Vicar’s Letter Easter 2021

This month we are celebrating Easter, the most  important Christian festival there is.

At Easter we remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross on Good Friday. His dying for our failings – God’s son, hung up on a cross, alone and dying for each of us. We also celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead and a  message of hope that has been proclaimed every year for 2000 years. I often call Easter Sunday, ‘Resurrection Day’, because for me, this is the day that reminds me that as a Christian, I am called to live every day in the light of Jesus’ resurrection. A resurrection that is such hopeful good news it should be shouted from the rooftops and  whispered in private conversations.

This year, I have found it particularly helpful to reflect on the day  between Good Friday and Easter Sunday – what is known as, ‘Holy Saturday’. We remember the Saturday of that first Easter as a time when Jesus’ body lay silent, still and dead in the tomb. He had died on Friday and was not resurrected until Sunday. Saturday, was quite literally, a dead space. An in-between time. Before his death Jesus had said that he would rise again, but would he actually rise again? His disciples and the people had to wait to find out. Wait for hope to bring new life.

As I write this in the midst of lockdown, I’m sure there are people for whom this place of waiting might feel particularly relevant. And just like the first disciples, we wait, in hope, for what is to come.


Rev Tim (Watson)


On the 13th of April, All Saints’ Madeley and St. Margaret’s Betley are beginning an online Alpha course. The Alpha course is used around the world, to help people explore the Christian faith. Made up of a number of evening sessions with a talk and discussion, the course gives people space to explore the Christian faith in a safe and friendly environment. Alpha is a great place to ask questions about faith and the difference faith can make.

Way back in 1999 I attended an Alpha course in a church in Yorkshire. I was a  student at the time and had arrived at university with a whole bunch of questions about the meaning of life, I wanted to know more about what the point of all “this” was, why do we exist? How should I live my life? Is there a God?

Alpha was a safe place to explore those questions and more. Alpha      provided an  opportunity to speak to others who had similar questions and who were on similar journeys. Ultimately Alpha helped me to articulate some of those things I was  struggling to say. The whole thing was      profoundly moving and ultimately life-changing.

If you’ve got questions that need answering, if you feel like there is  something missing, if you want to know if there is more to life than “this”, I encourage you to sign up, and together we can explore some of those difficult questions.

Rev Tim.


WHO: All Saints’ Madeley and St. Margaret’s Betley will be running Alpha Online via Zoom

WHAT: Alpha Online is a great opportunity to gather with others online to explore the Christian faith. Each session will include a talk and discussion

WHEN: Starting on Tuesday 13th April and running through until 6th July. We’ll meet online from 7:30-8:45pm (Bring your own refreshments!) There will be a special online “away day” on Saturday 5th June

HOW: Contact Rev Tim Watson /  / 01782 750205 to register your interest and in due course you will be emailed a Zoom link

WHY: Exploring faith is always a good thing to do, but the last year might have prompted you to ask yourself some big questions – why not take the time to explore them?

About Stephen

Lay Chair of All Saints' Church Council and Treasurer. Retired Head of University Secretariat at Keele, Secretary of North Staffs Classical Association, Secretary of North Shropshire CLP, former Woore Parish Councillor & Vice-Chairman of Woore Neighbourhood Plan Team, now complete. Chairman of Sir John Offley's Almshouse Trust, Madeley.
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