Stop the Stink

Here in Madeley we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by fields and countryside, so it’s reasonable to get the odd countryside smell now and again, but recently many people in Madeley Heath and throughout Madeley have been noticing a new unpleasant smell, which is coming from the landfill at Walley’s quarry in Silverdale.

This is becoming noticeable from miles away from the site in each direction, depending on the wind, with those in Silverdale, Knutton and Newcastle being subjected to intolerable levels of stench. Staff at the hospital at the other side of Newcastle have been complaining.

In order that this is properly reported and the magnitude of the problem is conveyed to the authorities, if you smell a pong (usually characterised as a rotten-eggs kind of smell) please report it to the Environment Agency, and Newcastle council, using the links here:

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