Madeley Tidy Group minutes 11th. July 2016

Madeley Tidy Group

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 11th July 2016


Alan Woodhouse, Anne Shaw, Anne Nicholson, Phil Shaw, Lynda Berrington.


John Berrington ,Chris Wright, Roy Dutton , Helen Dutton.

Minutes of 9th May 2016

Accepted as a true record;

Proposed by Anne Shaw

Seconded by Alan Woodhouse

Matters Arising

Ricki’s commemorative tree planting ceremony was a great success.

Thanks to Andy Capewells contribution to the Tidy group. He has now emigrated to America.

Trevor and Mary Edmond and John and Lynda Berrington require hand delivered minutes.

The drain by the butchers has been cleaned. Anne Shaw received an email thanking her for highlighting the problem.

Future Plans

Having previously asked the tidy group if they would be willing to fund some school based projects I approached Apedale to see if they were able to lead activities. They were unable to help us currently so I was put in touch with Tim Coggins who leads wildlife projects as a business venture. He is a resident of Madeley and was willing to reduce session rates as we would be working I local schools. These would be £80 per half day session.

Meadows Primary were the first to show an interest and a half day session was booked to take part in pond dipping and bug house making on Friday 24th June. Helen Proctor the headteacher suggested that we take the year one and two to the grounds over the road from the school owned by Eternet, ( they have permission to use these grounds as their own are limited).
I would also help with the session as a CRB cleared adult.
As this date approached Tim contacted me to say that having visited the site at Eternet which would be used for the pond dipping, he decided that it was too overgrown and therefore unsafe for the children to access. He suggested that we re arrange the date for September when he would have more opportunity to clear the site and therefore make it safe.
Sir John Offley have more recently replied to my email to say that they are also keen to arrange a wildlife project within their own school grounds.
Tim is willing to do both seasons but would prefer to wait now until September. The new school year.
Any help clearing the Eternet site would be appreciated. Once I have confirmed the new dates I will let the Tidy group aware.

The Tidy group also volunteered to help tidy the grounds at the Madeley centre .This is taking place next week ( 26th , 27th , 28th July)

Treasurer’s report;

There is no report due to holidays.

John and Lynda Berrington had received some Tidy group correspondence from the bank that had the incorrect address on it . This has now been forwarded to Roy Dutton.

PR and Sponsorship report

Phil Shaw has designed an ‘A’ board to advertise the Tidy group. This has been used when the Offley Arms bed was weeded.

Phil has also uploaded the Tidy group minutes onto the Madeley website.


There has been 32 hours of gardening time logged. Just a reminder that if any gardening is done please record your time and forward it on to Anne.

It was decided to change the gardening time to 14.30 instead of 10 .00 to see if this better suited people.

The next gardening meet will be at the Issac Walton bed on the 18th July at 14.30.

Thanks to Terry Edmund for cutting back the trees that over hung the pavements.

The container on Beven Place needs a bit of colour adding into it.

Any Other Business.

Chris Wright is hoping to organize bird box building on the September Madeley fun day.

Phil Shaw,s new neighbor, Tony has shown an interest in joining the Tidy Group.

Litter Pick

So far this year there have been 47 hours logged.

There have been a couple of people showing an interest in joining the group on litter picks.

The Beavers also joined the Tidy group on a litter pick,this proved a great success.

Anne Shaw has obtained a couple of bag ‘o’s which are now been used. It was suggested that a few more be sought.

Anne Shaw is going to order some more high vis vests.

There was an excellent turn out for the latest litter pick.

The bin opposite the chemist has been vandalized.

Dates for litter picks in 2016 are;

July 30, August 27 , September 24 , October 29 , November 26.


Leaflets are now placed in local shops and on the web site.

An improved household recycling scheme has started. This now includes a weekly collection service.

Tetra packs are recycled at Leycet Lane

Try to recycle the litter pick bottles and cans.

Anne put forward a suggestion about trying to arrange a visit to the Newcastle recycling centre.

Meeting Dates

At the Madeley Centre (Bar area) 7.30

Dates of the 2016 Committee Meetings are;

September 12th , October , 10th November 14th (A.G.M.)

Gardening Dates


Monday 18th July Isaak Walton/ John Offley or whatever it’s called

Monday 1st August Greyhound Bed

Monday 15 August Long Trough, Evening Spice , poolside planters and Offley Arms

Monday 29th August Bank Holiday I know but perhaps Vicarage Lane bed? (Or sometime that week)

Monday 12th Sept. New Road and/or Holm Oak Pool

Monday 26th Sept Isaak Walton

Monday 10th October Greyhound bed/ Vicarage Lane – cut back herbaceous perennials

Monday 24th October Offley Arms / Isaak Walton/ New Road – cut back summer/autumn growth

Agenda for next meeting



Minutes of previous meeting

Matters Arising

Future Plans

Treasurers Report

PR Report and Sponsorship


Any other business

Litter Picks



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