except as aforesaid) for laying the coals or stone or gravel and other things that shall from time to time be gotten out of such collieries and mines as shall be necessary and also to take lead and carry away with carts trains? wagons and other carriages all the coal ironstone limestone and other stone wrought or got out of the said Collieries or Mines and also all the coals drawn to bank at any pit or pits thereof through over or along all of any of the said lands or premises to lead and carry by the nearest and most convenient way or ways to any river canal railroad or other place or places where the same shall be to be delivered and also in an upon the said lands and premises respectively or any part of parts thereof respectively (except as aforesaid) to erect and build or make fix and place? Any railway wagon ways branches bridges or other coal ways bye ways side ways or other ways and to amend and repair the same as occasion shall require and also to make build and place within or upon signed sealed and delivered by the within named Hungerford Lord Crewe in the presence of…

Front cover
Dated 16th February 1810
The right honourable the lord Crewe to
Thomas Harrison esquire and offices

Of Colliers and Mines at Madeley in the County of Stafford
From 1st April 1869
For years 21
Expires 1st April 1890

1st year £600
2nd year £900
3rd year £1500
4th year £2000
5th subsequent £2500

Surrender by endorsement dated 6th March 1883

(A palatine is a territory ruled by a palatine prince or a noble or a count palatine.)


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