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Vicar’s Letter June 2018

Earlier this year, we did a “Prayer Stations” project around church.  Our School children were invited to come and spend time thinking about the world, their lives and God!

It was wonderful to see them enjoying the church’s holy space and spending quiet time engaged with big questions and to think about their prayers for the world.

Amongst other activities, they were invited to write their names on a BIG HAND to signify God’s love for them.  They also hung “doves of peace” onto a prayer tree and wrote the names of places around the world undergoing tension.

What was particularly fascinating was to read the Questions that the children had for God.  They included: Is it nice in Heaven?  Why do people fight in wars?  Why do you let so many people suffer?  AND … What do you think about me?

What excellent questions!

Thinking deeply about what’s going on around us and who we are in the bigger scheme of things is important for us all, whatever our age.  The answers to the children’s questions aren’t always easy but that doesn’t mean to say they aren’t important.

The concept of heaven is both comforting and challenging – especially when we pray: your kingdom come, your will be done on earth … as it is in heaven.  Heaven conjures up all manner of images – some helpful, some not – but the Christian understanding of heaven is that it is full of God’s loving kindness – something God wants to give to all people.

We live in a fearful and unjust world.  People often say: It’s not fair!  … and it isn’t.  We who call ourselves Christians are called by Jesus to be channels of hope and help and advocacy.  If we say that “God is love” (as the Bible does) then how are we sharing that love to make this world more like heaven?

Coming soon to Madeley and Betley: a new Curate!

John Beswick Pallister, his wife Laura and their 6 months old daughter Matilda are moving to M & B at the end of this month.  John will be working at St Margaret’s and All Saints for the next few years.  As a Curate he is a training Vicar.  John comes with experience of working for the Post Office.  Laura is a modern languages teacher.  They are greatly looking forward to meeting us all.

So, please pray for them all but especially for John as he is ordained deacon at Lichfield Cathedral on Saturday 30th June at 6pm.  We look forward to welcoming them all to our services on Sunday 1st July.

Peter Chantry

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Vicar’s Letter May 2018

In May this year we celebrate two vital events in the life of the church: Ascension and Pentecost.

The first happens on a Thursday and is often overlooked.  The second commemorates a weird and wonderful event: the coming of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).

Both of these events, Ascension and Pentecost, are vital parts of Jesus’ story and vital parts of OUR story.

Easter will always be the most glorious festival for those of us who believe – death is not THE END, Jesus is alive, evil is overcome with good, Jesus has proved himself to be the real thing: God with His people, showing us all the way.  But even Easter isn’t an end in itself.  Jesus was preparing his friends (and by extension us) for the next phase of God’s work on earth.

Jesus’ life remains the inspiration for our lives but he needed to go away – which is what we celebrate at Ascension.  He went away in order that God the Father would send the Holy Spirit to all of his people: young and old, rich and poor, religious and non-religious.

At Pentecost we celebrate God at work in each and every one of us to inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be – the Holy Spirit: encouraging, cajoling, challenging, disturbing, comforting, equipping God’s people for acts of service and works of goodness.

This year between Ascension (10th May) and Pentecost (20th May) the church at large is being encouraged to pray for God’s work in the world today: Thy kingdom come.  Our Archbishops and bishops are encouraging us to pray for our communities and ourselves, that we will each use our gifts and talents to make a difference amongst the people with whom we rub shoulders, after the example of Jesus Christ our risen, ascended and glorified Lord.

Peter Chantry


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Notice of Uncontested Election for Madeley Parish

Please follow the link to see the full list of Parish Councillors elected unopposed to take office from Tuesday 8th May. NOTICE UNCONTESTED ELECTION

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Vicar’s Letter Easter 2018

Easter Day this year is April 1st – April Fool’s Day!  And what a day to celebrate Easter!

Jesus has been described in many ways: “an inspiration”; “a miracle maker”; “a subversive game changer” – but he has also been described as “a fool”!

Why a fool?

Who else would prod with a stick a hungry alligator?  Who else would shout out criticism of the ruling elite?  Who else would champion the cause of people thought to be untouchable?  Who else would put their own life on the line to highlight the corruption and abuse of all those in power?

A fool?  A brave man?  A man on a mission?

Jesus was all those things.  He flouted convention.  He risked the hostile stare.  He had no truck with a culture that made some rich and left others in the gutter. He spoke truth to power and lived with integrity – in a way which showed how everyone matters to God and everyone is worthy of respect and understanding, dignity and love.

All of this resulted in him being arrested, tried in a jumped up court and sentenced to death.

Jesus: a mad idealistic fool?

St Paul reminds us that “the foolishness of God is greater than man’s wisdom”.  Jesus’ death on the  cross appears like madness  and yet … through Jesus’ sacrificial death … something truly wonderful, truly revolutionary, truly life-changing happens.  Christians call this: the forgiveness of sins.

April Fool’s Day is a day of surprises and the greatest and most wonderful surprise of all is that Jesus is no longer dead but alive again and because of that none of us need fear death.  New life bursts from Jesus’ tomb and that new life is available to all of us who believe.  That new life transforms EVERYTHING and offers new hope and new purpose to us all.

Happy April Fool’s Day and Happy Easter and may you know the life-changing power of Jesus’ resurrection.


Peter Chantry

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Whodunnit Murder Mystery 19th May at The Madeley Centre

There will be a Whodunnit Murder Mystery at The Madeley Centre on 19th May, starting at 7:00pm.

Tickets cost £10 and include a cold buffet.

Follow the link below for further details.


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Parish Council Elections 3rd May 2018

The next Parish and Town Council elections will be held on 3rd May 2018.

Have you considered standing as a Parish Councillor?

Please follow the link below for further information on the role and expectations of a Parish Councillor.

Elections – Council Elections 2018


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Vicar’s Letter March 2018

Somebody recently asked me: If Jesus was so amazing with all the healings and miracles he did, why didn’t he just carry on and do lots more and change more lives?

It’s a good question. Curing someone with leprosy, restoring a sick child to her parents, helping a deeply disturbed man return to “normal life” and rescuing a bleeding woman who had spent all her money on specialists must have been WONDERFUL. So if Jesus was doing all this good stuff – Why didn’t he just continue doing it?

The answer is that He had something even more important to do which has made more impact on more people than even the wonderful thing of physical healing.

As a healer, Jesus transformed people’s lives; As a teacher, He said things that were so profound that people still talk about them today; but as a man on a cross, Jesus achieved something that no-one else could ever do.

Jesus’ death on Good Friday is the event in all of history which we celebrate as the life-changer of forgiveness. Forgiveness, not just for a few of us but for all of us who know that we have done wrong. Jesus, by going willingly to the cross, challenged all the selfishness and evil of humankind and through it offers forgiveness to anyone who will truly receive it.

We as individuals and we as nations can live with deep regrets and guilt – things that stay in our minds and hearts that can eat us up and drag us down. Jesus on the Cross offers forgiveness to all of us who ask, whoever we are and whatever we’ve done. Such forgiveness is a life-changer and a spur to a better life.

Why didn’t Jesus just keep healing? Because His Cross represents the most profound healing of all – Do YOU know its healing power in your life?

Peter Chantry

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New local business added!

Newly added to the Local Trades & Services page : Diamond Domestic Services are based in Madeley and create a bespoke service for your home, office or end of tenancy let. For more details about their deep cleans or their ironing service contact them directly on 07979511408

If you have a local business and would like to have it listed, please get in touch!

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Madeley Rural Community Charity Notice of AGM

Please find below further details of the AGM to be held on Saturday 17th February at 12:00pm.

Notice of AGM feb 18

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Madeley Tidy Group meeting 9th. Oct. 2017

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 9th October 2017
Anne Shaw, Phil Shaw, Roy Dutton, Chris Wright, Lynda Berrington.

Alan Woodhouse, Helen Dutton, Anne Nicholson, Liz Walklett
Minutes of 11th September 2017
Accepted as a true record;
Proposed by Phil Shaw
Seconded by Roy Dutton

Matters Arising
Anne Nicholson had contacted Street Scene about the litter on Bowsey Wood Road and Bar Hill but has not received any response.
Chris Wright has ordered daffodil bulbs from the Council and will need help to plant them
Lynda Berrington raised the issue of grass not being cut at the entrance to the village by Eternit and the Miners’ Wheel. The general untidy state of footpaths, road gutters and hedges was commented upon.

Treasurer’s report
The accounts show £836.98 however funds of approx. £140 have been reserved for plants and miscellaneous equipment.
PR and Sponsorship report
We have received a donation from the Premier shop which is gratefully accepted.
Offers have been made by other sponsors but this may be contingent upon notice of such sponsorship appearing in the relevant beds/planters. To be discussed further.
Photographs have been taken and included in an article for the forthcoming Parish magazine. Thanks to Phil for his efforts in publicising the work of the group.

There are 126.5 hours of gardening logged so far this year. Thanks to everyone. Please let Anne know the hours you are spending on gardening so that an accurate log can be kept.
It was very disappointing to note that some plants had been removed (stolen) from the Miners’ Wheel and Crewe Arms beds shortly after they had been planted. Lynda has replaced them at additional cost and effort.
Having taken on the bed outside the John Offley School this has had a radical pruning to try and establish what plants are there. Hopefully most of the shrubs will start to grow in the Spring. Those that do not will be replaced with more manageable planting. We received a request from a resident to remove a sycamore stump from the Isaak Walton bed. The same resident has planted two rhododendrens in the bed. 
Litter Pick
There have been 81 (correction) hours of litter picking logged.
Next litter pick is Saturday 28th October.

Other Business.  
We received a thank you card from Terry and Mary Edmond.
Helen Dutton has arranged the Christmas meal for the 8th December at the Old Swan, Madeley Heath.
Meeting Dates
The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting and will be at the Madeley Centre (Bar area) starting at 7.00 pm. Please could all reports be submitted to the Chair by Monday 6th November.
Gardening Dates
30 th October 10.30 am at the Greyhound bed
Any residual gardening TBA

Meeting closed at 8.00 pm 
Post meeting note: The Isaak Walton bed will need a final tidy up before winter as will the Vicarage Lane once the bedding plants have died back.

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