Request for help re local family history in Madeley:

I am researching my family tree and it appears that it originates in the Madeley /Onneley Anyone interested in family history in Madeley? The Madeley website has had two e-mails from Gerry Peake in Canada whose ancestors came from the Onnerley area – he’s asked for help and made suggestions about local family history – if you want me to put you in touch with his, please let me know?

Enquiries about location of graves (over 890 recorded of about 10000 burials in 1000 years) in the Churchyard, and what the Parish Church knows about the War dead commemorated each November) are welcomed through All Saints’ Church.

I live in Canada so research has been slow, but productive at times. I have a few of my relatives including my Great x4 grandparents buried at All Saints Church.
It would be great if you could create a section for the posting of headstones for the church. I have a few Peakes stones that I would like to post with the hope of finding out how a few of them are related.
Maybe someone out there is doing the same thing and we could make contact etc. It would be great to have genealogical section/forum for the dead at the church. It would allow others to post info that they know of other families (i.e. Rowley, Bedson, Salmon etc.) from the area and maybe it would help others.
At the very least your site would be more informed about who lived and died in the area going back to the 1600’s etc..
I’m sure there are some interesting stories out there.
I know the Peakes in my family started out as farmers in the area. The Wood Farm in Onneley had a few Peakes who lived there at one time too. Census records would be another great section for your site.
Also the BMD records that are on microfiche going back to the 1600’s would be another great addition. I have a set and it contains loads of names and helps get an idea of who was there etc.
I have extracted all of the Peakes and created an inventory that I am slowly trying to piece together. It could be done for all of the families who lived in the area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Gerry Peake

I’ve just discovered your war memorial on the internet and I’m not seeing a section for that on your site (sorry if there is one and I’m too blind to see it…..I know you have it briefly mentioned in the Tour Section, but the pic needs to be replaced….it doesn’t come in properly). Any chance you could make a Memorial Section with everyone’s name on it? Again, I have no idea if this is easy to do or not. Another thought…..can you add the following link to a section? It would be a welcomed addition to your great site.

A few more links to add to a new Memorial section or to your archives……….

Question…….Do you know any Wagstaffs living in the village? My research has just revealed that Sgt. Thomas Wagstaff, who is mentioned on the memorial married Elsie Peake. I then discovered an All Saints headstone that mentions both of them AND William and Hannah Peake. It would be great to get in touch with a Wagstaff and ask them some questions regarding the Peakes in their family. Do you know anyone at the church who could take a pic of this headstone and tell me where this plot is located in the churchyard? I’m interested in knowing its proximity to the other PEAKE headstones that I do know about there. Do you know anyone with the surname FORD? I have another lead with a Peake connection with this surname.

Can you add this link to the Church sections and Genealogy section???

This is an EXCELLENT site for anyone looking into their Madeley/Onneley roots and should be part of your site for sure. It’s not a complete inventory, but it’s a great start.

I know your site is for Madeley Village, but I was wondering if you could add a section for Onneley…..I think they are part of the Parish of Madeley (,_Staffordshire_Genealogy ) and probably too small to create their own site. I would love to see this addition!

I’m really enjoying your site – thanks again for creating it!



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