Leycett Recipes


White Vegetable Soup. – Miss Poyser, Station House, Leycett.
Bean Soup. – Jas. Chadwick, “Seacroft” Promenade, Cleveleys, near Blackpool.
Winter Pea Soup. – Herbert C. Whalen, Leycett.
Tomato Soup. – Miss Basford, Newcastle.
Sheep’s Head Broth. – Mrs Nicholl, Park House, Leycett, Staffs.
Brain Sauce. – Mrs. Nicholl, Park House, Leycett, Staffs.


Ginger Cake. – Mrs. Smith.
Chopped Plum Pudding Mrs. J. Leigh, Leycett.
Ginger Cake. – Mrs. T. Blow, Scott Hay.
Plain Cake. – Mrs. Jones, Leycett.
Sponge Cake. – Mrs. J. Dams, Leycett.
Parkin. – Mrs. Leigh, Madeley.
Splendid Swiss Roll. – Miss Knighton, Penkhull.
Ginger Breads. – Mrs. Standish, 184, Sandal Street, Miles Platting.
Cocoanut Fingers. – Miss Jenkinson, Leycett.
Cocoanut Cakes. – Miss Wood, Madeley.
Cocoanut Buns. – O. Scrivens
Queen’s Cakes. – Mrs. Dobson, Leycett.

Coburg Cakes. – Mrs, Salmon, Woodburn Cottages.
Fruit Cake. – M. Sinister, Leycett Bank, Leycett.
Rice Buns. – Mrs. Barlow, Levenshulme.
Cocoanut Cake. – Mrs. S. Millington, Scott Hay.

Oatmeal Biscuits. – B.S.
Ginger Sponge Cake. – Mrs. Howarth, Cleveleys.
Rock Cakes. – Mrs. Green, Scott Hay.
Plain Cake. – Mrs. P. Rogerson, Scott Hay.
German Puffs. – Mrs. W. Beardmore.
American Jelly Cake. – Mrs. W. Beardmore.
Currant Fingers. – Mrs. C. Challinor.

Potato Cakes. – Mrs W. G. Peasegood.
Cornflour Sponge Cake. – A. A. Hollins.
Plain Cherry Cake. – Mrs. Whalen, Leycett.
Iced Ginger Bread Cake. – Mrs. Wrench, Stone House, Leycett.
Easter Cakes. – Miss Weston, Onneley.
Plum Cake. – Miss Boulton, Madeley.
Chocolate Buns. – Miss Shufflebotham.
Gipsy Cakes. – Miss A. Phillips, Middle Madeley.
Biscuits. – Miss E. Morgan, Madeley.
Cocoanut Cake. – A.V.M.
Elderberry Wine. – Mrs. G. Tinsky, Leycett.
Claret Cup. – Mr. W, G. Peasegood, Leycett
Ginger Cordial. – Miss Nutley, Hyėres.
Lemonade. – F. Clarke, Scott Hay.
Lemon Squash. – Mrs. Mustow, Madeley Heath.
Beaten Egg. – The, Rev. B. R. Healey, The Bungalow, Cleveley’s.
Rhubarb & Ginger Jam. – L.C., Crackley Gate.
Orange Marmalade. – Mrs. Richards, Newcastle. – on. – Tyne.
To preserve Green Gooseberries. – T. B. Betley.
Apricot Jam. – Mrs D. Bloor, Scott Hay.
Gooseberry Jelly. – P. Bailey, Finney Green.
Lemon Cheese. – Miss Bramwell, Hanley, Staffs.
Orange Marmalade. – E. Willis
Lemon Cheese. – Mrs. Archie Sims, Madeley, Staffs.
Rhubarb and Fig Jam. – Miss Joan Cox, The Old Hall, Madeley.
Lemon Cheese. – Miss Cadwallader, Hurst Hill
To Bottle Fruit. – Mrs. Nutley, Madeley.
Tarts and Confectionery.
Cream Horns. – Mr. H. Challinor, Park Terrace, Leycett.
Ground Rice Cheesecakes. – M. S. Hassall, Madeley Heath
Bakewell Tart. – A. Downend.
Tartlets. – Mrs. Johnson, Aggar Hill.

Chutney. – Rev. C. E. Nutley.
Pickled Mushrooms. – F. A. Leigh Leycett.
Marrow Pickle. – Mrs. Bishop Madeley Heath.
Pickle for Beef or Tongues. – A. L. C. Scott Hay.
Caper Sauce. – Mr. Kersthaw Cleveleys.
Mushrooms Pickled. – Mr. J. Sims, Madeley.
Pickled Damsons. – A. J. Tinsley, Leycett.
Tomato Chutney. – C. Boulton, Agger Hill.
Pickled Damsons. – F.S.
To Pickle Walnuts. – Mrs. Pye, Madeley.
Tomato Sauce. – Miss Goodfellow.
Pickled Damsons. – Miss Chase, Madeley.
Piccalilli. – Miss Jackson, Madeley.
Pickled Damsons. – Miss Dorothy Windsor.
Salad Dressing. – Mrs. Joseph Insheep, Barr Hill,
Pickled Marrow. – Mrs. Watson, Madeley Heath.
Cheese Pudding. – E. C.
Swedish Padding. – Mrs. Gr. Leigh, No. 1, Derby Street, Cobridge.
Queen of Puddings. – Mrs. J. Dowend, Leycett Bank.
Marguerite Pudding. – Mrs. E. Clarke.
Fig Pudding. – Mrs. J. Millington.
Bonite. – Mrs. L. Leigh, Barr Hill, Madeley.
Homeopathic Pudding. – Mrs. T. W. Holdcroft.
Six Cup Pudding. – Mr. O. Pye, Madeley, Staffs.
Apricot Pudding. – Miss L. Ardern, Romiley.
Brown Sponge Pudding. – Mrs. Chadwick, Seacroft, Promenade, Cleveleys, near Blackpool.
Preserved Ginger Pudding. – L. Tinsley, Timbersbrook House, Congleton, Cheshire.
American Ice. – Miss L. Simister, Normacot, Stoke. – on. – Trent.
Ashfield Pudding. – Alice Millington, Woodburn Cottage, near Leycett, Newcastle, Staffs.
Trifle. – R. L. Platt, Madeley Heath.
Yorkshire Padding. – Mrs. Hill, Cleveleys, Blackpool.
Italian Pudding,. – Mrs. T. Bagnall, Leycett.
Fig Pudding. – Miss H. Bibby, Silverdale.
Bakewell Padding. – M. H. Simpson, Alsagers Bank.
A Good Economical Pudding. – Mabel Hodson, Madeley, Nr. Newcastle.
Leicester Pudding. – Mrs. F. Goodall, Madeley.
Windsor Castle Plum Pudding. – Miss Rimmer, Madeley
Chocolate Pudding. – Miss Rimmer, Madeley.
Honeycomb Cream. – Miss B. Bedson.
Saucer Puddings. – Miss .S. K. Nutley, Hyėres.
Lemon Cream. – Mrs A. Jeffreys, Mill Hovuse, Stanton, Shrewsbury.
Biscuit Pudding. – Mrs. Bryan.
Sponge Custard. – Miss Beatrice Budge, Hurst Hill.
Cold Sponge Pudding. – Miss Joan Cox.
Gold Lamb. – Mrs. P. M. Cox.
Savoury Potatoes. –
Ruth Webb, Finney Green Farm., Little Madeley, Staffs.
Lamb’s Sweetbreads. – Nurse Simms, Burton. – on. – Trent.
Cheese Savoury. – Miss Edith Bagnall, Leycett.
Cheese Straws. – Mrs. Swinnerton, Park Terrace, Leycett.
Salmon Rolls. – A. Meads, Scott Hay.
Anchovy Eggs. – Miss Hughes, Betley.
Tea Cakes, etc.
Home. – made Bread. – Mrs. Clarke, Rose Cottage, Leycett.
Piklets. – Mrs. Hazledine, Leycett.
Tea Busks. – Mrs. H. Kay, 14, Lyme Grove, Romiley.
Tea Cakes. – Miss Etta A. Bryan, Leycett.
Plain Tea Cake. – Nurse Sheridan, Hartshill.
Plain Rolls. – Mrs. F. Timmis, The Brooklands, Audley.
Cold and Hot Meats.
Boiled Tongue. – E. J. Hassal, Madeley Heath.
Beef and Ham Roll. – Mrs. Whitfield, Dunston. – on. – Tyne.
Beef Olives. – Miss Slaney.
Podovies. – Mrs. Slaney.
Dresden Patties. – Mrs. Knight, Barr Hill.
Fish and Potato Pie. – Miss Babs Knight.
Meat Boll. – M. Yates, Bolton.
Veal Mould. – Miss Gittens, Madeley.
Small Beef Mould. – Miss Gittens, Madeley.
Gold Meat. – Mrs. P. M. Cox, Madeley.
Kidney Entree. – Miss Millington.
Breakfast Brawn. – Mrs Poyser, Station House, Leycett.
Meat and Tomato Hot. – pot. – Mrs. H. B. Broadbent, Timpurley.
Beef Steak Pie. – Miss Brindley, Hanley, Staff’s.
Stewed Babbit and Sausage. – H, Millington, Woodburn Cottage, Leycett.
Mutton Stew. – Mrs. W. G. Peasegood, Leycett.
A Lancashire Hot Pot. – Mrs. H. Clarke, Leycett.
Potted Beef. – Miss Weaver, Madeley Heath.
Sandwich. – Mrs. Kershaw, Cleveleys.
Tripe and Onions. – G, Beardmore, Fleetwood.
Veal Cake. – Mrs. Hales, Scott Hay.
Meat Oakes. – A. Bancroft, Cleveleys.
Toffee. – Master O. C. Nuttley.
To Choose Eggs. – The Rev. E. R. Healey, The Bungalow, Cleveleys.
Home. – Made Embrocation. – Mrs. Mason, Timbersbrook House, Congleton, Cheshire.
Russian Toffee. – Mrs. Goulding, Rochdale Road, Manchester,
Cough Mixture. – Miss Jeffreys, Starton, Shrewsbury.
Chocolate Cream. – A. Deavall, Leycett Station.
How to make a small Cheese. – O. Lomax.
Furniture Polish:. – Mr. Nixon, Madeley.

Mrs. Johnson, Aggar Hill
C Boulton, Agger Hill
M H Simpson, Alsagers Bank
Mrs. F Timmis, The Brooklands, Audley
Mrs. Knight, Barr Hill
Mrs. Joseph Insheep, Barr Hill
Mrs. L Leigh, Barr Hill, Madeley
T B, Betley
Miss Hughes, Betley
M Yates, Bolton
Nurse Simms, Burton-on-Trent
A Bancroft, Cleveleys
Rev E R Healey, The Bungalow, Cleveleys
Rev B R Healey, The Bungalow, Cleveleys
Mrs. Howarth, Cleveleys
Mrs. Kershaw, Cleveleys
Mr. Kersthaw, Cleveleys
Mrs. Chadwick, Seacroft, Promenade, Cleveleys, Blackpool
Jas Chadwick, Seacroft, Promenade, Cleveleys, Blackpool
Mrs. Hill, Cleveleys, Blackpool
Mrs. Gr Leigh, No 1 Derby Street, Cobridge
Mrs. Mason, Timbersbrook House, Congleton, Cheshire
L Tinsley, Timbersbrook House, Congleton, Cheshire
L C, Crackley Gate
Mrs. Whitfield, Dunston-on-Tyne
P Bailey, Finney Green
G Beardmore, Fleetwood
Miss Bramwell, Hanley, Staffs.
Miss Brindley, Hanley, Staffs.
Nurse Sheridan, Hartshill
Miss Beatrice Budge, Hurst Hill
Miss Cadwallader, Hurst Hill
Miss S K Nutley, Hyėres
Miss Nutley, Hyėres
Mrs. Barlow, Levenshulme
Mrs. T Bagnall, Leycett, Staffs.
Miss Edith Bagnall, Leycett, Staffs.
Miss Etta A Bryan, Leycett, Staffs.
Mr. H Challinor, Park Terrace, Leycett
Mrs. Clarke, Rose Cottage, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. H Clarke, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. J Dams, Leycett, Staffs.
A Deavall, Leycett Station, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Dobson, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. J Dowend, Leycett Bank, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Hazledine, Leycett, Staffs.
Miss Jenkinson, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Jones, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. J Leigh, Leycett, Staffs.
F A Leigh, Leycett, Staffs.
Alice Millington, Woodburn Cottage, Leycett, Staffs.
H Millington, Woodburn Cottage, Leycett, Staffs.
Mr. W G Peasegood, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. W G Peasegood, Leycett, Staffs.
Miss Poyser, Station House, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Poyser, Station House, Leycett
Mrs. Salmon, Woodburn Cottages, Leycett
M Sinister, Leycett Bank, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. G Tinsky, Leycett, Staffs.
A J Tinsley, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Whalen, Leycett, Staffs.
Herbert C Whalen, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Wrench, Stone House, Leycett, Staffs.
Mrs. Nicholl, Park House, Leycett, Staffs.
Ruth Webb, Finney Green Farm, Little, Madeley, Staffs.
Miss Boulton, Madeley
Miss Chase, Madeley
Mrs. P M Cox, Madeley
Miss Joan Cox, The Old Hall, Madeley
Miss Gittens, Madeley
Mrs. F Goodall, Madeley
Miss Jackson, Madeley
Mrs. Leigh, Madeley
Miss E Morgan, Madeley
Mr. Nixon, Madeley
Mrs. Nutley, Madeley
Mrs. Pye, Madeley
Miss Rimmer, Madeley
Mr. J Sims, Madeley
Miss Wood, Madeley
Mabel Hodson, Madeley
Mr. O Pye, Madeley, Staffs.
Mrs. Archie Sims, Madeley, Staffs.
Mrs. Bishop, Madeley Heath
E J Hassal, Madeley Heath
M S Hassall, Madeley Heath
Mrs. Watson, Madeley, Madeley Heath
Mrs. Mustow, Madeley Heath
R L Platt, Madeley Heath
Miss Weaver, Madeley Heath
Mrs. Goulding Rochdale Road Manchester
Miss A Phillips, Middle Madeley
Mrs. Standish, 184 Sandal Street, Miles Platting
Miss Basford, Newcastle
Mrs. Richards, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Miss L Simister, Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent
Miss Weston, Onneley
Miss Knighton, Penkhull
Miss L Ardern, Romiley
Mrs. H Kay, 14 Lyme Grove, Romiley
Mrs. D Bloor, Scott Hay
Mrs. T Blow, Scott Hay
F Clarke, Scott Hay
Mrs. Hales, Scott Hay
A Meads, Scott Hay
Mrs. S Millington, Scott Hay
Mrs. P Rogerson, Scott Hay
A L C Scott, Scott Hay
Mrs. Green Scott, Scott Hay
Miss H Bibby, Silverdale
Miss Jeffreys, Stanton, Shrewsbury
Mrs. A Jeffreys, Mill House, Stanton, Shrewsbury
Mrs. H B Broadbent, Timperley
Mrs. W Beardmore
Miss B Bedson
Mrs. Bryan
Mrs. C Challinor
Mrs. E Clarke
Mrs. P M Cox
Miss Joan Cox
A Downend
Miss Goodfellow
Mrs. T W Holdcroft
A A Hollins
Miss Babs Knight
O Lomax
Miss Millington
Mrs. J Millington
Rev C E Nutley
Master O C Nuttley
Mrs. W G Peasegood
O Scrivens
Miss Shufflebotham
Miss Slaney
Mrs. Smith
E Willis
Miss Dorothy Windsor

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