Vicar’s Letter June 2019

On June 22nd at Stoke Minister our Curate John Beswick Pallister will be ordained Priest with many of us in attendance and support – if you haven’t properly met John, please make a point of introducing yourself – He’s a breath of fresh air and has much to share with us.

Ordination Services are rather grand with Bishops, robes and processions but in simplicity what really matters is being commissioned to serve God with the gifts and talents that He has given.

Wearing a dog-collar around your neck is just one way to do this amongst so many!

Last Sunday at Betley many of us took to the fields for Rogation and walked with Farmer Frank Speed across Betley Court Farm.  Frank told us about the herd, the flock, the water supply and some of the issues he faces as a local farmer – it was fascinating.  What was so inspiring was to hear Frank talk about what he is passionate about.  God has clearly given him and Jayne a wonderful skill set which they and their family are generous to share with others of us.

Contrastingly, at our Marriage Workshop we heard one of our young teachers talking about her pupils and their forthcoming exams.  Many of her students come from very tough backgrounds but the way that she talks about her pupils is inspirational.  She is clearly massively invested in their welfare and sensitive to the background challenges that they face.  Talking to Sam as a Teacher is humbling when you think of the challenges that she and her students face each day of their lives.

As we go to John’s Ordination, we clearly want to thank God for his developing ministry, but I also want to thank God for so many of YOU in what you do in our community – from the Tidy Up Group to the U3A; from the Simply All Sorts Choir to Praise and Play; from the Food Bank to the educational work of our three local schools – thank you.  God has given people such amazing gifts and it is wonderful to be on the receiving end of those gifts and talents – especially when they are so generously given.

Peter Chantry

About Stephen

Lay Chair of All Saints' Church Council and Treasurer. Retired Head of University Secretariat at Keele, Secretary of North Staffs Classical Association, Secretary of North Shropshire CLP, former Woore Parish Councillor & Vice-Chairman of Woore Neighbourhood Plan Team, now complete. Chairman of Sir John Offley's Almshouse Trust, Madeley.
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