M6 Toll Road


Would You Like This?The government have set up dedicated web pages for this controversial development. Select the link below.

M6 Widening. How This Affects Madeley

We are contacting you on behalf of the Group Against Motorway Expansion (G.A.M.E.) in connection with the government’s intention to widen the M6 between junctions 11 and 19 at a cost of £2.9 billion. This issue could not be more urgent, as the Highways Agency is currently working up a Business Case, for a ministerial decision early next year.

We believe the widening to be a bad idea, and argue that serious traffic reduction would be more relevant. Although the Government insist that the widening is in accordance with the findings of the MidMan Report, it is being selective in proposing motorway widening without implementing the recommended non-highway measures. Most importantly, we consider that the threat of global warming is too serious for the government to be considering expanding the motorway system.

These points and our proposed alternatives are fully argued in the attached document “The Way Ahead: an alternative to M6 widening”, which we have produced to help and inform relevant stakeholders and the public at large.

The Government’s intention is that once the Business Case is presented to the Department for Transport early next year, the Secretary of State will confirm the M6 widening as an “approved scheme”. Thus now is the time to write to the Department for Transport before the scheme becomes a definite part of the road building programme. The two issues are:

  • To object to the proposals before the decision is made, based on the arguments in “The Way Ahead”
  • Currently the Highways Agency is saying that they will not give local stakeholders an opportunity to comment on the Business Case before this key decision.

Whatever your views on the proposals, we urge you to seek to influence the ministerial decision early next year by asking to have the opportunity to comment on the Business Case.

Alison Crane
on behalf of Group Against Motorway Expansion (GAME)

The Stakeholder meeting at Penkridge

Jane Leaper
Home: 12 The Bunting, Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire ST9 0BQ.
Phone: 01782 550345.

CPRE Staffordshire Branch
15 Martin Street Stafford ST16 2LE
Phone: 01785 277890
(Open 10a.m-1.00 pm. Tuesday and Thursday mornings)
Email: protect@cprestaffordshire.org.uk

Website: www.cprestaffordshire.org.uk

Roger Oldfield has given a fair and accurate summary of the meeting. There is nothing much that I can add.

We do have 3 maps, all marked ‘concept only’ which rather detracts from their value.

The three maps are (1) ‘broadly symmetrical widening’, (2) ‘broadly parallel widening’ and (3) the Expressway which would be ‘ broadly adjacent’. The Highways Agency were at pains to demonstrate that the Expressway could be fitted into the existing M6 corridor, and indeed they have drawn it as hugging the M6 all the way, even, for example, through the geophysically unstable SBI Walton’s Wood. Of more interest (and credible) were the ‘conceptual’ junctions at M6 J16 – for Expressway to M6, J15 for M6E/A500/A50, and south of J15 for the Expressway/M6. The maps, even if ‘conceptual’, illustrate the massive land-take needed for these junctions.

The HA are giving out the maps on free cd’s available at the meetings.

The HA are offering to visit any group that wants information, parish

councils for example. I encourage anybody who knows of a group who would like to see the presentation to contact the HA. Phone: Nick Curwen on 0121 678 6232. The HA are aiming to present their study to the Minister by early July. They are working to a tight schedule. I’m sure that none of us want to waste their time, but we are entitled to have the information and have our opinions heard.

Roger Oldfield

I went to the one in Penkridge and, shockingly, only half of the 85 people who said they were coming actually turned up. This left much time for questions and in the end the meeting just dried up and went home early. There was a phalanx of charming and seemingly rational people from the Highways Agency, all explaining in a pleasant, low-key sort of way the mechanics of the rape of the planet, which they were planning. In response to our (CPRE banner) questions and comments they just stonewalled every time – ‘We have been tasked by the government to draw up proposals on these two options’ and were not prepared in any way to discuss a third option (no motorway expansion) or the issues (such as climate change) which make it the only rational and moral way forward. I still feel that it was worth it, though – we were reaching out to other participants as well as them.

Roger Oldfield (GAME)

M6 Toll Meeting 13th Oct 2004

M6 Toll Meeting 13th Oct 2004Nearly 100 concerned residents attended the M6 Toll Meeting held at Madeley village hall on 13th Oct 2004 called by Cllr. Ashley Howells. M6 Toll issues can be found here

Chairman for the meeting, Cllr Bill Sinnott kicked off the discussion with a brief outline of the implications of having the current M6 increased in width to accommodate new lanes, and the option for a parallel motorway to the current M6. Concerns regarding major detours once construction begins were aired, with the past experience of the bridge repairs at Wrinehill, where the intentions to shut the A531 completely, would have meant additional 15 mile journeys for certain travellers. Furthermore, the impact such construction work would have on the community with the increase in heavy plant traffic and road closures during this period.

On hand to answer questions were members of the parish council include Cllr Glyn Williams, Cllr Dave Barrnish, Cllr Steve Burke and Cllr John Sutton. A member of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) addressed the audience and gave some insight into effective methods of fighting Madeley’s and Staffordshire’s corner on this issue, and raising concerns for the environmental impact. Further to this, the CPRE are opposed to any further road building schemes and are lobbying government to implement national integrated transport policies to include all forms of public transport. 

Cllr Burke addressed the meeting with the rhetorical question of whether anyone wanted this scheme to go ahead and repeating the ‘show of hands’ requested by Cllr Sinnott earlier, stating forcefully that in order to prevent this happening, those present should contact friends neighbours and relatives and have them write to Steve Berry, Roads Policy Division, Department for Transport, Zone 3/01. Great Minster House. 76 Marsham St. London. SW1P 4DR, voicing their opinions why the M6 Toll should not be built in this area.

Local expert, Alan Treherne then gave a brief talk on the alternate proposals from the MIDMAN report (see below), stating that to be most effective in blocking this plan, people should write to Steve Berry, Roads Policy Division, Department for Transport, Zone 3/01. Great Minster House. 76 Marsham St. London. SW1P 4DR voicing their complaints in broader issues other than basing them on solely local reasons.

Waltons Wood appears to be a major barrier to any parallel construction, due to the instability of its’ terrain.

Many questions relating to how the political community and in particular, our own MP, Rt. Hon Bill Cash felt about the prospect of the proposed construction! It is understood that Bill Cash has sympathies with our position, but allegedly failed to state outright his opposition to the this M6 Toll road.

Please feel free to openly discuss this issue on our own forum page which can be found here.

Write to the secretary of state for transport by 21 October 2004 at the latest.

Read about the severe engineering problems encountered during the construction of the M6 at Waltons Wood.

I would urge all Madeley residents to make sure the Government has feedback of their concerns. The Penkridge webmaster has set up a dedicated website that has details of  discussion and views on this issue: nom6toll.com

Contact your Conservative Parliamentary member Rt. Hon. Bill Cash at his headquarters and express your views on the proposed toll road.

or, visit Labour Borough Cllr. www.ashleyhowells.com site and read up on his letter to Steve Berry, Roads Policy Division at the Department for Transport, or send a mail message Ashley Howells.

The Stafford LibDems have a website that contains details of their campaign:

The Midman report can be reviewed or downloaded Here: This report is worth reading but has been written to a Government Minister’s requirements – I’ve commented on the Penkridge website.