History – Post Second World War

Next to the Old Swan stood the Madeley Heath Post Office. This was kept by Edwin Morris (right) who had previously run the small shop prior to the second world war in Wharf Terrace. Edwin’s son Arthur, provided the black and white photos here and on the 1900 – 1950’s page and also shown above.During the construction of the M6 motorway, an excavator sank in the swampy ground next to Brook House Farm in Madeley Heath. No doubt the vibrations from the engine would have quickened its plummet. 

Netherset Farm in the seventies was the home address of Quentin Crewe and his family. Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon were frequent visitors of the Crewe family at the farm!

The allotments off Manor Road are still owned by the Crewe Estate which is now based at an office in London.
At the corner of Wharf Terrace and Keele Road stood two shops, one on each side. On the left was Arthur Bedson the cobblers. On the right Young’s Chip Shop. 

This photograph courtesy of Arthur Morris shows
Arthur Bedson proudly displaying his trophies some of which were won playing cricket. This was no mean feat, as Arthur as a young boy, lost his right leg in an accident. Taken in Wharf Terrace, the wall behind Mr. Bedson backs onto what is now The Crewe Arms car park.


Further along Wharf Terrace next to the drive leading to the Crewe Arms, there was Tranton’s shop and bakery.


Several of the shops were converted front rooms in terraced houses.


Arthur Bedson
Opposite to the monument, existed the former home of the co-operative society shop. A photograph of which can be seen on the first page of the history section.
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