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Madeley College of Education was built in 1962 and was used to train teachers of Physical Education. It remained in use until 1982, when it was moved to the Physical Education department of Staffordshire Polytechnic (now Staffordshire University) at Stoke-on-Trent.
Previously known as the County of Stafford Training College, “The Madeley College of Education” opened in 1962. The buildings were occupied gradually as the original site at “Nelson Hall” was wound down after being it’s home since 1949.

The College specialised in Home Economics and Men’s Physical Education. There were also general courses i.e.: Arts (Dance and Drama), language (German) and Economics.

In the Autumn of 1970 there were over 1,200 student resident in the halls of “Madeley College”. Residents came from all around the Country (and beyond) as well as day students from the locality.

As well as a full sized swimming pool, the college offered a gymnasium, 24 booth language laboratory, fully equipped stage and projection room and an excellent library.
There were also a reading room and student union building.

The “College Gardens” housing development now stands in place of this once great educational establishment and fortunately it is a very pleasant development.


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An aerial view of the College

Madeley College Aerial View

New road runs up along the left hand side, with Newcastle Road running from the bottom left to top right. One particular landmark that has stayed is the tree raised up and protected by a wall, just to the left of the rugby pitch in this picture.

Nelson Hall

Nelson Hall Annexe near EccleshallNelson Hall Annexe near Eccleshall

Nelson Hall was the accommodation for 1st and some 2nd year students only, who were transported to Madeley for lectures. 2nd, 3rd and 4th year degree students were accommodated at Madeley.


Madeley College Closure

Former Madeley College from Manor Park Farm Side

(Right) Former Madeley College looking from the service road which runs from Newcastle Road to Heighley Castle Way. The position where this photograph was taken is close to the end of Beck Road where the cutting runs through to the service road.
(Photo – © Kevin J. Clarke)

Former Madeley College from Newcastle Road

(Left) Former Madeley College looking from the service road adjacent to the entrance. The caretakers house is to the left. (Photo – © Kevin J. Clarke)


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