BMX Track – Views sought:

Here’s an appeal from our Borough Councillor on a possible BMX track & views / feedback are requested:

Dear friends and everyone in the community
Would you give me your thoughts or even put things in writing or an email or text on here Please!
Over the years we have been trying to locate a site for a BMX track for the youths of today to enjoy
Finally we have found a plot to use this piece of land, which is down Furness lane past the one stop shop. I would be grateful for your responses to the future of the project So that the parish council will go forward with the plans for the BMX park/track etc
If not then we will be looking for alternative ideas to help our youths of today
Would everyone share this post so I can report all your view and comments back to the parish?
Kind regards
There is a lot of people in our community that are not on face book or have emails and not have access to a computer
We must inform everyone in our village Know what is going on in our community
Would everyone seeing this post put your responses on here!
I will then put a notice in the next parish leaflet which is due out shortly To inform everyone in our rural community

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