Leycett Folk Trip to Blackpool

Leycett Folk Trip to Blackpool
August 1945. (Probably the first Monday in August)


Taken shortly after the second world war, this picture shows a good many Leycett residents in a posed photograph outside their hotel in Blackpool. Click on the photo for a larger view, and if anyone recognises someone in the picture please lets us know.

(Photo – © Arthur Thompson) 

1 19 37
2 20 38
3 21 39
4 22 40 Eddie Morris
5 23 Stephen Cartlidge 41
6 24 42
7 25 43
8 26 44
9 27 45
10 28 46
11 29 47
12 30 Louisa Morris nee Powell 48
13 31 49
14 32 50
15 33 Janet Matthews Grandmother 51
16 34 52
17 35 53
18 36

It appears that we have it at 2 to 1 for number 23 being either Stephen Cartlidge or Arthur Bedson.

With regard to the photo of the residents of Leycett on their trip to Blackpool, I believe that the person on the extreme right of the back row (23) is my grandfather, Stephen Cartlidge.  A cousin of mine who introduced me to the site informed me that my grandfather regularly organised trips to Blackpool after the war.  The lady on the second row from the front flanked by the two little girls is my grandmother. If you are interested I have a photograph of what I believe to be Leycett cricket team, probably in the late 40’s early 50’s.  My late father was a member of that team and I found the photo whilst sorting through his things.  Janet Matthews

My name is Alan Stephen Farmer. I was born in 1941 and live in Stafford. You asked to be informed if any of the Leycett residents shown in the photograph during a trip to Blackpool can be identified. Well, I can identify  a few of those shown in the photograph. Number (23) is my Grandfather Stephen Cartlidge who lived in Middle Street Leycett. Also in the photograph which I can identify on the enlarged version is my Grandmother. I can also make out a few of the uncles from the Cartlidge family to include Steve, Harry, and Bill . There may also be a couple of my aunts. My mother was May Farmer (Nee Cartlidge) now deceased.

Your site asks for the identity of people in the Blackpool trip photo. No (30) is my Grandmother Louisa Morris nee Powell (1893-1976) who was born in Leycett but lived in Little Madeley and Madeley Heath. No (40) is her husband my Grandfather Eddie Morris (1892-1968) who kept the post office in Swan Bank. No (23) is Arthur Bedson who kept the cobblers shop at the top of Long Row Madeley Heath. Arthur, who lost a leg as a child, main income was from making clogs for Leycett miners. He was also for many years Secretary of the Wrinehill football team. His workshop was the main gossip shop for all the “old soldiers”.

Kelvin Bell

Ps I can confirm the date as being August 1945.(Probably the first Monday in August) My grandparents are wearing the same outfits they wore to my parents wedding a few weeks before.

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