Madeley Manor Development

There are proposals to develop the old Madeley Manor into a number of 3+4 storey apartment blocks, to provide 52 apartments.

While development of the existing buildings which used to be a care home is reasonable, there are a range of reasons why this development as it is proposed may be a problem.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council have an objection page for you to note down your comments.

Some objections and details have been provided in a document you can download and print here (ideal if you need to share with someone without internet access.)

Some objections include:

  • Financial irregularities in the plans submitted by the developer (costs of the scheme and proposed value of properties.)
  • The negative impact on this historical asset and the disproportionate size of the proposed development (3 and 4 storey apartment blocks.)
  • Overdevelopment on Green Belt land, outside the village envelope, is against the national planning policy.
  • The unsuitable nature of the development, in relation to the local housing plans and local housing needs; priced at £170,000 and over, these are not starter homes.
  • Loss of beautiful mature trees, including trees with TPO’s categorised as of medium and high importance.
  • Impact on road traffic and road safety. The transport assessment of the proposed development does not take into account the approved development of 32 new homes at the junction of Heighley Castle Way and New Road.
  • The visual impact of the buildings does not preserve nor contribute positively to the area or it’s historic heritage.
  • Impact on natural habitats, Birds, Bats, Foxes, Badgers, Newts, Established Rookery.

In addition to online, you can object by Email Quoting Reference Number 21/00022/LBC , to

To send a representation in writing by Post Quoting:

Reference Number 21/00022/LBC
Development Control Manager
Castle House, Barracks Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 1BL

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